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Inside a quiet room.

Fang Xian settled himself into a standing stance.

His stance at this time was very strange.

It was neither the dragon nor the tiger style.

It wasn’t the snake, the crane, or the monkey style, but the style was rather like an ordinary person standing casually, occasionally stretching his body or his back.

”My Style Fist!”

”My, refers to my heart like a sword, cutting through all kinds of obstacles, and the ‘form’ or ‘style’ of mine is taken from the human body! Exploring all the mysteries of the human body!

The Five Style Fist was a natural approach to the martial arts, and the significance is immense.

It was to obtain the charm from various beast styles.

”But the human body, which is supposed to be a great treasure!”

”And, after cultivating the many styles of fist, in the end, the one will never become a fierce beast, so the significance of a variety of fists is, and the practitioner will ultimately return to his original body!”

Fang Xian closed his eyes slightly, and with each move, the energies and strengths of various parts of his body were continuously being integrated.

Whether it was the fierce tiger strength, the flying crane strength, or even the unique strength brought by the three kinds of styles, namely the dragon, snake, and monkey styles, were being constantly fused, but difficult to be coherent.

”The ‘Tidu’ energy passes through the upper side of his body, making the body feel comfortable.

Tramp the foot with reverse steps and with pouncing claws.

Lift the elbow.

Turn the palm.

Drop the hips.

Mixing the six elements of mind in unity.”

”It is difficult to unify the five styles of fist strength, it is the lack of the sixth style at the end – My Style Strength!”

Fang Xian closed his eyes and meditated as if he saw his translucent body before his eyes.

A brand new force was added to the Five Style Fist, using himself as the base to accommodate the five forces.

The six strengths were united into a new strength that traveled throughout his body and reached all his limbs and bones.

”This new strength can be named ‘Mixed Energy Strength’!”

Fang Xian felt as if his body was wrapped in warm spring water, constantly sweating, and some impurities mixed with sweat were expelled from his body.

Not only that, his body was abruptly pulled up a bit, his muscles were bulging, and the curves of his body became incomparably perfect.

At this moment, all his five senses and six senses seemed to have been enhanced to varying degrees.

”Is this …… effortful training to obtain great success, a cultivation where he automatically gets the brand-new body with the tendon changing and marrow washing within his body”

”I’ve reached the level of the acquired martial artist, any further progress would be Innate!”

”That doesn’t seem …… hard!”

Although Fang Xian felt that if he practiced the “Green Jade Heart Method” this time, he would be 90% sure to succeed in cultivating the aura, but did not do so.

It was stupid to buy a glittering casket of pearl but then return the pearl inside the casket to the seller! He was lack of judgment.

To this point, as long as the aura and blood were at the complete level of cultivation, he could practice the martial arts with great effort into the innate state of perfection, which pulled him away from the standard of the ordinary innate experts.

”It’s just a little dirty on the body ……”

He sniffed his arm, shook his head, went to the next tub, and started rinsing his whole body.

In the midst of the water vapor steam, there was a flash of brilliant light in Fang Xian’s eyes: 


【Talent : Eye of Insight/ Metaphysical Eye]

【Mixed Elemental Power: A State of Perfection]


”Five Style Fist and My Style Fist, six in one, turning into Mixed Elemental Power”

”This retarded Goldfinger finally moved a little”

Fang Xian’s expression changed slightly, recalling the scene when he created My Style Fist, and how the final integration of the power, united the six channels of power.

”It seems …… a little too smooth, although I’ve had some inspiration, but the subsequent difficult barriers were all rushed through.

Could it be that there was the help of the golden finger”

He thought for a long time, there was no clue, he could only set the matter aside first.


A few days later.

Fang Xian walked out of the inn.

He was in a state of extreme acuity at this time and immediately felt several gazes falling on him.

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”The patience of the Five Style Sect and the Zhang Family is almost exhausted, isn’t it If I continue to shrink back, if there are still other forces in the city that are keeping an eye on me, they might just strike to kill ……”

Fang Xian, dressed in a set of green clothing, suddenly smiled and walked towards the city gate.

In a flash, it had been many scouts hurried back to report.

”I now strutted out of the city, it is tantamount to placing myself on the furnace, can be described as a death ……”

In fact, having offended the Five-Style Sect and the Zhang family, there is still a way to live.

After all, Fang Xian himself was so young with amazing strength, in the future, his cultivation was likely to develop into the innate realm, it had a potential value.

Either it was the ‘Leng family’ or the declining government;  the group of the Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower or other forces might be able to accept him.

But Fang Xian was really tired of this meticulousness.

”And …… these days, he has adjusted his practice to the peak of the state, but still distinct from the cultivation of the blood and vital breath to the state of completeness which will naturally produce the true aura.

There is still a thin membrane of difference.

How come he cannot make the breakthrough ……”

”From the various masters’ sagas I’ve read before, I lacked the battle …… Chu pride warriors were also constantly fighting to support their battle, making sudden progress.

But crazily obsessed in the fight would certainly bear no success!”

”I don’t even know how strong I am after the unification of the six strengths, the transformation of the mixed elements which bore the new tendons and marrows! The Five Style Sect will probably send an innate expert this time! I will be able to run away even if I can’t beat them.”

Fang Xian’s mind kept thinking as he came to the city gate.

”Young warrior Fang, I am from the Leng family.”

There was already a middle-aged steward waiting.

His face full of confidence: “The government does not dare to intervene, now, in the entire provincial city, only my family can protect you …… as long as you ……”

Fang Xian didn’t even look at him, as if confronting a stranger, Fang Xian walked past him.

The middle-aged steward was left alone, his face turned blue and white, and only after a long time did he flick his sleeve: “Humph! This son is really frenzied and there is no cure!”


Fang Xian walked out of the city and quickly found a mountain forest to hide.

Although he wanted to make a breakthrough by fighting, but not looking for death!

If in an even terrain, surrounded by a large number of Five Style Sect martial artists, and among the war horses and sharpshooters …… that innate expert might not be able to win over.

Instead, by using uneven and rugged terrain as a strategy, combining with the [Eye of Insight], even if jumping off a cliff, there would be a chance to survive.

Growing up as a hunter, he was very experienced in the midst of the jungle.

He then disappeared into the depths in the blink of an eye.

A few moments later, outside the forest, the sound of horses’ hooves rumbled.

”Dismount …… and chase!”

Ao Xiong brought Zhao Yi, protector Gong, and others to the edge of the forest, with a blue face he commanded.


Three days later.

Fang Xian was lying in the grass.

He looked like a predatory tiger.

Using the terrain to circumvent and lure, he had fought with his pursuers several times in the past few days and had figured out the number and strength of the opponent.

Now, it’s time to reap the rewards!

”This time, that guy will definitely be slashed with a thousand cuts.

Deputy Hall Master ……”

A voice from some distance was getting nearer and nearer, it’s the protector Gong!

”Don’t call me Deputy Hall Master, I’ve been dismissed ……,” Zhao Yi grimaced, the spot of his injuries faintly aching, occasionally using the long sword in his hand to push through the grass.

He was extremely regretful.

He wondered why he had to find trouble with Fang Xian, that guy.

Just for the sake of the worthless guy in front of him

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

And the protector Gong still chattered on and on, disgusting him even more.

Suddenly, Zhao Yi’s ears twitched, and heard a terrible bad wind.


A black shadow leaped out of the grass, stretching his fingers, like a hungry tiger pouncing!

”It’s him!”

Zhao Yi blocked with his long sword, in his right hand he felt a sharp pain.

He couldn’t help but move backward, the heart was even more unrelenting.

They are his juniors, he wondered why couldn’t he even make a move confronting his juniors.

The next moment, he saw Fang Xian lunge out, and grabbed his right shoulder, like a hungry tiger tearing the sheep, he directly tore a small part of Zhao Yi’s body.

Zhao Yi’s blood was flowing.

”I really shouldn’t …… have made an enemy of this person.”

Zhao Yi’s consciousness gradually became blurred, but with more than a hint of ruthlessness in his eyes, in the last moment of life, he resolved to summon up his energy.

Raising his left hand, an arrow with some sound shot from his sleeve, flew into the sky.


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