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“For the love of God, its the worst! Their stuff is so good, but no ones giving them the attention they deserve! How did this even happen in the first place, anyway!”

Betty let out an incessant rant as she walked, and Fuyu behind her clenched her fists.

Surely shed felt a sense of responsibility toward the issue, what with her technically being employed by the Nation itself.

And its not like she was meant to take it upon herself to do anything either…

By impulse, I patted Fuyu on her fist.

She looked up, revealing her face with a mix of disturbance, self-condemnation, and… some other emotions I couldnt identify.

Something like being happy… appreciation Hmm, I dont get it.

“Ahahaha… I dont know what that was for, but sure thing.”

“Hey, Asley! Are you even listening to me!”

“Yeah yeah, I sure am!”

To recap, Betty had bought out all the throwing knives and daggers from the shop, and I had gotten myself a knife, as recommended by Don, for self-defense purposes.

The transactions hadnt scored them a fortune or anything, but Laeus look of great appreciation was good for the heart.

Ever since we left the place, Betty has been on that rant of hers.

And Pochi, well… Im dragging her along right now.

She has quite a delighted expression, albeit one not good for my heart at all.

…She didnt go to sleep because shed anticipated that we would get in trouble again, did she

“Huh Why”

Perhaps irritated at my lack of participation, Betty pulled me over by the collars of my shirt.

“Look here, if weve got access to it through you and Fuyu, it means weve got a connection between Beilanea and Regalia! And so, we can bring over Blazer and Bruce and Haruhana – scratch that, lets bring all of our warrior friends from the Beilanea Guild to fill the shop with business!”

“And pull business away from Beilaneas weapon shops Sure…”

“That is that, and this is this! Its survival of the fittest! Its a crime for the better weapons to go unbought!”

Shes technically not wrong, but… I mean, should we really be doing this

Perhaps we ought to consult Blazer and the others as well once were back in Beilanea.

Of course, it would undeniably be a good thing to have easy access to the Royal Capital in the future.

All right – the shops business aside for now, Ill teach Fuyu the Teleportation spell when I can.


I hadnt been able to complain about how my neck hurt during that, but it DID hurt, so thank God she agreed to release me without hassle.

And immediately after, I got grabbed on my collars again, this time by Fuyu.


“You know the formula of the Teleportation spell, Sir Asley!”

Shes shaking my head quite roughly.

The extraordinary strength of her pull made my field of vision to draw a semi-circle.

Hmm That sounded pretty nice.

Ill remember to write it in thePrinciples of a Philosopher later.

Heh heh heh heh… I look forward to compiling all the famous quotes for the table of contents!

“‘Know doesnt even cut it – hes the one who MADE that formula, you know”

“Damn it! I thought you promised to not tell anyone!”

“Please, shes already an a.d.u.l.t, you know.

Im sure she understands… so theres no problem in telling her, right RIGHT Okay, you agree.


She didnt even give me the time to reply to that.

Seems like Bettys quite a bit irritated by what we had come across today.

Shes s.e.n.s.i.t.i.v.e to things that she deems unreasonable, after all.

“I thought… the Teleportation spell was Miss Irenes achievement…”

“Uh, well… I sold thatachievement to her, so to speak.


Hearing me say just that, Fuyu looked as if she just realized something.

Meaning… she must have realized that the money had been used to help her and the others.

In a way, that was quite a reckless move I had taken back then.

I mustve mellowed down after getting to meet Melchi and Tūs and receiving their guidance, though…

“…I see.”

Fuyu said, tears welling up in her eyes.

That, for whatever reason, prompted Betty to smile and hit my b.u.t.t.o.c.k.s.



She sure is similar to her brother when it comes to this kind of thing…

Now shes whispering something… With how fast shes going, no one would get what shes trying to say without the ability to lip read.

And as it would turn out, I CAN! Hah! Now, lets see…B-E N-I-C-E, huh… You know that it turned out this way because of what you said, right

Damn it, shes hitting my b.u.t.t again!

(Xemul: Welcome Bettys Social Skills Course!)

That hurt, Betty! What –N-O-T L-I-K-E T-H-A-T… Seriously

You cant just expect me to have this kind of skill out of nowhere, damn it…

“…So at the end of the day, if everyone is – ow-!”

What now!H-E-R!… dont be so nitpicky, damn it!

“Ngh… so, yeah… as long as youre safe… then its all good! I mean it, you know.

So dont cry, all right”

Hows that, Betty! Thats what you get when I go all out!

Although I had put up that performance with all my soul, Betty still seemed dissatisfied… but with a certain degree of acceptance of it as well.

I swear, today has to be one of the most unlucky days Ive ever had.

Now I feel compelled to go home soon, otherwise another catastrophic development might take place.

We were already done with shopping, more or less, so the only thing left is Fuyus stop.

But wait… wheres the place again And what does she even need to do there

I remember her saying it was in the direction of the west gate, but since I have yet to acclimate myself to this city, its hard to imagine what it would actually be.

I mustered all of my soul to keep up with Fuyu as she kept walking on without stopping her tears.

Along the way, Betty hit me on my b.u.t.t.o.c.k.s from time to time to try and get me to do something.

It took a while, but Fuyu eventually did stop crying.

I swear, this might even be harder to deal with than S-ranked missions…


By the time Fuyu wiped off her last tear, the sun has started to set.

“I understand now, Sir Asley.

Why Sir Gaston has recognized your abilities, and why Miss Irene always talks about you-“

“Huh, youve met Miss Irene before”

“Yes, most recently, just the other day in fact.

She has come to Regalia in order to visit Sir Gaston at the Magic Guardians headquarters west of here.”

Wait, did she just say…west Wouldnt that mean…

“…Oh, I see.”

Irene had been here What for

I dont think Id ever heard of a Duodecad Conference assembly being held around here recently.

Personal businesses, perhaps.

“And today, there is another person that would like to meet you, Sir Asley, so-“

There it is.

No matter how I think about it, its definitely something that wouldnt benefit me.

Moreover… I have an especially bad feeling about this particular instance.

How should I go about avoiding this

“I see, I see.

Best to not keep them waiting, then.

Lets hurry on our way.”

“Yes, of course”

Yes, of course, she said.


With me being pulled along by Fuyu, whose mood had suddenly taken a hundred-eighty degree turn, we walked along the Royal Capitals inner wall as we headed toward the west gate.

In fact, it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that she was now more cheerful than normal.

So much so that Pochi even woke up from theimpact.

Right when she had reached our destination, no less.

Pochi read the letters on the signboard in front of us, and then promptly turned around to look at me.

“Are you messing with me or what, Master”

“See, Pochi, Ill admit straight up that I didnt want to come here either.”

“My, what a coincidence.”

“What a coincidence, indeed.”

The signboard had these imposing letters written on it:

Even from out here, I could feel the dense arcane energy drifting about the air and hear the energetic, soulful shouts coming from inside.

I feel oppressed.

Surely everyone has known by now how bad I was at dealing with this sort of atmosphere.

Its dangerous.

I mustnt go inside.

That was what my instincts told me.

Without a doubt, nothing good can come out of this.

Pochi and I swallowed nervously at the same time – with me heavily considering the usage of the Teleportation spell right about now – but then Fuyu proceeded to speak to us with a beautiful smile:

“Sir Asley.

That person there is Brigadier Viola, the one who had said she wanted to meet you.”

The first thing that caught my attention was her deep violet eyes, made prominent as blazing flames by the cosmetics around them.

Obviously, she wore the same charming uniform as Fuyu was, but with the addition of a hefty mantle over her shoulders.

Estimating from her looks, she might be in her forties or fifties, but the aura of arcane energy drifting around her felt quiteyoung.

So this is Brigadier Viola of the Royal Capital Magic Guardians, in the flesh.

Fuyu ran up to her and started talking about something – well, about my arrival, from the looks of it.

She looks quite a bit more nervous than when she was with Gaston, doesnt she Ah, now theyre looking at the rest of us.

“Please come on in.”

Id rather not, maam.



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