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Between the mountains and fields, Fang Xian is practicing the method.


Aptitude root bone this kind of thing is a mystery among mysteries, but it is necessary for cultivation.


At this time, he felt the mana roaming through his body, his limbs and bones, the eight extraordinary meridians, and the twelve serious meridians.


“As long as it’s a practitioner, all the meridians in the body are open, and the mana can wander freely… However, how to break through the Talisman realm for the next step is obscured.

The wandering Taoist only obtained a few spells and methods.

The inheritance of refining tools and the two medicinal herbs, I don’t even know the method of cultivating from the unofficial sect…”


“And I, who had not awakened wisdom before, didn’t seem to have a good understanding, and only learned a little trick… Cultivators when facing ordinary martial arts cultivators are only different by magic powers, and there is no need to use any magic formula… The original body was a little careless and then was cut by Yin Qiuxian… Well, if not, I am afraid that I will not be able to awaken by now…”


Fang Xian cast a blast of gray and black mana, which turned into various illusions in the outside world, and a few blinding methods were successfully completed.


    After all, his aptitude at this time is already at the level of Yin Qiuxian, so naturally, he can do it at will.


    “The only spells of Taoist wandering are these blinding techniques and the five ghost transporting techniques.

The transporting technique needs to be restrained to subdue the ghosts and ghosts.

There is no material at hand.

This spell is not great when it is practiced, and it is a little troublesome to perform.

On the contrary, the five ghosts can be smelted onto the flag and made into a ‘five ghost flag’, and when the flag is shaken, the five ghosts will obey orders…”


    “I want to seek a long life in this world, but sooner or later this will be abolished.

Now I don’t have to practice hard every day, maybe I can practice a few magic weapons to protect myself.

After all, among monks, realm difference is not everything.

With a few good magic tools, I have the confidence to compete and even behead the cultivators of Yanfa and even the Talisman cultivators.

And if he comes with another flying sword… Forget it, with my mana, I’m afraid I can’t control it…”


    “It’s time to try my luck…”


    In the vast mountain, nobody knows how many immortal cave dwellings and seniors inheritance but most of them have masters, or they have not yet been born, or have already set a deep fate with someone.


    Fang Xian didn’t go before, because he knew that he couldn’t force it, and if he went, he would cause trouble.


    “But now… the young master is the head of the Three Immortals and Two Heroes! The luck source is vast, and there is the Shushan Sword Sect as the backstage.

There are quite a few destined opportunities!


    ” What, maybe there are senior immortals left outside who are better.


    Although it is hard to be a loose cultivator, but you are free and easy, why go to the sect and be a small child


    Fang Xian immediately calculated with the “Turtle Lined Blood Trigram”.

When he found that he had an opportunity in the south, he immediately dressed as a Taoist priest and went all the way to the south.


    At this time, the human world he was in was under the jurisdiction of the Dagan court.


    All the way to the south, more than half a month, to the border of Luzhou.


    Fang Xian now only has a little bit of entanglement from Yin Qiuxian, and there is no such thing as a multi-dimensional treasure bag.

His master only made a ’five yin bag’ and it cost him his life.


    After living in the wild for a long time, I miss the prosperity of the world.


    He entered the city, found an inn to stay, and thought to himself, how to refine a few magic tools.


    The instruments of the practitioners require all kinds of rare treasures, and it is difficult to get them together.

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    Seeing a big city now, Fang Xian felt a little itchy and wanted to learn from Daoist You Fang.


    ‘However, in such a big city, there may not be any masters who play games.

I don’t want to be like Master…’


    While thinking about it, it was dark outside, but there was no curfew.

Instead, there were lanterns hanging everywhere, and many tourists who no one knew where they came from.

He couldn’t help but be surprised and invited Xiao Er to ask.


    “The guest officer came just by coincidence…” The little Er smiled and said, “In our city every first day and fifteenth day…the curfew order is lifted and a temple fair is held, and quite a few merchants from all over the world come.”


    “Oh That is something I want to see.”


    Fang Xian rewarded Xiao Er, washed away the previous fatigue and dust, changed into a new Taoist robe, and walked out of the inn.


    The sky is full of stars, the streets are brightly lit, and there are many stalls and tourists, which is unique.


    He didn’t expect to encounter any good things either, just wandering around to relax and experience the different scenery of the two worlds by the way.


    Suddenly, there was a commotion ahead, and a man was thrown out of the pawnshop.


    “Are you a jerk… Are you here to entertain the master”


    The thugs snorted and raised their voices when they saw the surrounding pedestrians stop and watch, “Five copper coins, want to pass it off as five silver coins Why don’t you just steal instead”


    After saying that, he threw the five copper coins on the ground.


    After all, it is open to doing business, and it cannot give people a bad impression of bullying and dominating the market, so it is necessary to clarify the ins and outs in the future.


    “So that’s the case!” The people around nodded one after another, and the previous grievances disappeared.


    There were even locals who laughed and said, “Isn’t this the scumbag Bai San His family used to have a good business, but when he came to his generation, he used everything to eat, drink, prostitute, and gamble


    “This…this is my ancestral treasure…” Bai San stubbornly stalked his neck.

“My father said…a thousand gold won’t be exchanged.”    




     The excitement gradually dissipated.


     It was Fang Xian, looking at the copper coins on the ground, his heart moved.

     When Bai San got up, he stepped forward and grabbed him, “Show me that copper coin, maybe I’ll buy it.”


     “In that case…” Bai San actually had no hope in his heart, “I’ll show it to you!”


     Handed a copper coin to Fang Xian.


    This copper coin is of general style, it is round on the outside and square on the inside, with a brass color.

The front is engraved with the four seal characters of ‘Qianyuan Tongbao’, but it seems to have been touched for a long time, with a layer of moisturizing pulp, but that’s about it.


    Fang Xian [The Eye of Mysterious Caverns] looked at it but felt that it was very extraordinary, and suddenly had a bottom line in his heart, “This thing…maybe it’s really a treasure.”


    He looked at Bai San and smiled, “Five taels of silver, whether to sell it or not.

If you don’t sell it, I’ll leave.”


    “Sell! Of course, I’ll sell it!”


    Bai San rarely encounters someone he can scam.

Seeing Fang Xian taking out white and numerous money, he hurriedly agreed, for fear that Fang Xian would regret his decision.


    What kind of money can these five copper plates be worth


    He had already gone to several pawnshops, and he had only gotten wounds in return, so he had no hope of ‘family heirlooms’ in his heart.


    On the other hand, Fang Xian hurried back to the inn, looking at the five copper coins in his hand, a smile on his face, knowing that he had picked up a bargain, “Is this the feeling of deep blessings and treasures surrendering to you on their own This world… The Son of Destiny is really cool.” 


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