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The emcee was purposely trying to make things difficult for Lu Man because the rich backer behind Bai Shuangshuang had contacted her, telling her to stir up some trouble and embarrass Lu Man.

But who would have known, for some reason, she had a feeling of being threatened by Lu Man.

It must be… it must be that shes mistaken!

Lu Man really did not know who ordered the emcee to do that, but the emcee was continuously setting a trap to scheme against her, she could still feel it.

“Well-said!” The Old Madam said, feeling her anger lessen, her Han familys granddaughter-in-law needed to be domineering, did they really think that they could bully anyone

Moreover, Lu Man did not need to use the Han family name, just her domineering reply was enough to clamp all mouths shut.

“Eh, A Nuo, Lu Mans skirt, why does it not look like the one she bought that day” No wonder she kept feeling like Lu Man seemed quite different today, it was now that she finally realized that Lu Mans skirt was different.

Shen Nuo frowned and took a look, but they were still quite far away and she could not see it clearly.

So she immediately took out her phone and zoomed in to take a picture for the Old Madam to look in detail.

“Mom, I think that Lu Mans skirt seems like the one that day, but she altered it.

Look, the original waistband became the hem of the skirt and hem of the skirt became the waistband, and the ribbon was added on later.

If you remove these, you can return it to how it was before.”

The Old Madam was perplexed.

“Why would she go and alter her skirt”

“I feel like Lu Man doesnt seem like the kind who would change her skirt, didnt she say it that day She bought these clothes so that she could wear them on casual days too.

Now that shes changed it, it isnt very suitable for wearing casually already,” Shen Nuo said in a low voice.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli had finished making his phone call, and just happened to hear what Shen Nuo said, and hence explained, “I just asked Lu Mans make-up artist, her skirt was cut up by Bai Shuangshuangs assistant, and she had no other way but to let Lu Man alter it at the last minute.”

“Little—” The Old Madam hit the armrest, and almost cursed.

She finally remembered that she was in public, and muttered in her heart, Mind your image, mind your image .

At last, she managed to control her temper.

“Thankfully Lu Man is smart enough, under such a situation she could even think of ways to save the day.

Although now she cant wear it as casuals now, for tonights event, her re-designed dress is even nicer than before,” Shen Nuo smiled and said.

“Thats right, Lu Man was originally learning fashion design.

At that time, she was forced by Lu Qiyuan to quit school and be Lu Qis assistant, otherwise, right now, she would probably still be in school.

She has a background in fashion designing and thus could redesign the skirt so quickly, its just a small thing for her,” Han Zhuolis face was full of pride.

His Man Man kept giving people surprises!

It seemed like she had limitless potential!

Old Madam Han had already found out about how Lu Man was planning to go to the National Drama Academy to learn to perform.

“Hmph! Lu Man being skilled is good but we cant let Bai Shuangshuang off so easily!”

At that moment, a crew member from the movies promotion team who was on stage warned the emcee in a low voice, “Dont ask questions unrelated to the movie.”

The emcee laughed dryly, “Lu Mans answer is so domineering, just like dialogues from Greedy Wolf Operation , forceful! I request Lu Man to take her seat and rest for a while, now lets invite—”

The emcee just wanted to say to ask Bai Shuangshuang to come up on the stage to say a few words when she got instruction from her earpiece.

“Its time to air the movie, stop talking.”

The emcee was stunned, this fast

That was not right, she had calculated the time, the amount of time she had left for Bai Shuangshuang was very sufficient.

Accepting the money, she had already agreed to keep more time aside to interview Bai Shuangshuang.

But now, besides for the group greeting at the start, Bai Shuangshuang did not even have the opportunity to be on stage at all


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