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“Misunderstood the relationship between you two” Han Zhuoli squinted at Han Zhuofeng.

“And yet you didnt know to explain yourself to others”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Could it be that all the praises of good work belonged Lu Man while he only deserved the blame for the bad

“How would I know that those people would be so stupid!” Han Zhuofeng lashed out.

“In the future, in school, remember to call Lu Man sister-in-law,” Han zhuoli instructed him.

“…” However, Han Zhuofeng stubbornly refused to relent.

“I havent acknowledged her yet!”

“Did we ask you to acknowledge her” Old Mrs.

Han rolled up her sleeves, ready to give this brat a good beating.

“You terrible kid! Your older brother finally got a girlfriend and you dare to stir up trouble”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

In this family, why did the granddaughter-in-law seemed to have a higher status than their biological grandson

Agreeing with Old Mrs.

Han, Han Zhuoli quickly passed the feather duster over.

In the past, he would be hit by this same feature duster.

Now, it seemed like this same feather duster would especially be used to hit Han Zhuofeng.

“Are you going to call her that or not!” Old Mrs.

Han raised the feather duster threateningly.

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

“Sis… Sister-in-law…” Han Zhuofeng called out woefully.

“Remember to call her like that too in school! Dont let other people misunderstand ever!” Han Zhuoli ordered.

Even though Lu Man was only older than Han Zhuofeng by one year, when the two of them stand side-by-side, it looked like they were of the same age.

Moreover, Lu Man and Han Zhoufeng looked more like a couple than when Lu Man was with him.

Therefore, Han Zhuoli couldnt help but worry.

Just now, he even got to know that Lu Mans classmate had actually misunderstood Han Zhoufeng to be Lu Mans boyfriend.

How could that be!

Moreover, Han Zhouli was quite older than Lu Man.

Now he understood why it was bad to find a younger girlfriend.

It made him feel too insecure!

No matter what, he had to make it such that with one look, others could tell that he and Lu Man were a couple.

Just then, Ji Cheng called Lu Man.

Lu Man picked it up.

“Director Ji”

“Lu Man, other cinema operators have started increasing the screenings for Zhang Lun and reduced our screenings to accommodate them!” Ji Cheng said anxiously.

“Which cinema operators” Lu Man asked.

“Qi Cheng Cinemas, Tai Yi Cinemas, Happy Fortune Cinemas, and Jizhou Cinemas,” Ji Cheng said, “All these cinema operators together almost make up to the market share of Han Corporation.

Although they still cant beat Han Corporation, all of them have increased screenings as much as they can for Fighting Hero and reduced ours.

Now its only 3% of the screenings for us.”

Furious, Ji Cheng grumbled.

“Perhaps they only gave us that 3% just for the namesake.

Its to avoid any consequences if someone were to find out about this as it will affect their reputation.

However, giving us only 3% is the same as not giving us anything at all.

Haha, I admit defeat, this Zhang Lun is too distasteful.

He thinks that its his birthright to have more screenings and unfair treatment is handed out to him if others are given more screenings.

Right now, summing up all his screenings, its a lot more than Red Tiger , why isnt he tooting his own trumpet”

Even though Han Corporation reduced the number of screenings for Fighting Hero , Han Corporation didnt reduce it like a landslide.

However, the other three cinema operators were different, they drastically reduced the screenings of Red Tiger and they were barely left with anything.

Moreover, although the market share of the other three companies when summed up was still lesser than Han Corporations, since they had drastically reduced the number of screenings of Red Tiger to almost nothing, they almost gave an entire days worth of screenings to Fighting Hero .

Hence, now Fighting Hero had about the same number of screenings as Red Tiger instead.

“However, now it will still be based on ticket sales.

This competition would also be considered fair too,” Lu Man said calmly.

“But Zhang Luns character is way too distasteful and disgusting!” Ji Cheng said in annoyment and frustration.

“But we naturally wont just stand around and do nothing as that way we will just be letting them take advantage of us.” Lu Man said, “Ji Cheng, leave this matter to me.”

“Alright! I was just waiting for you to say this.” Hearing that Lu Man had a plan, Ji Cheng finally let out a sigh of relief.

Hanging up the phone, Lu Man apologized to Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.



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