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“Good, come onstage.”

Ao Xiong glanced at Zhang Zifan, then glanced at Fang Xian, and his eyes lit up.

Fang Xian has now practiced his strength to the bones, even if he was confronting the congenital expert – the level of his skill would not be exposed.

Meanwhile, Ao Xiong didn’t think that Fang Xian is stronger than Zhang Zifan, so he was just preparing to use Fang Xian as cannon fodder.

He tried to consume the next opponent’s physical strength in hope to pave the way for Zhang Zifan.

After all, Fang Xian was also a Protector, there were always some unrevealed martial skills.

”As ordered!”

    Fang Xian, who had a clear view of all this, took a deep breath and got into the arena.

”Gentlemen, This is Fang Xian from Five Style Sect, asking for your guidance!”

At this time, in the scene, there were still three young experts from Black Mountain provincial city, and after glancing at each other, one with a big and tall figure walked up to the high platform.

He introduced himself, “Shi Gan, please enlightened me!”


”Is he the ‘Stone Man’ of Black Mountain provincial city, Shi Gan It is said that his stone rolling skill has been practiced to the point of perfection, and is on par with the skills of our county’s ‘Little Knife King’ and ‘Inconsistent Hand’ ……”


The martial artists below burst out a clamor.

A few people looked worried, immediately advised by the ‘worldly-wise person’, then they got to know that Fang Xian was only cannon fodder, his performance was to seek the opponent’s opinion.

Fang Xian could not help but show pity in his eyes.



After greeting each other, Fang Xian’s feet staggered.

In the blink of an eye, he walked up to Shi Gang.

”Flying Crane Power”

Xiao Zha below the stage gave a startled eek: “Protector Fang had shut from the outside world for such a long time.

Since he had already taken the opportunity to practice the Crane Style Skill and gain a few levels of success, this can be considered something hard to come by!”

”Well, indeed, it’s good to gain momentum from Crane Style, which contributes to his mastering of the art of reducing the body’s pressure.

Although Shi Gan is steady when standing by his lower limbs, but failing to keep up with a certain speed is something disadvantageous to him.


Ao Xiong also spoke well of Fang Xian, apparently, he thought this cannon fodder was qualified.


On the other hand, Zhang Zifan, on hearing the praise, couldn’t help but show a trace of gloom on his face.

On the stage.

Fang Xian modified his hand into the shape of a crane, pecking at Shi Gan right in the solar plexus.

Shi Gan raised his right hand, every inch of his skin turned blue-black.

He had the Rolling Stone Skill work up, followed by the Rolling Stone Fist.

Every movement was done with meticulous attention to detail, implying his counterattack.

Fang Xian on the other way around, did not give Shi Gan this opportunity, with a twist of the foot, like a large white crane, swiftly he moved away.

”This guy is not bad, but compared to Lu Changfeng, there are still flaws in his moves, I don’t need up to three moves to defeat him!

”Of course, at this time, I have to restrain to some extent, after all.

On the surface, others can’t tell that I have learned the remaining three styles.”

”Zhao Yi and Protector Gong want to scheme against me Hahaha ……’

Fang Xian circled around Shi Gan’s.

At some spot behind him, his aura changed suddenly.

Punching with his fist, he looked like a fierce tiger descending the mountain.


Crane style shifted to Tiger style!

The Tiger Fist was based on fierceness.

Once it was performed, even if Fang Xian had reservations, the crowd below the stage could also feel the compelling momentum, they were startled.

Shi Gan got goosebumps, turned around, and landing blows with both fists.

Bang Bang!

A tough blow was launched from one side to retaliate for another tough blow from the opposite site!

Fang Xian stepped back, with a beautiful and graceful posture, he shifted to the shape of a crane.

As Shi Gan was clenching his palm, then loosening his clench, constantly he activated his vital energy and blood circulation.

Launching the two punches just now, making him suffer a little loss, it was somewhat unimaginable to him.

Shi Gan thought that he had already cultivated the Rolling Stone Technique to a great degree, but he never thought that the other party’s bones would seem to be a few points harder than his.

At this point, it was too late to think any longer.

As Fang Xian suddenly got closer, with the Crane Beak in the left hand, while the Tiger Claw in his right hand, immediately this double shape of tiger and crane, pouncing on the opponent!

Shi Gan on the other side, with his crossed arms in front of his body, could only passively be beaten, making himself very depressed.

The opponent’s Tiger Fist was vaguely emerged above him, and the Crane Styling and Weight Lightening Skill is faster than his movement.

Since he couldn’t catch up with the opponent when the enemy could attack him at will, how could he react to this situation

”This guy …… surprisingly the Tiger Style and the Crane Style are blended together, the skill is so profound that  his Tiger Fist is strong and powerful, and the Crane Styling movement is light and agile, as he has comprehended the realm of rigidity and flexibility, hasn’t he” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

Below the stage, Ao Xiong stood up in surprise.

On the stage, Shi Gan took a few steps back and came to the edge of the arena.

Looking at Fang Xian, Shi Gan suddenly let out a loud laugh, “Awesome, I admit defeat.”

Surprisingly, he leaped directly from the stage.

After all, from the exchange of blows just now, he knew he was no match for Fang Xian who had restrained too much for him.

That just made a fool of himself.


The remaining two members of their gang immediately gathered around.

”You don’t need to go to the stage, it’s self-humiliating, let’s go.”

Shi Gan shook his head and led his men away with a big stride.

”Is this …… us winning”

”What a protector of Five Style Sect! What’s his name”

”Fang Xian! This person can actually defeat the ‘Stone Man’, the Ming dynasty will definitely be famous in the world!”

Below the stage, many clamors suddenly arose.

Some experts from the older generation showed their demeanor and commented on the victory and loss of the battle, while the youngsters looked admiringly at Fang Xian on the stage, treating him as a role model and an opponent.

Let’s question, who among the vigorous youngsters, does not want to be famous and become the topic of discussion in his party

Even Liu Yun, at this time, the wonderful eyes flowing, gently praised: “In the future, in the circle of the experts from the young generation, there will be a place for Mr.

Fang ……”

”Hmmm ……”

Zhang Zifan blushed with anger, and he felt a wild rage in his heart and didn’t know how to give vent to his anger.

Today, he should have been performed in the finale, but Fang Xian stole all the limelight, he could not help but fiercely shot a glance at Zhao Yi.

Zhao Yi who was even very depressed, couldn’t help but lower his head.

  Zhang Zifan became more and more furious.

Learning that Fang Xian was still above the ring, he walked staggeringly to the high stage: “Fang Xian, I will play with you!”

Also did not wait for Fang Xian’s reply, he directly sent a blow with his palm.

His palm landing is called ‘Scattered Flower Palm’.

The palm force was very insidious and poisonous, generally, the person who is hit is unable to feel that there is an after-effect.

When the effect is shown, one will find that the disease has been in the terminal, beyond cure.


As Fang Xian easily avoided this blow, he took the chance to glance below the stage.

When the martial artists below saw the sudden twists and turns, some who had initially walked away, slowed down again.

At the table of the Five Style Sect, Xiao Zha showed a hint of anxiety, Zhao Yi and protector Gong were full of gloating, and Ao Xiong cast a warning look.

Obviously, it was a reminder to Fang Xian that he couldn’t hurt this ‘Mr.

Zhang, since he had a close relationship with the sect.

If he was tactful, he should obediently admit defeat.

The best way was to suffer another blow, vomit blood, and then retreat, so that ‘Mr.

Zhang’ won wonderfully, beautifully.

Thus, Fang Xian would be considered a good subordinate, doing what a sidekick should do!


Fang Xian’s mind worked fast.

Although today he got the fame, but it would be meaningless.

This Five Style Sect, he somehow didn’t want to wait any longer, after all, the Five Style Fist method and the Internal Energy method were clearly at hand.

Why should he pretend to be polite and compliant, by rolling in the mud


Zhang, our dispute is only stemmed from our personal feeling, why should we do so”

Fang Xian averted a strike from Zhang Zifan again, shot a glance at Liu Yun: ” When it is time to forgive people, we should give way to others and forgive them, right”

”Who do you think you are, daring to set conditions with me”

Zhang Zifan’s eyes were wide open and his palm was moving like wind and thunder.

”Then, my gentleman, have you heard a saying ……’my generation of martial artists, we can lower our head to give way, but can not bow in submission!’ haven’t’ you”

As Fang Xian let out a long roar, he launched a sudden strike.

His body was like a flying crane, while his fist was like a fierce tiger, striking all of a sudden!

”No good!”

Below, Ao Xiong was no longer as calm as before, he was in a frightening shock.

But it’s too late!

Fang Xian slapped Zhang Zifan’s palm away and landed the Tiger-Style Cannon Fist that smashed heavily into Zhang Zifan’s heart.

This eldest son of the Zhang family bled from nose to mouth, the broken internal organs were faintly revealed.

The whole body was smashed away with a bang, landing on a wall and slowly floating down.

”Ahem …… how dare you …… kill me”

His head lolled and he died with a grievance!

There was silence all around, everyone could not imagine that Fang Xian directly killed as he was in pain.

”It is pleasing, really pleasing!”

Fang Xian slowly held back his fist strike, He felt that his thought was clear, and his body was intact.

You’re reckoning on me Trying to step on me Using me as a shield

Directly I fought to the finish!

I was the greatest in the universe!

Fang Xian clearly realized what was lacking in his martial arts, it was the meaning of ‘I-myself’!

No matter how heavy the pressure was, I couldn’t let my heart give in!

”My Five Style-Fist, still missing the last shape, My Style Fist!”

’In this world of martial arts, no matter how many schemes and conspiracies, I will break them with one punch! This is My Style Fist! 


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