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“Teacher Li is a bit hot-tempered, just let go first.”

Some people instead of dousing the fire, added fuel to the fire.

“You are all too much! Why are you making trouble! Teacher Li is instructing his student, how can you be so violent Is it that if teachers try to educate students and their words are not nice to hear, they have to be beaten up”

“What are you all doing!” When Principal Zhang strode in he saw the chaos in the faculty room.

And when he saw Han Zhuoli standing in the middle, he started to tremble with fear.

“Everyone stop!” Principal Zhang yelled angrily.

All the teachers immediately stopped what they were doing.

Even Han Zhuoli let go of Teacher Lis hand, and then took out a handkerchief, cleaning his hand in disgust.

Teacher Li was tending to his index finger and kept moaning in pain.

However, when he saw Han Zhuolis actions, blood rushed to his head.

He was about to point an accusing finger at Han Zhuoli, when the thought of how his right finger was almost broken came to his mind and he hurriedly put his hand down.

“Principal!” Teacher Li climbed up from the ground and said, “Such a vile, arrogant student cant be accepted by our school! Shes too much!”

Principal Zhang shot daggers at Teacher Li; not only could Teacher Li achieve anything good, but he was also excellent in running everything!

Principal Zhang ignored Teacher Li completely and did not even think about his fierce image of a principal as he tried to placate Han Zhuoli.

“Young Master Han.” Anxious, Principal Zhang asked, “You came over personally, why didnt you tell me”

“I brought my girlfriend to report and collect the textbooks,” Han Zhuoli said coldly with as face as black as the bottom of a pot.

“I originally thought that it was a small matter and we would leave after settling it.

But who knew that I would be met with such people, its really an eye-opener for me.

If I hadnt come over today and my girlfriend were to be alone, how aggrieved would she be”

“Whats going on!” Principal Zhang glared at Teacher Li angrily and asked him.

Teacher Li trembled, no matter what, he did not dare to admit it.

In front of Principal Zhang, he could no more show his fangs.

“Principal, theres a misunderstanding here.

They are spouting nonsense, dont listen to them! When Lu Man came to report, I just… I just asked a few things of her as a teacher like to study well and work hard.

Who knew that they would make a mountain out of a molehill.”

Principal Zhang directed his stern, sharp gaze at the other teachers.

“What were Teacher Lis exact words”

Some people lowered their heads, and no one dared to say anything.

Although Teacher Li did not say it out loud, the meaning between the lines was especially mocking, even an idi*t could understand it.

Suddenly someone from the same department as Teacher Li came forward and grumbled, “Principal, what Teacher Li said was right.

For the sake of the student, he said some few things to have her study hard in school, how did it turn into Teacher Li mocking her She really has too much of a glass heart.

Is it that now as a teacher, we cant even discipline our students”

Lu Man recognized the person to be the same one who was adding fuel to the arguments just now while others were trying to stop the fight.

“As a teacher, you are disciplining me and maligning my image as a student only because I have starred in a famous directors movie How can you tell me to be low-key and not to bring those dirty scandalous things from the entertainment circle into the school without even getting to know me” Lu Man said coldly, “The entertainment circle is a bad mess, but what does that have to do with me Teacher Li, what are you insinuating As for those dirty things, they exist everywhere, even in the corporate world too!”

“I just entered the office and said my name, nothing else, but you had an expression of which said that I should bow down to you and listen to you obediently even when you are wrong


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