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“Sure.” Lu Man smiled as she agreed.

Now that the results were out, a great weight was lifted off everyones shoulder and finally, everyone was in a jolly mood and started joking around.

Liu Chuanhui had a playful smile as he teased.

“You have to give Lu Man more money! Not only did she act as your female lead, but she is also in charge of your publicity.

I think that you really benefited a lot from getting Lu Man to act in your movie.”

Even Zhang Jian laughed and joined in their banter.

“Thats right, with such a box office, you cant be stingy, Brother Ji!”

“I wont, I wont!” Ji Cheng chuckled and said, “Im treating you all to takeaway lunch!”

Everybody: “…”

Even upon achieving such a feat, they were still eating takeaway food

“Dont we have to strike the iron while its hot Right now, we need to focus on publicity.

But once everything is settled, Ill treat you guys to an even bigger, lavish meal,” Ji Cheng hurriedly added, trying to appease them.


Meanwhile, at Zhang Luns studio.

Zhang Lun snatched the datasheet from Wang Qius hands.

Seeing ‘Red Tigers First Day Box Office Collection written on it, his eyes widened tremendously, but he still couldnt believe his eyes.

Scrutinizing the piece of paper himself, he looked at each line and counted.

“Impossible!” Zhang Lun lost control and roared.

“It must have been a calculation error! They must have added another zero behind!”

How could Red Tigers box office be this high!

598 million!

According to him, Fighting Heros 295 million box office collection was already high enough!

Moreover, it was just a normal weekend, not the Chinese New Year.

Why would the box office be so huge

“Did he fake this and cheat” Zhang Lun roared in anger.

Seeing Zhang Luns furious expression, CEO Wang knew that something was amiss.

CEO Wang grabbed the datasheet from Zhang Luns hand hastily and was left stunned upon seeing the first-day box office collection of Red Tiger .

Compared to Red Tigers 598 million, what was Fighting Heros box office collection even worth

Previously they even smugly publicized it all over the internet.

But now, they had made a fool out of themselves!

They had the same number of screenings, yet Fighting Heros box office collection was just half of Red Tigers !

Extremely furious, CEO Wangs eyes immediately darkened.

“Go and check it.

Confirm it immediately.

Is this box office data really correct” Zhang Lun instructed Wang Qius assistant.

“I… I will go and check it now,” the assistant said as he dashed towards the door.

“Stop,” CEO Wang called him.

“Theres no need to check it.”

With the spread of the good reviews online, this box office was rather accurate.

“Checking this would be too embarrassing,” CEO Wang said solemnly.

It would be like they couldnt accept their loss.

” Red Tiger … Red Tiger also released this news,” Wang Qius said weakly.

Trying to calm himself down, Zhang Lun took in a deep breath and took out his phone to check it online.

On Red Tigers official Weibo, “Thank you, everyone, for your support.

With your support, Red Tigers first-day box office collection hit 598 million!”

Once this news was released, some of the media accounts which were on good terms with Lu Man immediately reposted it too.

Several official media accounts blew up too.

“Shocking news! Red Tigers first-day box office collection is 598 million! Setting a new record for locally-produced movies!”

“Even all those super-popular Hollywood superhero movies have never achieved such a huge box office!”

” Red Tigers first-day box office collection hits 598 million! The rise of locally-produced movies!”

“How did Red Tiger became such a big hit By word of mouth!”

“Red Tiger has high ratings and high box office as well! Perhaps it can break Greedy Wolf Operations record.”

At that instant, Sun Yiwu even reposted Red Tigers official Weibo post.

“Congratulations, Brother Ji! You are the pride of Chinese movies!”

Ji Cheng also replied to Sun Yiwus post.

“Thank you, Brother Sun.

Since the day I decided to make a movie, you always supported me and had my back.

Moreover, when the original female lead refused to act at the last moment, you introduced me to Lu Man.

Thank you, Teacher Liu Chuanhui, Thank you, Zhang Jian…”

In his post, Ji Cheng thanked each and every single person.

All of his words came from the bottom of his heart and were very heart moving and touching.


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