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‘I was provoked by that old monk…Is my ‘Seven Killing Evil Art of White Tiger’ completely accomplished ‘

Fang Xian looked at the three-eyed evil-patterned white tiger behind him, frowning slightly.

At this time, he went out properly and was regarded as a white tiger spirit, a legendary monster.

“What’s the use of this white tiger that appears”

He looked at the grandmasters around him, and the innate warriors who stepped back a few steps and probably understood.

“It’s oppression! Mental oppression magnified dozens of times!”

“Under the oppression of my white tiger appearance, grandmasters will be fine, the innate masters will probably feel very uncomfortable… Not to mention ordinary warriors, they may not dare to stand in front of me, and ordinary people…maybe directly scared and fainted.

”It doesn’t seem to be of much use to experts of the same rank, but dealing with ordinary people and even the army is like mowing the grass… And the range of white tiger intimidation is at least one thousand meters… This is a strategic level of deterrence!”

Originally, even if the great master was surrounded by a hundred thousand legions, and then restrained by a large number of masters or innate masters, he would still be exhausted.

But now, it is impossible to do that to Fang Xian!

When the three-eyed evil-patterned white tiger opens, it is simply a legendary tool to clear the scene!

”You… let’s go together!”

Fang Xian was full of pride, roared, and rushed towards the heads of the six major factions.

He put his five fingers together and suddenly waved a fist shadow.

Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger!

At the same time as he moved, the translucent white tiger behind him made the same move and pounced.

”Great Ice Soul God Claw!”

”King Kong Primordial Body!”

”Tianhe Sword Art!”

”Ape Demon Mixing World Stick!”

”Golden Light Palm!”

”True Martial Sword!”

The six great masters immediately counterattacked, and many innate skills were unleashed.

But it didn’t work!

The pergola exploded, and the heads of the six major factions inside vomited blood and flew back at the same time.

The Sword Master Changbai, Master Xinchan, Sect Master Chiape, and Fairy Ice Soul were either too weak or injured and the most embarrassed, are the ones that fainted.

The standing Master Lieyan was equally pale as the True Martial Sect Master, looking at the demon-like figure.

Outside the arena, the congenital masters onlookers widened their eyes.

”No way… Defeated the six great masters with just one person”

Zhou Wuming almost lost his ability to think: “Could it be…”


Xie Kun looked solemn: “Since the death of Chu Madman, among the outsider sect, a great master has finally been born, and he is still a twenty-year-old great master…”

”Sigh… let’s go…”

Jade Dragon Beauty originally thought that she would be very excited when she saw Fang Xian’s great power when he defeats the six great masters.

But at this time, it was full of disillusionment.

”If Yuanwu dares to offend Great Morocco, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Guan Sheng and Linghu followed Fang Xian, their hearts filled with joy.

Fang Xian’s breakthrough, the original turbulent situation can be stabilized immediately.

The four quickly descended Baiyun Mountain, Fang Xian suddenly pressed his eyebrows, his expression moved slightly: “You guys go back first… I’m going to get the reward that you deserve!”

The battle of the masters, of course, has a bright future.

That is the outcome of the war between the two countries!

And now, the four grand masters representing the Great Morocco Kingdom have won the victory, and they have the right to take the life of Emperor Yuanwu who was on the expedition!

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Jade Dragon Beauty’s expression changed, and she seemed to understand something: “Be careful!”

The only one who can move a great master is another great master!

Behind the six sects, there are the two branches of the Brahma Dao!

Although this time is just a battle of grandmasters, there may also be great grandmasters.

Fang Xian sensed something, and said that he wants to kill Emperor Yuanwu, which means he will attack the enemy, divert the enemy, and create a chance for them to escape!

In fact, he himself knew

There were just a few foreign grandmasters, so they shouldn’t attract much attention from the greatmaster.

As long as they are separated from him, they are basically guaranteed safety.

”take care!”

Guan Sheng and Linghu also bowed their hands and left quickly.

They did not expect that the two great masters would be so shameless!

But Fang Xian didn’t care.

No one stipulates that a master must have a good character.

Those two can even set up traps and can even plan to kill Chu Madman.

What else is there that they don’t dare to do

among the woods.

Fang Xian separated from the three grandmasters, and his figure was like a shadow, and he disappeared in an instant.

He let go of his mind, always with a sense of vigilance and depression, as if a life-and-death crisis was coming!


Suddenly, there was a clear sound in the void.

The infinite sharpness suddenly attacked from the sky, and it reached Fang Xian’s forehead in the blink of an eye!

In an instant, his neck bone made an ear-piercing crack, and his neck twisted at an unbelievable angle, avoiding the light.


The next moment, an ancient tree behind him slowly fell down, it was broken by the waist, and the wound was smooth like a mirror.

Fang Xian’s spirit was raised to the highest level, staring at the surroundings.

He saw the culprit, a blue light.

After cutting off the ancient tree, the blue light drew a beautiful arc in mid-air, accelerated again, and came flying!

”The Seven Tigers Destroy the World!”

Seven acupuncture points in Fang Xian’s body exploded at the same time, his physical fitness climbed to the limit, and he punched out.

But that azure light changed direction rapidly in mid-air, like a peerless master with a sword, avoiding the trajectory of the sword body being swept by the fist wind, and slashing his wrist in turn.

risk! risk! risk!

At the door of life and death.

Fang Xian’s feet moved quickly, and a lazy donkey rolled around and went a few meters away.

Above the trees in front of him, there was a round hole that seemed to be pierced by something.

At the same time, there was also a wound on his arm, and blood oozes out.

This azure light actually cuts iron like mud, and it is invincible!

”That’s… a sword A flying sword!”

During the fight just now, Fang Xian finally saw clearly what was in the azure light.

It was a thin flying sword that was only about a foot long!

Fang Xian had long thought that he would be ambushed, even if a monk and two great masters appeared at the same time, he would not be surprised.

But I never imagined that I would encounter the legendary ‘Imperial Swordsmanship’!

The owner of the sword hid somewhere no one knows, and instead of showing up, he used the flying sword to deal with himself!

This is awesome.

After all, the flying sword is extremely fast, and it cuts iron like mud, and no matter how you attack, you can’t move a single hair of the sword master.

In the end, the loser must be yourself!

”Ha ha ha ha!”

After thinking about everything, Fang Xian suddenly laughed: “Sure enough, the higher you stand, the more beautiful the scenery can be seen!”

Flying sword or something, ordinary people and even congenital masters, just listen to it as a story.

Only when he reached his level did he finally know that there was still the existence of ‘Imperial Swordsmanship’ in this world.

This is exactly what he was looking for before! Higher levels, more secrets!


Seeing that the flying sword turned in midair and was about to assassinate him, a white tiger with three eyes and an evil pattern suddenly appeared behind Fang Xian.

Roar! Roar!


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