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Seeing the report, Bourbotte felt pleased and smug.

“Right now, Attack Force already has a box office of 160 million while Red Tiger stands at 15 million.

As for other movies, they are not worth mentioning.”

Ryan said with contempt, “Haha, those people are all talk no action.

In the past, Red Tiger could dominate the box office because none of our Hollywood movie was airing at that time.

But now that Attack Force is here, we have totally crushed them.”

Already on cloud nine from the results, Bourbotte got Wang Qianyun to post something on Weibo on his behalf.

For the convenience of promoting Attack Force in China, Bourbotte had gotten Wang Qianyun make an account on Weibo for him.

After registering, Weibo officially tagged his account asV, signifying that his account is verified.

Moreover, Attack Force also posted on its official Weibo page.

“Accounting till Attack Forces today 10 a.m.

premiere, weve already reached 160 million at the box office.

A grand opening!”

Wang Qianyun then reposted the post through Bourbottes account and wrote, “Even if we didnt have a lot of screenings, a good movie will ultimately still gain everyones recognition.

The audience is the best proof!”

Instantly, Zhang Lun reposted that post and congratulated them.

“Congratulations to Attack Force for their grand opening! Its only 10 a.m.

yet youve already earned 160 million at the box office.

It shouldnt be a problem breaking 600 million today!”

Wang Shuyi: “Congratulations, Attack Force.”

One by one, all the directors and actors reposted the post and sent their congratulations.

They all had learned to be smarter and did not mention Red Tiger.

However, every single repost meant that the screenshot of ranking report of the box office collection would also be reposted.

Thus, without the need to point it out, everyone could tell the difference between Red Tiger and Attack Force.

In the WeChat chat group, Zhang Jian blew up in rage.

“Just with that box office, they also have the shame to display it so publicly Who didnt know that Attack Force had pre-sales for an entire last week They did world-wide extensive publicity for Attack Force.

That 160 million accounted for the entire weeks box office collection for an entire week, and not just this couple of hours today!”

“Dont be anxious, Brother Zhang.” Lu Man sent a smiley emoji to comfort him.

“Sigh! How can I not fret! Their smug faces leave me seething with rage.

I really dont want to see those scoundrels puff their chests with pride and gloat over this.”

Lu Man smiled and said, “Look at you, youre only staring at Attack Forces box office.

Go and take a look, including Red Tigers, the box office of all other locally-produced movies is also on the rise.

Of course, you dont have to take a look at Fighting Hero.”

“Is that so” Zhang Jian blinked in disbelief.

“I really didnt pay attention to it.

Ill go take a look.”

After a while, Zhang Jian came back and went wild.

“Oh my god, did I remember it wrongly I remember that ten minutes ago, I saw that Red Tigers box office was only 16.7 million! Its only been ten minutes, how did it increase to 32.89 million!”

Zhang Jians words also made Ji Cheng, Sun Yiwu, Liu Chuanhui and the rest go wild too.

Liu Chuanhui: “Is this for real!”

Zhang Jian: “I didnt pay attention to the box office of other movies before.

Just now, when I went back to take a look, I took note of the box office of all the other movies airing right now, I couldnt believe my eyes.

Now, I will keep monitoring it every hour..”

However, the hour after seemed to pass by rather slowly.

Zhang Jian fought hard to hold back his urge to refreshing the box office every single minute.

Just to prevent himself from continuously refreshing the page, he even place his cell phone in another room and kept staring at his watch instead.

Finally, when the clock struck the hour, Zhang Jian dashed into the room where his phone was and instantly reach out for his phone to check the latest box office result.

In the first place, it was still Attack Force with 163 million.

While Red Tiger ranked second with 69.73 million.

In third place, it was a locally-produced movie called Love Relationship with 23.76 million.

In fourth place, it was a locally-produced animated film Little God of Fortune, 19.23 million.

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