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Chapter 686: Going to the Han Corporation

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“Thats right, our year has Lu Man and Zhang Xiaoying who are famous.

It seems like theres only two, but there are still the Year Ones, Year Threes, and Year Fours.

Every year, there will be students who are already famous entering the school, not to mention other schools.

It feels like this competition was prepared for them and we are just side characters.”

“Dont start to get dejected now.

No matter what, this is our opportunity.

Perhaps we might not get the top five and have no way to participate in The Performer, but in the competition, if the Han Corporation higher-ups like us, thats winning already.

Theres no need to worry that there would be no opportunity to become famous.”

“Thats right.

Then I have to properly prepare.”

“Now, Ill give out the schedule for the competition.

Everyone, take a look,” Teacher Liang said and handed out the papers that had been printed with the schedule for the competition.

Lu Man waited for the people up front to pass it to the back.

The competition was to start on November 1, and there would be a competition within the school itself.

Every school will choose ten people, and there would be a total of 230 people from 23 schools.

They will then be grouped up and have competitions among themselves, leveling up bit by bit.

Because they were working together with Xing Ke Station this time, after entering the top 10, they would be shown on the Xing Ke Stations website and on a live broadcast on the web.

At the same time, this would be an advertisement for The Performer.

The students instantly understood.

“D*mn! That means that as long as you enter the top 10, your exposure will increase greatly.

Even if you cant enter the top five, its alright.”

“It seems that way.

Anyway, even if you get to enter The Performer in the end, youll be competing on the same stage as those celebrities using skills.

But a students acting skills cannot compare to those seniors who have been famous for a long time and have a lot of experience in acting.

Not to mention that, since those people will definitely have connections in the industry, the judges must give them face.

They would not care about us students at all.

Even if you are chosen, youd probably be there just for a bit, a character meant to lose, KOed in one match.

Its just to show your head, but the judges will definitely choose the celebrity to win.”

“I feel the same way too, so we must first be liked by the Han Corporations higher-ups and leave an impression, then work hard to enter the top 10.

Xing Ke Stations popularity in the country is top-notch.

Just being broadcasted on their website, which would definitely have a lot of audiences, and being included on Xing Ke Stations promotion schemes, you will have succeeded if you squeezed into the top 10.”

Lu Man was also very interested in this.

Anyway, she was originally a Han Corporation celebrity, and there was the popularity of Red Tiger.

She mainly wanted to act on the same stage as the older talents in acting.

No matter what the result would be, it was a promotion of skills for herself.


After class ended, it was still early, and Han Zhuoli had Xiao Chen send her home.

Lu Man got into the car.

After thinking about it, she said, “Is Zhuoli in the company right now Is he busy”

“Just so-so.

The CEO is in the office.

He doesnt have any meetings and no customers.” Xiao Chen managed to guess what Lu Man wanted.

Lu Man smiled.

“Then lets go to the Han Corporation.”

“Alrighty!” Xiao Chen said, then drove Lu Man to the Han Corporation.

Lu Man did not instantly go to Han Zhuolis office.

She first went to the Public Relations Department.

After leaving the company, she had hurriedly come to look only when Han Zhuoli had a fever, and after that, she did not go back again.

Lu Man had just entered the company when she heard You Lili say, “Hello, do you—”

You Lili stopped, stunned, and called out in shock, “Lu Man!”

Everyone looked over in surprise.

Upon seeing Sister Li and Brother Zhang, who were familiar faces, Lu Man was also extremely happy.

“Sister Li, Brother Zhang, Brother Chen.”

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