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“Hey! Why the hell are you making decisions for me now!”


“Well, you cant say no to double money, sir! DOUBLE!”


As she spoke, I could see silhouettes of food flying around in Pochis eyes… Did she just cast an illusion spell

Yeah, hell no! As if I could agree to it that easily!


“If not that, then how about we change it to something you want This is a Gambling Den, anything goes as long as the stakes are established.”


Maybe Ill have to teach them some painful lesson… oh, wait

This could be a great opportunity for me…

But that depends on whether or not they accept my conditions… yes, thats a problem worth considering.

Id have to ignore the allure of double money, but if they were to agree to play it my way, one of the purposes for which we had been sent to this time might be quickly fulfilled.


“Hmm Id thought you would be completely against it, but your eyes are saying otherwise, arent they”


“Dont expect to prevail over us so easily, Instructor.”





Pochi, noticing something, approached the bag.


“Check out these coins! Each worth a hundred Gold – and theres so much of them! Gimme, gimme!”


Yeah, in your dreams, doggo.

Assuming that all those coins were worth a hundred each, their total value should be 500,000 Gold… right


“Father, were totally at a disadvantage here, dont you think”


“Its all right.”


Yeah, all I need now is for them to adhere to my conditions.


“Lets hear your conditions, then – what is it that you want”



“THATs what you want Cant you just find them in most cities”


As Ferris stared blankly at me, Bright moved his face closer to hers and whispered,


“Remember, Ferris, only one copy of it at most exists in any given city… thats the value of what my Instructor demands.”


“…True, with that in consideration, the values might be fairly balanced out.

All right, Poer, I will negotiate it over with my father.”



“And now, the next condition…”


“What Have you not had enough yet”


“Dont mind her, Instructor… please, state your wish.”


Bright interrupted Ferris, prompting her to stop complaining.

Could he have realized the true value of the things at stake, after all

“I will teach the spell to either Lady Ferris or Master Bright, not both.”


“Well, then we could just-“


“-And if you successfully learn it, you must not teach it to anyone else for the rest of your life.”


“…No one.”


Bright muttered to himself.

Pochi tugged at my mantle and whispered,


“Master, your terms do sound good and fair, all things considered, but arent you being way too self-assured about this”


“That doesnt mean much, coming from you.

I mean, thats how you always act…”


While we were discreetly arguing things between ourselves, Bright and Ferris seemed to be discussing things between them as well.

Now the stakes are evened out… I think.

Still, my conditions may have come off as undesirable for Ferris, what with her thinking the values were not matching up.

If they won this, one of them would be taught the Teleportation magic spell, but in exchange, they had to agree to two conditions just to get the game started.

Between them, Bright was the only one who realized and understood the meaning and values behind my conditions.

Now, what will they do

…Oh, there he goes.

A subtle, quick Circle drawing – magecraft, Telepathic Call.

Bright was contacting someone… probably Polco.

All right, lets wait and see how the current head of the Adams household takes these terms…

That, and how he will hold the reins of Ferris, who is now getting more and more frustrated in the background.


“I understand.

House Fulbright will be the one to accept your conditions.”


“You stop right there, Bright! I havent agreed to this yet!”


Now then, what will she do

…And as I thought that, Bright turned to Ferris.

He was… shuddering His eyes sparkled… and he held his hands together… like whenever he prayed…!


“Consider this, Ferris: If I learn the Teleportation spell, then Ill be able to visit the Adams estate whenever I want~~”


Taken totally off guard, Ferris blushed and promptly nodded.

Not that Id blame her – what else could one do in the face of that boys expression


“Hes never going to visit her, isnt he”


“Shouldnt that be obvious”


Bright, perhaps having heard my whispering with Pochi, coughed to clear his throat and got back into the topic,


“Im ready whenever you are, Instructor.”


Bright proceeded to start shuffling a deck of cards, with me watching him from the opposite side of the table.

Hmm, hes looking pretty dignified while doing that.

Nice, nice.

Anyway, it seemed to be for a reason that Polco had chosen the Fulbright household.

Perhaps he had decided that Bright was easier to keep under control than the maverick that was Ferris… But from how the boys acting now, that might have been a misplaced judgment on Polcos part.

If I had an absolute say in this, I would definitely not hand over the Teleportation spell.

Part of the reason was that its not even supposed to exist in this era, and I wouldnt want there to be any obvious traces of me left here after I leave.

Well… I suppose I had always been using the namePoer, which the bronze statue had been made in honor of, so the traces here were technically not MINE… right,no more than this should be a better fit.


“In the interest of fairness, Ill be the one who deals the cards out.”


My Familiar, such interest, such fairness, wow – okay, I should stop.

Jokes aside, both of them seemed to understand that Pochi was not one to cheat.

And Ferris is staying behind Bright, keeping a close eye on him.

She seemed… somewhat more girly than she would usually act.

Well, she DID just see Bright looking pretty cool for once, so I wouldnt blame her.

Pochi dexterously flapped her paw and shuffled the deck of cards, then dealt them to me and Bright.


“Well decide by best of three.”


“Very well.”


Its all right.

The rightful king on my shirt has me covered-




“H-hwuh…! What! Howd it end like this!”


“Look at you, talking all big, then losing two rounds in a row! Oh, youre such a fool, Master!”


“No way, theres got to be something wrong here!”


“What do you mean!”


“Master Brights hands! I mean, First round a Four-of-a-Kind, then second round a Full House! A-and I thought… my Flush was one hell of a draw…!”


“And then you got a No Pair on the second round, sir!”


“Shut up!”


While we were arguing, I saw Bright in the corner of my eyes, his eyes looking pretty… evil, and his mouth in a crescent moon-shaped grin.

W-whats with that scary face… D-dont tell me he just…!

I immediately looked around, and saw that the cards we had used had already been collected by Ferris and returned to the dealer.

Yes, all that remained here was-


“Now you will teach ME the Teleportation spell, yes”


This kid, whose name and nickname make up a clash of black and white, is the ancestor of the modern-day Black Emperor.

…He got me.

Hed played me like a damn fiddle!

Even after disregarding my naturally bad luck, his draws were just too good to be real.

He mustve used a trick or two to get his way… which would fit perfectly with his character.

Damn it.

I guess it was my fault for simply tackling this kind of game head-on.

If only Leon had been awake… nah, I guess its all on me.

Damn you, Bright… is this your way of paying back the grudge youd held since when Id turned you into Aki

Anyway, the boy had been genuinely, deeply interested in the Teleportation spell, that was for sure.

Of course, hed use any means available to him to secure his victory.

Right, thats important.

Today Id learned an important lesson… well, no, more like have been REMINDED of it, thanks to my student.

Bah, what a scary kid.

Hell definitely become a fearsome figure in the future.

Or could he already be turning into one

Also, despite everything, the deal was that I would be getting the Limit Breakthrough magecraft and the medium through which its used.

And I really cant let myself be fooled just because its him, really.

Next time Ill remember to play something other than Poker.


Brights face was locked into an ear-to-ear grin, while Ferris was sniffling all the while.

These two make up a formidable pair indeed – at least on the rare instances of them conspiring together.

Ill have to be careful from now on.

And now, seeing that they were satisfied for the day, I suppose its time to head back.

With that in mind, I brought the two and Pochi along, walking on our way out of the Gambling Den.

…Huh Why do I feel like were missing someone

Everyone else seemed to have realized that as well, and were now looking around.

Hmm, who was it

Ah, right… the bird… with black and violet feathers…


“Say, Master… wheres Chappie”


“…Youre asking me”



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