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“No, no, don’t you come near!”

With the movements which were as fast as the movement of the falcon when swooping down to catch the rabbit that starts out, the small exploration team was almost completely wiped out.

Protector Gong, with the disheveled hair, was sitting on the ground.

He was looking at Fang Xian as if looking at an evil spirit.

“Young Master Fang, I was in the wrong, will you be generous enough to spare my life, please……”

“Just now Zhao Yi has sent a signal, informing me that Ao Xiong will soon arrive, if you leave me alive, I can show him the false road …… you can use some poison to make me abide by your instruction, I promise to be obedient ……”

Protector Gong knelt on the ground and kowtowed repeatedly.

”What kind of person you are Killing the one like you just staining my hands.”

Glaring at protector Gong, Fang Xian showed a glint of joy, flashing from his eyes.

All of a sudden, Fang Xian jacked up the long sword which was dropped by Zhao Yi.

The sword flew out abruptly, piercing the chest of protector Gong.

”You ……”

Protector Gong fell to the ground, and a dagger fell out of his arms.

”Among the pursuers, towards the ‘Acquired’ martial artists of considerable strength, I have done enough,…… what is coming next, will be the real battle!”

Without a glint of sorrow or joy in his eyes, Fang Xian later chose a good battlefield.

A few moments later, a figure with a terrifying aura, suddenly rushed up to him.

Innate master!

Vice Master of the Five Style Sect!

The ‘Golden Lion’ Ao Xiong!

”Hi kid, I want your life!”

As Ao Xiong looked at Fang Xian, no extra words were hurled, but he directly rushed right up to Fang Xian.

With his open palm, he revealed his claw fist, followed by the ripping sound in his palm.

Fang Xian’s face was extremely solemn, but his eyes contained a hint of excitement, his figure was alternately posing the postures of dragon and snake, and the five fingers of his right hand were pressed together firmly, modifying into a killing movement of a fierce tiger fist.


Both his fist and claw intersected, producing the movement that shook the surrounding.

The two figures flew backward.

Fang Xian looked at his right arm, only to see that the top part of his clothing had been shredded, oozing out a trace of blood.

He asked, “The outflowing of the true spirit”

He somewhat understood the power of an Innate expert.

The mere outward releasing of the true spirit is equivalent to having an additional extremely powerful blade in the hand.

After all, in a duel between masters, the slightest difference in the momentum will determine the success and failure, not to mention the difference in the ability to hurt or kill, which is quite a fatal thing.

”Not bad, it’s exactly outflowing of the true aura!”

Ao Xiong rubbed his right hand: “Hi guy! You are so strong, but so what, your right arm is broken, right An Innate martial artist killing an Acquired martial artist is as easy as killing a dog!”

”Broken Do you have a misunderstanding of the strength of your true spirit”

Fang Xian wiped the blood from his right arm, the wound automatically healed, and after his own effortful training reached the stage of perfectness, he was able to control his muscles and do all kinds of incredible things.

Besides, it was originally just a little wound on the surface.

He swung his arm, from parts of the knuckle of his right hand burst out some sound, suddenly he took a step, his body looked like shrinking to a few inches, with dragon strides and tiger steps, quickly he came nearer and nearer.


Fang Xian stretched out his grabbing clutch, then posed his fists, accompanied by a tiger’s roar.

In one moment he posed his hands into the dragon’s claws, and in another moment, in the tricky movement of his hand, there was a bit of a snake-like shape in it.

”Five Style Fist You  also stealthily learn the martial arts of our sect!”

Ao Xiong’s eyelids throbbed, and his Claw Fist came into sight, the same as Fang Xian’s Dragon Claw Hand.


The two men’s arms were entwined, each strained to defeat the other.

Ao Xiong released the Innate True Spirit, only to feel the coming up of another force, so terrifying and immense as if it was the earth-shaking momentum.

He could not help but retreat a step, his face turned red.

Being a Five Style Sect’s impressive Innate, he was forced to retreat by an Acquired warrior with Five Style Fist, it was simply a shame!

In the midst of anger, at the same time, there was a chill in his heart.

Looking at Fang Xian who was still young but had been so powerful, how can it be, just in a few years had he reached such a high level

”Haha …… again!”

The longer Fang Xian fought, the more clearly he saw the light.

In his hands, every form of the Five Style Fist was performed one by one.

There were arbitrarily swaying, and in the end, there were simply casual movements, without bothering about what kind of fist he used.

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All the methods of the fist, finally all fused in one, it was My Style Fist!



”Are you that weak Could it be that you are a fake Innate”



In the middle of the original forest,

 There was a gust of wind.

Falling leaves were swept away, layers of soil exploded, revealing the deeper sides of the earth, and the ground was covered with a footprint.


His blood and vital energy were flaring up.

While his fighting spirit reached its peak, Fang Xian suddenly felt some kind of cracking sound coming from his body.

A brand-new power appeared in the part of his diaphragm.

It was not the power that ordinary people have, but a new, supernatural and mysterious power!

The Mixed Elemental True Aura!

At this moment, he succeeded in entering the Innate by applying effortful practicing!

Ao Xiong took a few backward steps, one step after another, keenly he felt the change in the young man opposite to him.

”You …… are too weak!”

The Mixed Elemental True Aura flowed throughout the body, so that Fang Xian’s body suddenly once again grew up a few points, and he let out a long roar, he said, “Now my mixed elemental true spirit has come to the state of perfection, if you are not killed by the punching of my fist, I will spare your life! My Style Fist!”


Fang Xian smashed the target with his fist, accommodating the essence of the martial arts he had learned so far.

Ao Xiong retreated several steps as if seeing a giant shadow, he felt a fist punching down on him so heavily like the crushing of the great Mount Tai.


He let out a loud shout and raised his hands together as if he wanted to support the sky.


After the yelling, he was crushed to the ground.

A dark red deep pit happened to appear on the spot, Ao Xiong had vanished without a trace.

”Phew ……”

Fang Xian slowly held back his power and looked at his hands: “Indeed …… the effortful practice eventually has sent me to the Innate, which has surpassed the level of the common ordinary spirit practicing of an Innate…… it was the method of a big accumulation of energy which was released gradually!”

”Eventually I reached the Innate.

Since childhood, I practiced the martial arts, now that I have attained a higher level!”

He looked at the tattered clothes he was wearing and shook his head again.

Suddenly, looking in a certain direction, Fang Xian slightly narrowed his eyes and asked, “Who is the visitor”


He heard a light sound among the woods, a figure like a crane in the blue sky was floating down.

It was a young, fat man with a round face that still held a look of surprise: “You actually killed Ao Xiong”

”Such a young Innate you are You are ‘Tian Luo Star’ or the so-called Bao Qian”

With one glance, Fang Xian was able to recognize the identity of the visitor, “Could it be that you, a casual practitioner, are also here to test my martial skill”

”No, no, I just came to see! It has nothing to do with the Five Style Sect and the Zhang Family in the slightest……”

Bao Qian waved his hand in a hurry.

He really just happened to bump into Fang Xian by chance as he came to see the commotion.

It’s just that things had developed in a way that was completely beyond expectation.

Originally he considered that Fang Xian who embarrassedly fled away and unexpectedly ended up killing Ao Xiong was simply a little demon!

Thinking of this, he can not help but sigh: “A new generation takes over the position of the old one, I think after today’s incident, brother, I will name your martial skill, ‘The Mixed Elemental Thunderbolt Fist’, which will resound in the world of martial arts, a new member had been added to the ‘Eight Heroes and Sixteen New Stars’, isn’t it a happy event …… “


There was a twitch on Fang Xian’s face.

He responded, “The Mixed Elemental Thunderbolt Fist You took the nickname”

”My brother, you claim to have practiced and succeeded in cultivating Mixed Elemental True Spirit, and its fist is like a thunderbolt, your palms carry the energy of wind and thunder, isn’t it appropriate to call it The Mixed Elemental Thunderbolt Fist” Bao Qian felt a little strange.

Since he chose this name and thought the name was very apt, he was proud of himself.

”No! Change it, the nickname easily reminds me of a certain bald head……”

Fang Xian shook his head in a hurry.

”Well …… this is but a small matter, it seems that this place is not tranquil any longer, how about finding another place to discuss it”

Bao Qian suggested.

”Very good!”

There was a twitch in Fang Xian’s ears.

He nodded showing agreement, then he moved with the body lightning skills.

Leaping up into the treetops, together with Bao Qian, he disappeared into the dense forest. 


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