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Chapter 302, Bathym’s Memories



Asley… Asley I’ve heard of that name before.

But where In Gaston’s memories No — I woke up because of that Devil — because of Billy’s appearance.

But the one these people look to with respect is not a Devil.

So what is it What is this untapped feeling I have, boiling within me What about my host’s memories Hmm, I should try looking through them… Maybe I’ll find something.]


[Excuse me.

Beilanea Magic University Student Council Clerk, Asley — gh!]

[His Familiar, Pochi — gh!]


[–I can read my host’s thoughts.

He did not realize how much arcane energy this young man possessed at the time.

I see, so this is Asley…]


[B-but I’m Rank B, sir!!]

[I got nothing to do with this, sir!!]


[–His strength was not so different than those of other adventurers.

What Asley had was… unfathomable knowledge.]


[Eh — How did you find out, sir!]

[Pochi, hush!]


[–He possesses Eternal Life… I see.]


[–And with that arrangement, I’ll be the one who reveals this Teleportation spell to the public.]

[Hehehehe… That’s totally something the young man would do.

And now your research has all gone to waste… eh, Irene]

[S-shut up, you silly old fool!]

[Hah! Try recalling your age first, you old hag!]


[–The Teleportation spell exists in this era, where neither I nor my King are alive… Teleportation What… What am I still missing]


[So It’s tHE DireCtED pAth TO tHe Other Teleportation Spell Circle…]


[–This is… my memory Who is that The one who stood before me… Asley Yes, there’s no mistaking him.

His body has grown, but his face remains the same.

That’s him.

I have already met him once…]


“What Asley has achieved… I see.

Yes, I suppose that could be what it’s called.

And I see that the people who remained are the ones I needed… Perhaps this means I shouldn’t ignore those ‘predictions’ I was told…”


Billy muttered to himself.


“Anyway… who among you should I kill off first, hmm”


Billy started pointing at everyone, as if choosing from a list.


“Hah! Hey, old man! I’m gonna hit your rotten brain real hard, so don’t you move from there!”


Billy’s hand stopped at Maïga — a moment that would have sealed his fate if not for Hornel’s prompt instruction.


“–! Jump, Maïga!”


Maïga’s whole body reacted instinctively to Hornel’s horrified voice.

By the time Maïga was out of the way, his original spot had already been obliterated by Billy’s right fist.

Baladd was the next one to move.

Taking seriously the crushed rock beside her and the murderous intent in the enemy’s fists, she instinctively unleashed a breath attack.

Billy swatted it away with his left hand as if it was a piece of toy.


“Air Claw!”


Maïga also attacked as he descended.

Billy unleashed a breath attack, meaning to both counter the move and kill Maïga as well.

Maïga, unable to move while still airborne, would have been finished if not for Fuyu’s Familiar, Platina, kicking him out of the way.

Platina then proceeded to swiftly turn around and avoid the breath attack as well.


“Tch–! A Star Horse! It’s as fast as the rumors say!”


Billy had his back wide open… For a warrior, this would be a good time to attack.

But Barun did not immediately make his move.

This was no longer a normal man he was up against, but a Devil.

Get too close, and there was no guarantee that he would survive…


“Lightning Blade!”


…Which was why he opted to attack from a distance, using his sword to generate lightning bolts than ran through the ground.


“Sharp Wind Asteriskos!”


Hornel, matching up with that move, cast a large-scale spell with Swift Magic.

Attacks were coming at Billy from both the ground and the air — a combination difficult to avoid.





None of those even landed on Billy himself.

His arcane energy shield was so solid that the only things he felt were a little breeze and shaking.

Then Ricky threw a rock at him.

Billy pulled his right fist out of the ground and smashed it.


“”–Rise! All Up & Remote Control!””


Meanwhile, Lina and Fuyu cast enhancement spells on themselves.

Then they started casting it again, buffing one of their allies after another.

With their arcane energy running low, they each stepped one foot on the Giving Magic spell under Gaston’s feet, drawing from its energy to restore theirs as they helped out everyone else.


“Enhance yourselves all you want — your energy will run out soon enough anyway! Your deaths are inevitable… Hmm! What’s that”


Lina, holding her Blazing Dragon Staff in one hand and drawing a Spell Circle with it, was gripping something in her other hand — something that seemed to ward off evil.

It was the silver key-shaped pendant Lina had chosen for her mentor when she was buying him a change of clothes.

She had purchased one for herself as well, to make up a matching pair.

It was an item significant to her memories — but memories were not the only thing dwelling within it, for it also contained an immense power — arcane energy, with which Asley had charged it.


“…I don’t know where you got it from, but… That thing is dangerous.”


As one would expect from him, Billy could tell — something within that Key Pendant was totally not normal.

Naturally, that caused him to change his primary target from Maïga to Lina.

The first one to realize that was the one who had had his eyes on Lina the most — not just now, not when they had entered the Royal Capital Magic Guardians together… but way back when they were students of the Magic University.




He rushed to stand in front of Lina, releasing all of his energy as he held out his staff — His name was Hornel.

Back when Lina received her Blazing Dragon Staff from Asley, Hornel secretly rejoiced.

Just as Lina sought to form a connection with Asley, Hornel sought to form a connection with her.

But now, he could not care less about that.

What he wanted to protect — so much so that he was willing to put himself on the line — was Lina herself.




Billy’s blow was powerful.

But regardless, Hornel’s desire to protect drove him to catch it with all his might — and he succeeded.

Gaston, who had been focusing on healing himself, and Bathym, the soul contained within him, saw the scene unfold…


“”Well done…””


…And deemed Hornel more than deserving of commendation.

Hornel’s Blazing Staff was destroyed, but in spending all of his strength, he did manage to deflect the Devil’s blow.

Then he lost consciousness, having expended every last pint of his arcane energy.

His body, as if trying to keep fighting, did not collapse — the lowest he got was down on his knees.




Lina, witnessing that happening right in front of her, felt Tears welling up in her eyes.

Gaston held her up by her shoulders and quietly nodded to her.

With fire in her eyes, Lina proceeded to scream in a fit of rage,




Her voice, through Gaston’s ears, also reached Bathym.


[Your soldiers are so… passionate.]

“We have worse things to worry about! One of us is down, damn it!”


Billy prepared to attack Lina again.


“”–Rise! All Up & Remote Control!””


Fuyu and Lina shouted, casting enhancement spells for Baladd and Platina.

And then…


“Fuyu! I’ll leave the rest to you!”



Shaking her head as if to swipe away her tears, Lina ripped the Key Pendant off the necklace around her neck.

She held it aloft as Billy approached, then induced it with arcane energy and shouted, just as her teacher had instructed,




Suddenly, a dazzling light flashed.




Intense luminescence and powerful arcane energy spread through the area.

And then, what the Devil Billy saw was…


“What in the–!”


…A momentary brilliance, given to Lina by her teacher — a brilliance called Ultimate Limit.


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