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After half a month.

Somewhere in the wilderness, in a cave.

Fang Xian sat cross-legged, with several quaint books in front of him.

This is the practice method he ‘borrowed’ from the Bodhi Temple.

He is not Chu Madman, so he will not really live in the Bodhi Temple, waiting for the two great masters to come to the door.

After taking what he wanted, he left immediately, making Xinben spit blood in anger.

”Well, worthy of being one of the six major schools, this collection is really rich, especially ‘Vajra Hunyuan Body’ and ‘Secret Vehicle of Three Reincarnations’! The former is said to be a simplified version of the magic of the Sizhen School, and the latter is a technique for spiritual training!”

When the two exercises are in hand, they will be of great benefit to Fang Xian.

In particular, the ‘Secret Vehicle of Three Reincarnations’ is a secret method of spiritual attack.

It entangles the enemy’s mind with one’s own mind and enters into a large-scale illusion created by it, which can give people the feeling of being reincarnated in three worlds.

Fang Xian didn’t like this, but instead, he liked it to strengthen his heart and strengthen the first half of the secret method, the ‘self’.

After all, this method is very dangerous, and the caster will also be confused by the illusion.

At this time, he needs to strengthen himself.

”After I successfully practice this secret technique, I can firm up my own thoughts, and it happens that the attribute column will soon meet the conditions for comprehending the “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns”.

I can try it at that time…”

He’s a man of action and does what he thinks.

First, it took a month to cultivate the method of strengthening one’s own thoughts by the ‘Secret Vehicle of Three Reincarnations’ to a small success.

Immediately, Fang Xian found an opportunity to adjust his body and mind, and began to comprehend the “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns”!

”Zzzt Zzzt…!”


The great master blends heaven and the earth and comprehends nature.

At this time, his spirit was infinitely divergent, but what he came into contact with seemed to be at a higher level… Chaos!

Hazy, in a trance, it seems to be mixed with a lot of strange sounds.

Fang Xian felt his head dizzy and swelled up again, almost bursting open.

In this state, the content above the “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns” became a little more understandable.

That strange line seems to have its own life, constantly wriggling and combining itself, forming a brand new text and content.

But when he wanted to watch it carefully, he found that he couldn’t understand another word.

There were only some strange insights that emerged in his heart.


The sky is clear.

Fang Xian got up, sweating profusely: “It’s very dangerous… This kind of enlightenment is still very dangerous.

If it weren’t for the protection of the mind and method of the Bodhi Temple, I might sink…”

Looking back on the content of yesterday, I found that I had forgotten most of it.

There are only some hazy contents, entangled in his heart.

”Tao that can be understood by men, is it still Tao”

He murmured, looking at the attribute bar:

[Talent: Eye of the Mysterious Caverns ]

[ Hunyuan True Qi: Big Success ]

[ Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger: Fourth Level ]

”I broke through… unknowingly”

’Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger’ is an innate skill in this world, but there are only three levels in total.

Fang Xian has already reached the highest level on the top of Jietian Peak.

But now, through some insights gained last night, he seems to have brought this evil art to a higher level!

”It’s just… I’m afraid it has long since left the creator’s original intention and has become a terrible magic art!”

He smiled wryly, realizing the difference carefully.

”It seems that the total amount of True qi and other aspects have not changed… Could it be that this is the limit of this world” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

”Where is the difference between the fourth level”

Fang Xian came outside the woods and suddenly transported the exercises to the peak.

Roar! Roar!

A white tiger with a three-eyed evil pattern appeared behind him, and the black and red light around his body became more intense.

Many small beasts were frightened and fainted and fell among the grass and jungle.

”I can feel that the white tiger behind me has changed.


As soon as he reached out, a hare in the middle of the forest fainted.

In an instant, the white tiger technique behind him seemed to turn into a ‘black hole’, producing a suction force.

Threads and strands of blood, or some other things, were drawn from the hare’s body and injected into the white tiger technique.

After this, the remaining hare corpse became extremely shriveled, like a mummified corpse.

”not enough!”

Fang Xian’s eyes narrowed, and he found two wild boars and three deer – ‘blood sacrifice’.

This time, the White Tiger Technique finally reacted.

A trace of heat flowed into his body to form True Qi.

”What is this Absorb the blood energy or something within the influence of the White Tiger, store it in the technique, and replenish my own true qi essence It’s equivalent to having access to a plug for infinite battery life As long as there are enough ants trying to besiege me, then I will never have any danger of lacking true qi”

”It feels okay.

For group battles, it’s practically invincible… Even if the great master achieves the method of the unity of heaven and man, he is still a person after all, and he has physical limits…”

”It’s… a little bloody, it seems that the records in the “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns” are all such demonic, bloody, and strange exercises…”

Fang Xian shook his head: “Even with ten percent mastery of this method, I am enough to challenge the two great masters.”

He was extremely sure that his current self was the strongest in this world!

”I should send a letter of battle directly, otherwise it will drag on for a long time, and if the sword master and the Zhifan monks are up to no good, they will find trouble with Jade Dragon Beauty and the others…”

Golden Wind Drizzle Building.

Jade Dragon Beauty, Guan Sheng, and Linghu gathered together.

”I didn’t expect…that person would be like this, directly rushing past the gate of the Bodhi Temple, and now the six major sects are afraid that everyone will be in danger!”

Linghu sighed.

This newly promoted Grandmaster first took the head of Emperor Yuanwu among thousands of troops, shocking the world, and then he once again shocked everyone by doing such a big commotion after being silent for a short period of time.

”I sent you a letter just to remind you to be careful…”

Jade Dragon Beauty smiled bitterly: “Fang Xian’s move will definitely stimulate those big sects, so he needs to be aware and be prepared for what they do… For example, they might move like dealing with Senior Chu madman.”

”That person’s heart is not troubled, but he has no background.

He’s like something that popped out of a stone… He shouldn’t have any weaknesses right” Guan Sheng opened his eyes and thought further.

”But in the eyes of the world, he has something to do with us three heretical masters, as well as the Bao Gan… Although the relationship is not big, if someone thinks of using them as bait, that’s really going to be a joke.

But even if someone does use them to threaten him once or twice, that will honestly have no effect…” Jade Dragon Beauty sighed.

”This is really…”

Guan Sheng and Linghu looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

Their family is a big clan and has a lot of relatives and disciples, but they can’t be as dashing as Fang Xian.

”The three of us gathered together, not afraid of the masters of the six sects, but in the end, I’m afraid there will be those two who will come and invite us!” Yu Long Jiao said.

”There’s no way…” Linghu shook his head.

Suddenly, a steward of the Golden Wind Drizzle Building was outside asking to see him.

”What’s the matter Didn’t I tell you that outsiders are not allowed to disturb us during the discussion” Yu Longjiao raised her brows.

”Lord, it was you who told me before that once there is news about that senior, no matter when or where, I will report it immediately.” The person replied quickly.

”Huh Bring it!”

Jade Dragon Beauty immediately opened the door, got the information, and glanced at it, her complexion changed.

”What happened” Guan Sheng and Linghu asked quickly.

”Fang Xian asked us to send a letter to the Brahma Dao, and agreed to come to the mountain on the sixth day of the sixth month!” Yu Longjiao gasped, “Is he going to fight the two great masters alone”

”In that case, let’s go watch the battle too.” Linghu and Guan Sheng looked at each other and felt relieved.

With this, the big sects will no longer specifically monitor them. 


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