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Chapter 3432: I Will Pay For the VisitationTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I think Zhuofeng was just curious and looked at her while she was sleeping.”

“But if we consider how proactive he is, he has to have other intentions,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“I think thats good.

Jiling can exorcise, while Zhuofeng is scared of those things.

Look at how safe he feels when he is with Jiling,” Yan Zhiqing added.

Lu Man was speechless.

Shi Xiaoya didnt know what to say.


That made sense.

Yan Zhiqing quickly said, “When I was boarding the plane today, I told Jiling that we should sit together.

Do you know what Han Zhuofeng said even before Jiling could respond”

Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya were curious.

They immediately asked, “What did he say”

Yan Zhiqing said, “He said he has to sit next to Jiling, so he could use her aura to ward off evil and bad luck!”

Lu Man was dumbfounded.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


This little brother-in-law of theirs was quite capable!

In their opinion, Han Zhuofeng would soon be known by many as a coward.

“However, that still means he approves of Jiling, right” Lu Man said, “You know how stubborn that guy is.”

Lu Man knew too well about him.

Back then, before Han Zhuoling came back, Han Zhuoli had brought her to the Han family home once.

Back then, Han Zhuofeng was a typical overly self-conscious teenager.

He looked at her like she had stolen his brother.

He was such a delusional teen.

When Lu Man thought about it, she felt a little sad.

In the blink of an eye, so many years had already passed.

The middle schooler back then had grown up and matured.

He had even become a director.

Time went by so quickly.

“I think Han Zhuofengs reason is valid, but Im pretty sure thats not the only reason why he wants to stick to Jiling,” Yan Zhiqing said, “He probably just doesnt have it figured out right now.

After all, he has been single this whole time because of the things he has been doing.”

Yan Zhiqing had also experienced such a thing.

Back then, because of the things she had been doing, she deserved to be single.

Therefore, Yan Zhiqing used her past experience to analyze this situation, and she arrived at a reasonable conclusion.

In addition, there were pictures.

This was clear evidence!

Shi Xiaoya and Lu Family hurriedly sent the pictures to the Han Familys group chat.

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The men in the family were all busy working.

However, Old Mrs.

Han, Lin Liye, and Shen Nuo werent busy.

So, when the notification rang, the three immediately checked the group chat.

When they saw the pictures, they went crazy.

Old Mrs.

Han was so excited she detested how slow the handwriting keyboard was.

She immediately sent a voice message.

“What happened Is Zhuofeng in love”

Lin Liye felt overjoyed.

“Do you not have any pictures of her face What does the girl look like”

Lu Man explained with a voice message.

When the three heard that Han Zhuofeng wasnt in a relationship yet, they were very disappointed.

Shi Xiaoya said, “At least, Zhuofeng knows what to do now.

He might not be aware of it, but this is a good beginning since he is willing to be with Jiling.”


I have never seen him this close with anyone else,” Lu Man said.

Old Mrs.

Han also agreed after pondering.

They were all exhilarated.

“I didnt expect Zhuofeng to be this capable.

Hes still young.

He isnt an old single man yet,” Old Mrs.

Han said happily, “Hes not like his two older brothers.

He is better than them.”

Lu Man felt the corner of her mouth twitch.

She thought to herself,Old Mrs.

Han, do you really not know how capable Han Zhuofeng has been at remaining single

If you had seen it with your own eyes, you would not have such thoughts.

Shen Nuo focused on the details, and she asked, “You said that… this little girl… can exorcise”

“Yes.” Lu Man said, “You have to believe it.

Xie Jiling is from the Xie Family, and she lived in the Mount Lan Compound for a while.

The Mount Lan Compound can guarantee that she has the skills.”


You can ask Xiao Cai,” Shi Xiaoya said, “He definitely knows.”

“In addition, when Jiling was exorcising the fox spirit, Zhuoling and were present.

We saw it with our own eyes.”

However, Shi Xiaoya didnt tell them that Xie Jiling was very familiar with even the soul reapers of the underworld.

After all, Old Mrs.

Han was very old and would probably think of such conversations as taboo.

Even if Old Mrs.

Han didnt think that such conversations werent taboo, those topics could still bring bad luck.

Shi Xiaoya was worried that she might scare Old Mrs.


“Then, I must meet her!” Old Mrs.

Han immediately felt really curious.

Even Shi Xiaoya said that she had seen it with her own eyes.

And so, Old Mrs.

Han trusted Xie Jiling even more.

“What was the situation back then Tell us,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

Shi Xiaoya then told them everything that had happened.

She included even the details of Han Zhuofeng cowardly screaming for Han Zhuoling and running to get them.

Old Mrs.

Han felt the corner of her eyes twitch.

How did that dude become such a coward

Lin Liye felt helpless.

“Will girls even fall for him when he is such a coward If he encounters some monsters or spirits, the girl will have to protect him.”

That would be so embarrassing…

Lu Man didnt think much about it.

“Everyone has their own strengths.

Even if he werent a coward, he still wouldnt have any idea how to handle that ghost encounter.

As long as he doesnt show any fear when handling the matters of the living, then its fine.”


Man Man is right.” Shen Nuo nodded in agreement, “Even if he werent a coward, he still wouldnt have been able to deal with that situation.

Instead of making the situation worse, he might as well let Jiling handle it.

Zhuofeng had to have been aware of this.

He knew it was unwise to pretend that he was capable.”

“As for the matters of the living, no member of the Han Family has shown any fear toward that,” Shen Nuo said.

Old Mrs.

Han and Lin Liye both nodded.

This was reasonable.

Old Mrs.

Han then said, “When are they coming back When they come back, ask the little girl to visit our house.”

Old Mrs.

Han thought about it and said, “Just tell her that this house needs an exorcism!”

Lu Man froze.

What was going on

Exorcism work in the family house when there wasnt any ghost

Old Mrs.

Han said, “Just ask her to check the house! Its best if theres nothing.

If theres something, she can just take the opportunity and exorcise it.”

“If not, what other reasons can you come up with to get her to visit this house I think this reason is perfect,” Old Mrs.

Han said, “I will pay for the visitation.”

Lu Man thought to herself.


This is indeed the way Old Mrs.

Han does things.”

She was willing to pay just to get her future granddaughter-in-law to visit the house.


Han Zhuofeng had no idea that his two older sisters-in-law had already betrayed him.

Old Mrs.

Han was even thinking about using money to get Xie Jiling to visit the house.

Xie Jiling herself didnt expect something this good to happen—being paid for not doing work.

At this moment, the two remained clueless as they sat in front of Yan Zhiqing.

Xie Jiling had gotten some snacks from He Yuliang and the others.

She had brought some snacks with her as well and had shared some with He Yuliang and the others.

At this moment, she checked her bag.

Then, she took out a pack of pickled bean curd and another pack of spicy fishballs.

She then took out a packet of pork snacks, a packet of crispy shrimp, a packet of squid whiskers, and another packet of garlic-flavored boneless chicken feet.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


How many snacks did she have in her bag

In addition, the snacks had strong flavors.

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