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After that big talk, I slept sitting on the floor next to Chappie.

When I woke up the next morning, Pochi had returned to her usual cheerfulness… except for how shes giving me nothing but attitude. 


“Uh… whats wrong”





Really, why

Knowing full well from experience how Pochi wouldnt utter a word while shes this grumpy, I signaled Bright with my eyes, asking for his help.

In response, Bright proceeded to whisper to me,


“Perhaps shes displeased because you didnt use her pillow last night, Instructor.”


Now that I thought about it, this IS exactly the kind of reaction I would always get in the mornings after not sleeping on her belly.

Polco is likely to go on with his businesses today, and well probably be busy helping him out, so Id really appreciate it that she got rid of her attitude soon… Now, whats her deal






Shes DEFINITELY angry.

But still listening to what I have to say, at least.

If anything, she seemed to have realized why I had slept beside Chappie last night, in one way or another.

“How about you stop being angry for now Yeah”


“Im not angry!”


“The way youre acting clearly suggests otherwise…”


“This is different! Im only expressing my dissatisfaction!”


…So she is angry.


“Father, Ill deal with her.”


Chappie whispered into my ear.


“Sure thing.

Ill go change Leoles diaper, if you dont mind.”


“Yes, of course.

But please go do it outside.”





“Man, I really appreciate how well-behaved you are.”


“Ahh, ooh”


“Hahahaha, no, no, I meant no offense… Wait, what am I even talking about”



“Please call me Poer.



Got it”




“Thats right.

You almost had it.”




…God damn it, that Pochi.

Shes been telling Leon all of our secrets, hasnt she

I gave up trying to carry out a conversation with Leon, and instead repeated to him “Poer, Poer” on our way back to my room.

And then, the moment I opened the door-






“I wanna go eat some local food!”


Hah, Chappie must have invited her out to eat some delicious stuff.

Worked every damn time.

And thats thanks to him not knowing how bad itd be for my wallet.

Damn it.

Then again, I was going to try that if her mood didnt improve by now anyway, so thats fine, I guess.


“And What kind of local food are we talking about here”


“Fish! Bright told me that the people of Toued regularly eat them raw!”


“Raw… Not grilled or anything Isnt that dangerous”


“Bah, this is why you need to educate yourself more, Master!”


Big talk from someone who had just heard about it from Bright MOMENTS AGO!

Well, if I were to say that to her now, itd render Chappie and Brights help meaningless, so lets just keep quiet here…


“Just imagine it, sir! The fatty meat of freshly caught fish! Its gotta be sweeter than meat! And tastier, Im sure!”


Heh, and I was wondering why she was so fixated on fish when shed usually go for beef.

So thats what got her, huh

And look at how hard shes wagging her tail – if I were to refuse her now, shed probably think it was the end of the world or something.


“All right, fine.

Ive got to call Master Polco first, and well go eat that raw fish if we get some free time.”


“Are you done yet!”


“Havent even started, damn it!”


Good God, its always food that gets her so damn motivated…

And Chappies no better – hes already drooling.

I, on the other hand, just kept those thoughts in my head while activating the Telepathic Call magecraft.


[“Good morning, Master Polco.”]


[“Mm-hm, good morning, young Poer.”]


[“Whats on the agenda today, sir”]


[“Yesterdays meeting with the Shamanesses was the last thing I needed to do here.

I suppose my official businesses in Toued are considered done for now.

And what about you”]


He went to meet the Shamanesses again

That should mean that he had another topic of discussion that he couldnt let even Bright know about, then.

What in the world could it be


[“The Douglas people are still after us, most likely waiting at the cave entrance this time, and I wouldnt want our stay to be too long, so…”]


[“Heh heh heh… will we be returning home without going through that cave, then”]


[“I could use the Teleportation spell, but preferably somewhere less conspicuous, sir.

I suggest that we regroup after checking out.”]


[“Understandable – a customer disappearing into thin air would cause quite an uproar for the inn.

Let us meet a short way out of Eddos gate, two hours from now.”]


[“Yes, sir.

Then Ill excuse myself for now-“]


[“-Oh, wait.”]


What now


[“Yes, sir”]


[“Ive heard from young Bright that you sought to obtain the Limit Breakthrough magecraft and a medium through which it is used.

Is that true”]


[“…Yes, sir.”]


[“If youd only discussed this with us earlier, that exchange wouldnt have been necessary, you know”]


[“Oh Is that right, sir”]


[“Considering that I possess enough influence to have one installed in my home, what made you think that I couldnt just hand one over to you, hmm Of course, you can have it – I consider you a trusted friend, after all.”]


[“…That last part is… news to me, sir.”]


[“Ha ha ha, such relationsh.i.p.s arent quite what one would declare verbally.

Besides, for the eldest son of the Traditionalist House Fulbright to learn the Teleportation spell… its quite a fortunate opportunity.

He will see to it that the skill is put to good use – and as promised, no shipping it off to anyone.

We would very much like to maintain this friendly relationship between you and us, young Poer.”]


Im pretty sure that was the first telepathic dad joke Ive ever been subject to.

Good God.

And so, after the Telepathic Call with Polco was done, I heaved a sigh and stood up.


“Are you done yet!”


Pochi ran in circles around me, her eyes sparkling.


“We have about an hour and a half of free time.

Then well have to join up with Master Polco and return to Kugg Village.”


“Then lets hurry, sir! This raw fish dish Id like to try – its calledSushi, I think! Cmon, Master! Sushi is waiting for us!”


Did she really have to ham it up that much

Besides, going to eat NOW Isnt it still early in the morning

Are the restaurants even open yet


After that, we checked out of the inn, and were recommended a few Sushi restaurants by the owner.

We chose one from the list,Utzugi, located near the entrance of Eddo.


“…Oh, its actually open already… and were supposed to eat standing up, huh Cool.”


“Gah! Front legs… cant… reach the counter…!”


I looked on as Pochi tried his best anyway, jumping up over and over again.

Then, seeing Bright looking somewhat awkward as he stood next to her, I tilted my head in confusion.

He seems quite conscious of his surroundings.

…Ah, right, for a boy from an aristocratic household, eating while standing up might be a bit too much.

Well, that and this restaurant is clearly an ordinary-people place, as I can see from the types of people eating here.

Perhaps too ordinary for someone who needs to maintain his public face


“Shall we choose another place, Master Bright”


I whispered, to which Bright shook his head.


“No, this is fine.

Trying this will prove to be a useful experience – and besides, this was my idea in the first place.”



Seems like he knew about the Sushi, but not the part where the restaurant is like this.

He WAS the one who told Pochi about the Sushi, after all.

And hes calling this a useful experience… something like a social study, huh…


“Boss! Gimme the Sushi!”


Pochi shouted out cheerfully.

I never even realized when she managed to do so, but shes now on my shoulder.

The restaurant Boss, a bare-c.h.e.s.ted man, shouted back equally as cheerfully.


“Comin right up! Whats the one you want, eh”


“The delicious one, please!”


“Got it- wait, you alright with that, Master man”


“Ah, yes, go ahead.

Four servings, please.”


The Utzugi Boss started preparing the sushi, his hands flowing nimbly through the materials.

…Amazing – his movements are similar to the drawing of Spell Circles.

He must have trained in his craft for many years.

It may look like a simple process of slapping a bite-sized ball of rice and a slice of fish together, but in fact, the preparation of them requires a high level of skill.

Hmm… between this and the fantastically intricate building designs, the signature of Toued sure is something one cant underestimate.

The Sushi was quickly served on the counter, making Pochis eyes sparkle.


“Its… its so BEAUTIFUL! Like a gem! Now I dont wanna eat it! Mhmmm… this is THE BEST!”


Okay, so she just threw it in her mouth immediately after the third sentence.

So much fordont wanna eat it, huh 

Chappie, on the other hand, ate his piece by pecking away at it, with a perfect rhythm… not unlike a shishiodoshi.


“So sweet and chewy! My cheeks feel like theyre gonna fall off, Master!”


Seeing her reaction, I swallowed the saliva in my mouth and proceeded to eat my Sushi at the same timing as Bright.


“…Whoa, this is good.”


“It really is.

Because of its freshness, the meat is juicy and doesnt smell.

Its quite amazing that something this delicious is readily available to the general public, Instructor.”


“Yes, that is amazing.

It seems that not much of this Nations culture has been spread in Regalias direction so far, so the import of their signature aspects might prove to be an interesting exchange.”


Suddenly, a cry sounded out from my side,




“Octopus! Well, you people might want to call them the devil fish, eh Hahahaha!”


T-true, as far as edible creatures go, those things can look so damn disgusting when alive.

Its eight slimy tentacles… The way it squirms around like a monster…

And above all, its head and face… I know its not uncommon for one to eat even monsters, but this thing… it truly is a devil fish.

The restaurant Boss, apparently accustomed to seeing reactions like Pochis, laughed merrily as he proceeded to prepare the octopus.

Bright, enjoying his sushi meal up until moments ago, now had his face contorting in horror.

This creature… its still moving AFTER its been cut up! I swear, its nervous system must be as tough as a snakes.

Pochi – still on my shoulder – shuddered as she kept on screaming.


“Here ya go!”


“NOOOOO! I dont want it!”


Even Pochi would have a resisting reaction toward this Sushi topping, eh…

Well, in times like this, all I have to do is wait for an opening and throw it inside her mouth.

Pochi is a Familiar, after all – her biology is perfect for testing food for… undesirable substances.

Well, thats what she would always say to get first dibs on stuff, anyway.

And so I grabbed the octopus-sushi and threw it into Pochis mouth.


“I dont want it! I dont- ngh! Another one, please!”


Are her nerves denser than those of an octopus or what



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