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“Lady Ferris! Y-you shouldnt be here! Please, return to your home immediately!”


I harshened my tone to emphasize how important it was that she went back… but it wasnt as if shed listen, anyway.


“Wheres Bright”


Hiding in my mantle, thats where.

Perhaps thanks to her getting better at this over the months, Ferris immediately spotted Bright hiding behind me, and proceeded to step toward him.

A moment later, Bright, with speed almost enough to tear my mantle, bolted out of the room.

Wincing at the ear-splitting bang of the door, we froze in stunned silence – NOT! WE AINT GOT NO TIME FOR THAT!

“Shiro! Go get Master Bright back, now!”


“Leave it to me!”


“Chappie, follow Shiro and search from the sky!”


“Yes, father!”


The two jumped out through the window and chased after Bright.

Ferris, her eyes still agape with surprise, tugged at my mantle as I was about to leave the room. 




When had her arms even gotten this strong, anyway


“Um, it hurts, Lady Ferris…”


“So, was all that an implication that I shouldnt have come here or something”

Exactly… Not that Id say that to her outright.

But then again, considering that Polco is currently away from Kugg Village, perhaps its better that Ferris is here as well.

Ill just let Guile back in Kugg know, just in case.

And Polco too, of course.

As I went outside with Ferris, I received a Telepathic Call from Pochi.

Apparently, she had found Bright at the entrance of Eddo where we had gotten in from.

Its not all that far from here, but still, to have reached all the way there this quickly, his speed is quite impressive.

Anyways… its been quite a chaotic day today – transforming myself, meeting the Shamanesses, getting my pay docked… and now, for some reason, young Ferris wouldnt let go of my mantle.

Well, theres not much for us to do in Toued anymore, so we might as well take this opportunity to check out some other places in the town, I guess

I wonder how long it will take for Polco to finish up his business


“This is a big city – perhaps larger than Regalia, even.”


“It is the Capital of Toued, after all.

It can definitely come off that way, despite the Holy Nation being larger overall.”


“…We cant underestimate this place – especially since its a neighboring Nation.”


“But why”



“We never know when we might have to go to war with Toued.

Its only natural for us to study their country, to be curious about their culture, and be in awe of them.”


…Is this the same Ferris we know

Okay, seriously, this was quite a surprise.

Id never expected Ferris to even think about this kind of thing.

Then again, now that I thought about it, I had actually heard that, aside from our magic classes, she had occasionally been taught things by Polco as well.

Shes got the foresight that came with being an aristocrat – well, more like being one of the Adams, I suppose.


“Theres no need to worry, Lady Ferris – there wont be a war between these two specific Nations.”

Ferris tilted her head, her stare blank with confusion.


“How could you possibly know that”


Oh no.

What I had said was true – Toued and the Holy Nation had maintained a good relationship all the way up to my era, but Ferris was also right… I shouldnt know that.

I couldnt just tell her outright that I was from the future, though…


“Because Im a mage.”


“What, so youre just messing with me now”


With a hard stare, Ferris pulled my mantle as if it was a leash.


“Apologies, Lady Ferris, but it really hurts.”


“Why dont you try saying something that doesnt get yourself hurt, then”


Bah, thats a pretty good comeback.

Ill remember to write that down in the Principles of a Philosopher later.

Now, what to say to her Something that doesnt get me hurt… Thats quite different, considering that its Ferris Im up against.


“Now, be honest with me.”


Hmm, keep this up, and I might suffocate for real.

…Which Id really like to avoid if possible, since I still have to change Leons diaper.

All right… Ill just be honest with her and see how it goes.


“I know because Im from the future.”


“…All right, now Im convinced that youre good at magic and absolutely nothing else.”


Well, of course she wouldnt believe me, but I got a compliment, so thats good.

…That WAS a compliment, right She acknowledged how good I was at magic!

As I tilted my head as if to question her reply, Ferris facepalmed and heaved a sigh.

With her other hand still holding on to my mantle.

Oh, I see Pochi.

She was in her gigantified form, and was holding in her mouth a certain Black Emperor boy by the collar of his shirt.

Rather than finding him, it looked more like she had captured him, I suppose

Anyways, the way hes dangling up there looks nice.

Like one of those rain-warding hanged dolls Natsu and Fuyu used to make.

Todays weather has been perfectly clear so far, and it will be the same tomorrow, Im sure.




Brights shoulders twitched at the sound of Ferris voice as the latter rushed over to him.

Shivering, he began to ready himself for combat… except he didnt have any weapons on hand.

The two seemed to have gotten along so well back when they were learning magic together, too.

Its a shame that just a little separation had put them back to square one.


“Shiro, put him down.”


Ferris ordered, but Pochi only turned to look at me.

Well, she probably cant run from this predicament anymore, so just put him down – I communicated that to Pochi through eye contact.

Pochi nodded once and did as told.


“H-hello, Ferris… Its been a while.”



I dont think Ive ever seen his mouth twitch that much before.


“It has, indeed! Now let us take a tour of this city!”


Ferris pointed to an unknown tomorrow – as in some random direction – as she patted Bright on his shoulder with her other hand.

Wait, now that I looked closer, Bright seemed to be suffering from rashes on his cheeks and neck.

An allergic reaction, perhaps

Hmm, and his eyes seemed to screamhelp me, or something along those lines.

The person Im supposed to escort is asking me for help in the face of the enemy – the enemy called young Ferris – so I have no choice but to bail him out.

As for the reason… well, I dont want another pay cut, thats why.


“Lady Ferris, may I have a word”




What did I even expect

Nope nope nope nope – this isnt the time to be asking her permission!

Ill juuuust tackle her with the truth of the situation, then retreat as needed.


“Ill say it anyway – the people who tried to kidnap Master Bright are currently hiding here in Eddo.”


Ferris immediately stopped and turned to me.


“Those ones employed by House Douglas I heard about them some time ago.”



The sun has already started to set, too, so now is not a good time to wander around town… By which I mean Im not sure if I can effectively escort both of you at once during this time.”


“…When will be a good time, then”


At least Ferris is very understanding in the appropriate situations.

Although it did feel quite strange to see this tomboy princess have a grasp on the situation for once, surely she had already grown out of her… cluelessness, at least somewhat, after the Blazing Dragon incident.


“Tomorrow, when the sun is high… and only in places bustling with activity.”


“…All right, I understand.”


With Ferris finally behaving herself, we all returned to the innTougenshuku.

I had finished reporting to Polco and Guile on the way back, resulting in Ferris being sent home by Polcos direct order.

At night, Pochi and Chappie both burst out laughing at Bright, who was praying out the window for the weather to be bad tomorrow.


“Ahahahaha! You should just give up already, Bright!”


“Hehehehehe! Thats right, Bright! Leave things to your fate!”


“…You two are talking like its someone elses problem…”


Brights grumblings, as he kept his face down, had a strong mix of annoyance and actual anger.

Well, I think tomorrows weather will be fine, though.

All thanks to the power of the rain-warding Black Emperor boy!


“Master Polco has permitted us to go out tomorrow, Master Bright.

Is there anywhere you would like to visit”




I wasnt asking you two!

Were the ones escorting the boy around, for Gods sake – what makes them think its perfectly fine to act so selfishly while working for him!


“Somewhere Ferris cant find me-“


“Thats not an option.”








Ugh, great.

Were sure to be pushed around by Ferris tomorrow.

Even if we were to decide on a place now, itll most likely be changed eventually, so I suppose theres not much point in talking about it here.








That reminds me, I wonder how the search for the spy within the Adams household has been going

I shouldve asked Polco about it when wed met him earlier today.

Its late in the night now, so Ill just wait for a good time to ask him through a Telepathic Call tomorrow.








Good God, theyre noisy.




The next day…


“Wait, did I hear that right”


“Where did you just say you wanted to go, again”


Pochi and I asked Ferris, doubting what we had just heard her say.


“The Gambling Den, people! The Gambling Den!”



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