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Translator: Barnnn

Editor: Anna

Proofreader: Xemul

I am Tarawo.

My oh-so-great Master is Tifa.

“Huff… huff… Tifa… Some recovery magic here Please”

“Dont worry, you wont die from that.”

Non-fatal it may be, but you do realize that my forehead is splitting open, dont you

(Anna: That sure sounds fatal.)

Now, I must also stress the point that this experience has taught me a valuable lesson in regard to humans.

Particularly, how they are so very conscious of the size of their c.h.e.s.ts.

I shall make it a point to compliment the c.h.e.s.ts of every human being I meet from here on out.

Still, if only I had my original powers intact, things would never have turned out this badly.

What a harsh world I now live in…

And at any rate, Tifa still has not agreed to slow down to match my pitiful pace of walking.

Anyways, wherever could we be headed to Surely it wouldnt hurt for Tifa to simply tell me the destination, but no, she just has to keep me in the dark.

I swear, shes the most troubling child I have ever seen.

It seems that we are walking toward the north of Beilanea… If I remember correctly, we are along the outer perimeter of the Grand Market

It seems I was right – Im seeing countless lantern lights at my side, coupled with the noises of activity of countless humans.

Quite an uplifting atmosphere for this normally lonely hour, indeed.

However, that is there – where we are now is nowhere nearly as noisy.

But its lower density of activity is precisely the reason I, as her Familiar, must protect Tifa to the best of my abilities.

She shall thank me! And apologize for what she has done to me so far! …Heh heh heh… good! Very good! So very good!

And if then, how should I go from there

Take up permanent residence on Tifas lap Permit her to work full-time as my fur stroker

Or perhaps I could go with both! Heh heh heh… the extent of my ambition dwarfs all who stand before me!


How did I not notice when Tifa stopped walking! How! Has she already mastered such an advanced tier of self-concealment!

Hmm And whats with this cheap signboard Have they not heard that I would be here, and thus did not think to prepare accordingly

No use crying over spilled milk, then.

If only they knew of my fated arrival, they never would have presented such an impolite piece of work.

Oh The paw print on this edge of the sign… now this is something to behold.

Moreover, I have been forced by Tifa to learn the humanswritten text over the past few months, so I might as well read whats written here.

‘Pochisley Agency… I think thats what it is.

Hmm Theisley part of that name seems to stand out to me in some way…

Tifa opened the buildings old, creaky door, revealing what seems to be a shop counter.

A brown-haired woman was sitting in the seat on the other side.

Hmm, I can tell that she has already come of age, despite her height suggesting otherwise.

Shes only a slight bit taller compared to Tifa.

Neither a warrior nor a mage, from what Im seeing.

Wait, no, my vague memory suggests that we have met before… when and where could that be

“Hello, hello! Welcome to the Pochisley Agency! Oh… Tifa”

“Hey, Itsuki.

Its been a while since I last saw you.

You dont have work at the Guild today I didnt know that you were working here as well.”

Aha, thats it.

I do remember there being an Itsuki working at the Adventurers Guild as awaiting person.

I must say that she is a skillful one, what with her knowing the right spots to rub my back at.

“My shift ended at noon, and theres no one filling in here tonight, you see~~ So What do you need”

“Steel me that doggo, maybe Ahaha!”



“Hey, thats tempting… how much are you giving”


“Deal, my ass! I will not accept that low evaluation of my monetary worth!”

“Hey, this place is nice, you know.

Youll get to eat all the Spicy Curry you want.”

“Oh-ho Thats….

hmm, that actually doesnt sound like a bad deal.”

“Pfft – Ahahahaha! Youre a funny little guy! I didnt hear you talk last time, so thats also a surprise… Yeah, youll have a great time here! Youd make a good competition for Pochi, too!”

Ngh – She considers me, a King Wolf Garm, to be on par with a resident of this shabby establishment

I ought to be careful with how I proceed.

“Thats it!”

Tifa now has a…different look in her eyes

“This Pochi… is it a Siberian Husky Familiar”

“Hweh- Howd you tell- geh!”

Ngh – Tifa just grabbed that young womans shirt collar.

How did this conversation take a turn for the violent so suddenly!

Despite what I have been through, I have never seen Tifa act like this.

“What… whats its Masters name!”

“Master… you mean Sir Asley”

Oh, she let her go.

And then… she smiled! And what an intense smile that is! Shes turning Itsuki pale with fear! If THAT was directed at me…… I think I might wet my pants! If I had any!

“Ow… that hurt… Im not into that kinda play, you know”

“I-Im not, either!”

“Where is he”

“Hes at Royal Capital Regalia right now.

Left a few days ago to take a Rank-up Evaluation.

Ah, but hell be back by tomorrow, or at least that what Miss Lina said-“

Shes doing the grab again.

What in the world is happening! Why do I have to witness this!

“You mean… Lina is living here as well!”

“Ow ow ow… Oh.”

Itsuki uttered as if she saw someone behind us.

Turning around, I see the very one in question… the young lady called Lina.

Not only her, but also others I recognize – Bruce, Blazer, Natsu, and Haruhana.

And also… a green-haired child.

Who might that be

“Hmm Hey, youre Tifa, right The one who went to hunt the Assault Kobold with Haruhana”

“Were back, Itsuki.

Looks like youve got yourself quite a passionate client today.”

“Stop it, Sir Blazer… Ahahaha… So this Tifa girl is looking for Sir Asley and… huh Is something wrong, Miss Lina”

Lina, standing in the very front of the group, seems to be… petrified.

Ngh – and apparently, my Master is, too Whatever is going on here

The rest of the people here are saying nothing as they watch over those two.



The one to eventually break the silence was Tifa.

“Tifa… is that really you”

“Huh, you two already know each other Good, makes things go faster.

Cmon, lets go inside.”


By Bruces initiation, Itsuki proceeds to guide us inside.

It seems that we are going into a reception room of sorts, but-

“Sit here.”

“Hmph, hows this!”

I am being shut out.

But why! What is the meaning of this! And how am I so easily fooled!

Damn you! Now that it has come to this, I shall resort to listening in with my ear pressed against the door!

“Heh, so youre… Tarawo, was it Looks like you know how to get stuff done around here.”

Bruce said, keeping his voice down.

Oh-ho, I can immediately tell that he also is curious about the talk between the two girls.

“Shh – youll blow our cover.”

Blazer whispered.

Now all faces, save for one, are stacked on top of each other as they try to listen in.

It paints quite a sordid picture on these peoples sense of personal space.

“Natsu, Itsuki… and even Lala It is improper for a young woman to act like this, you three.”

Oh, thank you for the information, Haruhana.

The green-haired girl is called Lala – Noted.

Her face is looking round as a ball as she keeps herself on the stack with the others.

And now, even after having said that warning of hers, Haruhana also is listening in.

Oh, you cunning little lady.

“”It seems that you all are in for quite an interesting conversation.””

“What, and youre in as well, Tzar”

“”Of course We are.

Listen well now – it seems that they are getting started.””

Ngh – now everyone here is leaning an ear each on the door to listen in!

Why! WHY! …I mean… heh heh heh… this actually doesnt feel all that bad.



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