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“How dare you are!”

Ao Xiong burst out some breath as a dangerous aura hovered around.

He just got to know that Fang Xian was a congenital expert!

As the vice master of the Five Style Sect, Fang Xian had succeeded in cultivating the true aura in his body.

At this moment, inside his heart, Ao Xiong regretted very much the incident.

He shouldn’t have let Fang Xian, this killing embryo, get onto the stage.

How will he explain to the Zhang family now

The Zhang family and the Five Style Sect were closely related, they had been friends for generations, and they were linked by the same spirit, there was even a member of Zhang who had ever served as the master of the Five Shapes Sect, the two were simply one!

Stretching his five fingers, Ao Xiong was about to send a blow!

”Yun fenghai, the master of the Cloud Tower!”

Fang Xian uttered.

Ignoring the many people around looking wildly at him, he bellowed, “In the ring of life and death, life and death become one’s own responsibility, does your party, the Golden Wind Drizzling Rain Tower want to be a witness”

Yun Fenghai took a deep breath, his smiling face disappeared, and changed into a solemn and respectful expression, he stopped in front of Ao Xiong, “Brother Ao, please forgive me.”

  A gust of anger was gradually appeased.

Looking at Fang Xian with a gaze like looking at a dead man, Ao Xiong uttered, “Hi guy…..

you’re very good!”

It was just a compulsive urge of his, and now that he was obstructed by someone, he thought clearly that he indeed should not kill under the witness of many martial arts practitioners.

Otherwise, not only was it against the rules in the circle of martial arts, but more crucially, Fang Xian was after all the protector of the Five Style Sect and had just fought for life and death for the sake of the Five Style Sect.

And no matter how closely the Zhang family and the Five Style Sect cooperated, they were two families after all.

Instead of messing up the situation, it would be better to tackle the thing separately.

At the moment, is it sensible when someone slaughters the ‘protector’ of the sect who has just made a contribution, just for the sake of an ‘outsider’

It’s most probably going to be a laughing stock!

Ao Xiong held back his anger and just stared at Fang Xian with a cold smile.

It was clear to him, that the group of Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower could save this guy for a moment, but not for a lifetime.

Later, if they casually committed murder on Fang Xian, as long as they were not caught red-handed, who would come out to question them

”Today’s incident, all of you are also witnesses, I have no grievances or enmity with the young master of Zhang, but only because of a villain who instigated, making the incident develop to this stage……”

As Fang Xian spoke, his face was expressionless and his voice was slow as he told the story of what had happened.

Zhao Yi and Protector Gong’s expressions sank like water, and Liu Yun’s looked lost color.

This kind of dirty calculation, the other side had taken a direct risk for contempt and made it widespread!

At this point, the way the people around looked at them showed something was wrong.

Conspiracies and subterfuges that could only be kept under the table, once it was exposed, could only vanish just like flying ashes and dissolving smoke.

Zhao Yi and the Protector Gong were trembling, knowing that they were bound to be sentenced when they returned.

Liu Yun was even a little lost in thought.

To be fair, she did have some difficulty tolerating ‘Zhang Zifan’s’ harassment just now and hence she had the intention of pulling Fang Xian as a shield.

But definitely, she doesn’t want things to get out of hand to such an extent.

It was normal for her to use her beauty to provoke other men to be jealous, but she didn’t expect that this time she had messed up the game.

What she had originally thought was that at most, this Fang Xian would suffer some small losses, and she would then give him some compensation, and perhaps she could even use the Zhang family’s power in the Five Style Sect to force Fang Xian out and take him under her own command.

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Fang Xian had outrageously thrown a blatant punch and killed Zhang Zifan.

Concerning the consequences of doing this, and the power of Zhang Zifan’s family, ……he did not have the slightest consideration or hesitation!

When he was recklessly angry, it happened to be the splatters of blood, so he was such a person!

This not only caused all of her calculations to go down the drain, but she also had to bear the reputation of being an ‘a seductive woman’.

After all, in the discerning eyes, she at least had to shoulder a small responsibility for Zhang Zifan’s death, and even more so, the Zhang family might be looking for trouble with the Liu family.

And there was no doubt that upon returning to the Liu family, she would inevitably be punished by her elders for it!

’Why …… does it have to get so topsy-turvy …… is it hard to take a step back’

As Liu Yun looked at Fang Xian’s back, she almost gritted her silver teeth.

She was utterly bewildered.


After a series of big plays, a day’s events would eventually come to an end.

         Fang Xian walked out of the group of Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower, amidst a group of people lamenting, snickering, and looking rash.

They looked up at the sunlight, “Today’s wind …… is a bit noisy.”

         He thought it through.              

Even if it was only for the sake of reputation, for a short time he would be safe in public, while leaving the city would be certain death!

”But the most pressing matter of the moment is to find a place to retreat and completely create the ‘My Style Fist’ and integrate it into my boxing ……”

He had a premonition that his own chance of ascendancy would fall on this matter.


Late at night, among the Five Style Sect.

”Oooh ……  Zifan, you died so badly!”

A gorgeous woman sat in the hall, crying loudly.

Ao Xiong stood to the side with an awkward expression, “Elder Zhang, Madam Zhang, please rest assured that I will definitely give you an explanation on this matter!”

”Hmph! But a rascal in my Five Style Sect daringly turned against his master, rebel against the established rule!”

”This man must die! Not only must he be killed, but he must have his skin peeled off, his tendon pulled out and his body made into a human statue that kneeling before the door!”

Many elderly surnamed Zhang within the sect, and protectors of the elderly close to the Zhang family spoke on this matter.

  Zhou Wuming stood on one side, coughing twice every now and then, looking at the scene, frowning inwardly.

Although the Five Style Sect was in the same spirit as the Zhang Family, was the power of the Zhang Family in the Sect a little too large

After thinking it through, he stepped out and bowed slightly, ”Vice Sect Master, our Elderly …… Brother Zhang breathed his last above the arena of life and death, we have acted without justification…… If we want to kill that person, we shouldn’t be blatant, even if outsiders firmly believed that we are the culprit, we should not admit it openly.

This is my humble opinion.

As for how to do it, since I have an injury, I will not participate in it.”

After conveying his opinion, with a gesture of salutation by cupping his hands before his chest, Wuming exited the hall. 

”Hehe …… you are worthy of being a good disciple of the sect master.”

Elder Zhang shook his head and laughed coldly with a hint of haze in his eyes as his voice turned louder, “Members of our Zhang family are born and died for the Five Style Sect, is this a payback for what we have done”

”Elder Zhang, please calmed down!”

Ao Xiong’s facial muscles twitched.

He said, “But there is some truth in what Wuming said, just …… I have already ordered people to keep a close eye on that person, as soon as he leaves the city, I myself, will definitely kill him!”

In his capacity as a martial expert with innate skill, it would be easy for him to go and kill another martial artist with acquired martial skill. 

”And …….”

He clapped his hands, and two people with faces as white as a sheet came in from the doorway and knelt down, their faces looked pale.  As they were kowtowing, people could clearly see that they were  Zhao Yi and protector Gong, the two persons.

”You two rascal things, now you have given a chance to redeem yourself through good service, go to get twenty whips first, then keep an eye on that guy, do you understand”

Ao Xiong shouted coldly at them.

”Please rest assured, my elderly lords, I will keep an eye on the guy.”

Zhao Yi and Gong Guardian assured the elderly of the Zhang family again and again, and in their hearts, they were even more eager to eat Fang Xian’s flesh and drink his blood. Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”


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