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In the simple white T-shirt and blue jean shorts she wore along with a pair of white shoes, Lu Man looked even more of a university student than her classmates.

From her hair to her feet, she looked even younger, excluding the feeling of youth.

Seated in his car, Han Zhuoli was a bit engrossed in his thoughts.

But as his gaze landed on Lu Man\'s body, it was stuck like glue.

Only when Lu Man walked close to him, did Han Zhuoli return to his senses.

Lu Man quickly got in the car, and put on her seatbelt.

Her movements were quite quick and resembling the same old Lu Man.

How hot! Lu Man used her hand to fan herself, and even the air conditioning in the car did not cool her down at this moment.

Han Zhuoli lost his smile and took out a small fan from the drawer in front.

Even though you\'re so thin, why are you so affected by heat

Lu Man looked up, and obediently let Han Zhuoli fan her.

Enjoying it, she squinted her eyes like a cat which was being patted by its owner.

I wasn\'t affected by heat so much before.

It\'s just that when I went to the Northwest desert to film, I was blown by the wind, getting covered with sand and sunburned by the harsh sun all day long, thus I started to fear it, but I think it\'s probably just this year, I should be alright next year.

Lu Man then took the fan from Han Zhuoli, and let the air blow towards air for a while.

With the aircon in the car switched on, she managed to cool down very fast and thus she then switched off the fan.

Just when she thought about how there was no air-conditioner in the classrooms at school, and she would also have to run around different classes, her head started to hurt.

Very soon, Han Zhouli parked the car at a distance from the school entrance.

Honestly, although Lu Man had never announced her relationship with Han Zhuoli in a high profile manner, she was actually not planning on hiding it, she just wanted to let things take its natural course.

If someone saw them, she would willingly admit it, but she would not go around announcing to everyone that she was dating Han Zhuoli.

Actually, her way of thinking was very normal.

If she was dating an ordinary person, would she go around announcing it to everyone and telling others about her boyfriend

If she did that, everyone would probably think that there was something wrong with her.

Furthermore, the truth was, the students in National Film Academy were complicated and weird, and thus Lu Man did not want to announce it.

She was planning on getting out of the car when she was suddenly pulled back by Han Zhuoli.

He felt a bit stifled looking at Lu Man\'s long legs.

Because of the hot weather, she was wearing shorts, and even though she was wearing small white shoes with no heels, her long, fair and slender legs stood out the most.

With such hot appearance, how could any man not be attracted towards her

Especially those young boys in the school.

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli felt that Lu Man was entering a wolf\'s den.

His finger rubbed on Lu Man\'s legs, and Lu Man hurriedly shut her legs.

The air-conditioning in the car had caused her skin to be cool.

But when Han Zhuoli\'s finger touched it, the heat of his fingers burned her skin as if she was being set on fire.

\'What time do you have to officially report Han Zhuoli asked.

Although Lu Man found it strange, she looked at the time on the car dashboard and answered.

There\'s still around an hour.

Han Zhuoli nodded, and started the car to drive in another direction without saying anything.

Where are we going Lu Man had not managed to get down the car and asked curiously.

Han Zhuoli\'s gaze flickered to the side and landed on Lu Man\'s legs.

Too long and too fair.

Lu Man: …

What was he saying

She found it weird, but following the line of sight of Han Zhuoli, her eyes landed on her own legs.

Lu Man: …

The temperature is too hot, Lu Man explained helplessly.

They are too good looking, and too attractive to men\'s eyes, especially those young h*rny males at your school, when I think of them looking at your legs, I… get jealous.

Lu Man: …

Alright, it sounded too possessive, but since it came from Han Zhuoli, she wasn\'t angry at all, and instead quite happy.


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