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As soon as she said that, she totally destroyed the trap the emcee had laid for Yu Yanshu just now, making it impossible for the public to make an issue out of it.

As expected of someone working in public relations!

Even Yu Yanshu let out a breath of relief, actually just now, facing such a difficult situation, he really could not find any suitable way to deal with it immediately and could only change the topic.

Thankfully, later on, Lu Man came up on the stage.


The Old Madam in the audience seats was also extremely happy, and tugged at Old Master, “Did you see that Did you see that Lu Man is just so awesome, directly announcing to the world that she has a boyfriend to stop all those messy rumors! Girls should be like that! If they have a boyfriend they should admit it and not let people misunderstand that they are single and cause problems in the future.”

“I see, I see,” The Old Masters mouth twitched, “Now, stop tugging at me!”

“Isnt Lu Man very good!” The Old Madam asked Han Xijin, wanting to Old Master Han and Han Xijin praise Lu Man too.

The Old Master harrumphed, “Youre no longer the same as the one back then who did not like Lu Man at all.

You even said you didnt like people in the entertainment circle because its too messy.

Lu Man is too scheming, its no good!”

The Old Mr.

Han pinched at his throat, imitating how the Old Madam had spoken back then.

“Hmph!” The Old Madam gloatingly said, “Ill take the chance to explain, Im not that kind of stubborn person who refuses to admit my mistakes.

After getting to know Lu Man in person, Ive seen her good points, and Ill admit it, I wont keep holding on to that old wrong impression of hers and refuse to change.”

The Old Master twitched his lips, not willing to lower himself to the Old Madams standards.

“I believe there are a lot of people who are very curious about you,” At that moment, the emcee said, “Not only because as someone not from the entertainment circle and suddenly starring in Greedy Wolf Operation , but also because of the sensational news that you created online in the past few days.”

Sun Yiwu frowned, what is wrong with this emcee!

He looked around, wanting to find the person in charge of movie promotion and not let the emcee stir up even more trouble!

Before this, when the emcee had asked those questions to Yu Yanshu, Sun Yiwu was already very upset.

Instead of asking more questions related to the movie, the emcee kept thinking of trying to find ways to create gossip news, what was wrong with her!

In the audience seats, the Old Madam grunted, “Whats wrong with this emcee, so unprofessional!”

“It seems like shes purposely making trouble for Lu Man.” Shen Nuo frowned.

“Now I wont steal the job of the reporters anymore, Ill let the reporters ask you themselves.” As soon as the emcee said that, there were instantly reporters who instantly raised their hands.

The assistants at the event passed the microphone over to a reporter who asked Lu Man, “Lu Man recently, you openly hit back at Yu Xingzhous fans, this kind of action has never been done by anyone before, and most celebrities choose to take everything silently, and refrain from calling someone out in public.

Will you continue to do the same in the future too”

At that moment, the employee from the movie promotion side came up secretly, wanting to stop the reporters question.

Lu Man signaled him with her hands slightly, indicating him to stop and held the microphone in her hand firmly and boldly answered, “Im the kind of person whose personal morals are above that of your so-called industry rules and as to your question, I only have a sentence to answer.

If people do not attack me, I wont attack them.

If people attack me—”

For some reason, Lu Man turned to look at the emcee with a threat hidden behind her smile.

“Ill return it to them tenfold.”

The emcee almost could not maintain the smile on her face anymore.

Did Lu Man know something

The emcee did not notice it, but Lu Man saw Han Zhuoli take his phone and leave his seat, going outside to make a phone call.


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