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Barun rushed toward his opponent, while Pochi stayed put in her ready stance, half of her attention seeming to be on something else…

What is she doing Pochis eyes… look pretty crossed

“Hype Up, Title Up!”

Barun muttered his spells as he lunged forward.

Was that Swift magic All I saw him holding was a dagger though…

And it was all metal, so technically, there was no way it could be a staff.

Wait, no, maybe there was…

Hmm Could it be that the daggers scabbard on his waist was acting as the staff

…Yup, seems like it – its got an emblem affixed to its pointed end.

Man, first Lina, and now this guy… young people nowadays sure love to come up with novel ideas.

Still, with thestaff shaved down to such a small size, would the Swift Magic be as effective

“Ryse, A-ryse! Hype Up!”

“Wait, Pochi, howd you-!”

Seriously, whered she cast that out of!

Shes drooling and sticking out her tongue… which means…

“Hahahaha! Howd you even draw Spell Circles with the fangs in your mouth! That was awesome!”

“Thank you for the compliment, sir!”

At the same time, Pochi jumped backwards, opening some distance between her and Barun.

However, to offset that, Barun sprung himself forward once again.

At first, it seemed that Barun would close the gap with just that one leap, but it turned out that he had taken Pochi too lightly.


And for the record, Pochis base speed was greater than mine.

Its going to be tough to top THAT.

Pochi utilized the broken pillars around the bas.e.m.e.nt to hop around as Barun chased her.

The distance between them gradually increased.

If this goes on, Barun might have to resort to using his true warrior skills.


There it is – he just enhanced his physical abilities with Fortify Strength.

Then Fortify Resilence, reducing the fatigue build up in his body.

And last but not least, Tempest.

With that, most of the air resistance around his body was nullified.

Now… lets see how it goes.

“Ryse, A-ryse! Title Up!”

Heh, of course Pochi would use her fangs for another Circle – quite quickly, no less.

Shed have to deal with her crossed eyes while drawing, but still, that was effective.

The two combatants leapt, the distance between them neither closing nor opening.

It seemed that, with those fortifications on both sides, they have more or less achieved equal speed.

“Hmph! Hah! Hah!”

Barun threw the blades that he had been keeping sheathed on his t.h.i.g.hs.

Pochi swung her tail at the ground as she almost landed, quickly springing herself upwards once more.

Hmm, looks like she didnt have much trouble dodging the attacks.

Impressive – or rather, just what Id expect from a beasts wild fighting style.

As for Barun, it seemed that his warrior fighting style was the same as Bettys.

Perhaps I should ask if Betty would like to learn to do some magic as well

Women naturally possessed a higher affinity for magic, and shes got quick wits, so Im sure she wouldnt take long to remember some simple formulas.


“Wha- thats what you were aiming for!”

Barun, having read Pochis new direction beforehand, threw a blade in the path of her predicted trajectory.

Doesnt look like Pochi will be able to dodge this in time.



Right, shes got her breath attack – that was enough to flick the blade away.

Weakening and compressing the breath enabled her to achieve what she wanted without much recoil, and in turn, not interrupting the flow of her movement.

If she were to use the full power of her breath, she would have been pushed all the way to the other side of the arena… which would have been fine and all, barring the damage to this building and potentially the surrounding city blocks.

Hmm, I suppose I could attribute all that to how well I had trained her.

“Eh-hem, its all thanks to Melchi teaching me this move!”

…Well, apparently she thinks Melchis training has done her more good than mine.

I mean, thats not funny, damn it!

The guys personality seems to be closer to Hornels rather than Bettys.

Looking at him analytically, particularly at the attitude he had been exhibiting thus far, Im inclined to question… is he really fit to be one of the Six Braves

Well, I suppose that was also within the reasonable range of expectation for improvement.

Barun has been dishing out a great variety of attacks, but Pochi reacted accordingly to all of them.

After a while, by the time Barun wiped the sweat around his mouth with the back of his hand, a great change occurred to the flow of battle.


Pochi suddenly let out a goofy cry.

Something hit her hip Is that… a pebble Whats going on

With just that delay, Barun cracked a grin and instantly closed the gap between them.


As soon as I heard that… attack announcement, I realized that it was the one skill Id dreaded to see in a match against that Barun man-child.

The High-frequency Blade – the technique utilized an intense vibration of the users shoulder and arm for the slash, giving it tremendous power.

Among cutting-based techniques for focused points, it was considered one of the strongest, if not straight up the strongest one.

Damn it, I cant back you up now, Pochi! You better dodge it!


Pochi let out a powerful shout and pulled off a move neither I nor Barun expected of her.

“-! Gigantification! Tch-!”


Thats it! It may have been a powerful attack, but it only targeted small points of impact – it only wounded where it connected.

In this case, by gigantifying, she had prevented the attack from reaching her vitals and made it so that the wound wouldnt be too deep where she was hit.

Pochi, now lightly wounded, gave Barun no time to react as she rushed to bite and hold Baruns torso in her mouth.

Tight enough to kill, no less.


Uh, nope, I couldnt tell what she was trying to say.

Barun was now rendered immobile in a position that could spell his death at any moment.

His arms were held from the elbow down, leaving only his legs free for use as far as attacks were concerned.

However, if he were to try doing so, Pochis fangs would surely dig deep into his flesh.

“Id say the match is over, Sir Barun.”

“Ugh! Yeah, sure! Lemme go already!”

“You heard the man, Pochi.”

However, Pochi did not release Barun from her mouth.

Hmm Whats going on I turned to where Pochi was looking at – which turned out to be Ricky, the Spicy Monkey.

Huh… Oh, I almost forgot…

“Ricky, could you please announce the end of the match”

“…Match over.”

As unsatisfied as Ricky sounded, his announcement was still absolute, prompting Pochi to shake Barun off, landing him a short distance away.

She sure is cautious.

Unlike me.

If Ricky hadnt called the match first, Barun might have launched a counter-attack as soon as he was out of Pochis mouth… whoops, no time for that – Ive got to heal Pochi first.

The wound isnt too deep, so…

“Rise, Middle Cure.”

“Thank you, sir! …And you, Sir Barun! I demand an explanation for the pebble that was thrown at me back there!”

“…Whatever are you talking about”

Barun replied with a non-answer while he healed himself up.

“Master! I can tell hes playing dumb, so hes yours!”

You sure are bad when it comes to this kind of interaction, huh

“Sir Barun sent a signal that time when he wiped his mouth… likely to Ricky.

Id never expected Ricky to fight, but he IS a Familiar, and no one said he wouldnt be participating.

At the end of the day, that ended up being just a little insurance, though.”

“I see! Now I just remembered Sir Barun sayingexaminers are more or less free to set their scoring standard – this must be what he meant!”


Right, and what an unpleasant scoring standard that was.

Well, this IS the Rank-up Evaluation to Rank S, so… perhaps I should have expected it.

“All right, lets get to the next test, then!”

Pochis voice echoed through the Cathedral.

Following that were two pairs of footsteps, one from our front and the other from our back, approaching from the first floor.

The one who appeared in front of us was… wha- what in the blazes!

“Ah-! Dont look, Master!”

My eyes were promptly blocked off by Pochis paws.

Damn, so squishy!

But yes, from the brief look Id managed to get, the one who appeared before us had an appearance that warranted such a reaction from Pochi.

Of all the years Ive lived, this might have been my first time Id seen such… dynamites.

“Huhuhu, looks like Barun alone wasnt enough for this job.”

The owner of the spicy voice, who I caught a glimpse of through the minuscule gap between the squishy paws fingers, was a beautiful, pale-skinned warrior lady.

Her c.h.e.s.t seemed ready to bust through her… lightweight equipment at any moment, and her lower body was barely even obscured by any… anything.


Oh no – I think Pochis nails are starting to dig into my face.



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