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Chapter 3401: Not Particularly GoodTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

A few of the incense sticks placed by the other main cast members were extinguished as well.

Immediately, someone gasped.

“Erm… we must have provoked the boss in this area!” The second male lead of this movie was an experienced actor named Yu Xianrao.

He was somewhat famous with good acting skills.

However, his pay was low.

He was famous, but he wasnt that famous.

However, because he had been part of the entertainment industry for over twenty years, he had a lot of connections despite his popularity being average.

Many female celebrities who had just made their debut were willing to get some opportunities through him.

And he actually managed to contact the person.

Therefore, some people in the entertainment industry who werent famous were actually capable in their own ways.

This guy was able to have so many connections and such good friends because he was a very loyal person.

He had never hesitated to help anyone who asked him for help.

And that was how he built a solid social circle for himself.

He just didnt really have much self-control with girls.

The female celebrities who sought him out for help naturally needed to give him something.

However, both parties have consented to this, and no one could say anything about it.

Besides that, the most unique characteristic about Yu Xianrao was that he was rather superstitious.

Of course, many people in the entertainment industry were superstitious.

Asking a master to give them a celebrity name that would be good for their career as a celebrity was the basic thing to do.

Many people would go to countries in southeast asia to beg for a buddha amulet, and there were even more pious believers.

Yu Xianrao obviously wouldnt beg for a buddhist amulet in an southeast asia country, but he really liked studying it.

In his words, those southeast asian countries werent as peaceful as this country.

The ritual in those southeast asian countries required an offer in return for a wish.

If you made a wish, you would have to pay for it.

If you couldnt pay for it, you would have to deal with very serious repercussions.

This was what a buddhist amulet symbolized.

If you got something, you were bound to lose something precious to you.

That was why even though the religion in those countries was very powerful and very effective, Yu Xianrao had never dared to do anything related to that religion.

He preferred the peaceful and forgiving environment in his home country.

On top of that, he could just study some ancient books.

And so, Yu Xianrao was considered half a fortune-teller.

He had a lot of connections because he was somewhat knowledgeable in this field.

Of course, he couldnt compete with the professionals like exorcists.

However, he knew more than other people on average.

In addition, he knew some masters who were truly capable and had a good relationship with a famous head monk.

There were often people in the entertainment industry begging him to ask for items blessed by the monk.

They would also ask him to contact the master for a fortune-telling session.

And to ask the master about things to improve in their lives.

Currently, Yu Xianrao was wearing a very thick bracelet.

People who traveled often believed in this more.

The director and film crew and cast members filming a horror movie would have a diamond sutra with them at all times.

When Han Zhuofeng heard what Yu Xianrao said, he immediately smiled bitterly and said, “Teacher Yu, dont scare us.”

Han Zhuofeng had hired cast members with low salaries.

However, the staff members were all experienced people.

Their pay wasnt high, so their salaries didnt take up too much of the budget.

As such, Han Zhuofeng had decided that he might as well hire staff members with more experience since this would make things more convenient.

The staff members with experience cared more about these things.

When they saw that the first day of the filming was not going smoothly, they appeared depressed.

They prayed that nothing bad would happen during these next few months of filming.

“Teacher Yu, this… isnt good” The assistant director had helped with many movies and was very experienced.

Han Zhuofeng had thought long and hard about this.

He wanted someone with experience, but he didnt want someone with much experience that they would look down on him.

Since Han Zhuofeng was the third son of the Han Family, he was the director.

He was a young director without much experience.

So, he could easily get bullied.

If the assistant director thought of himself as superior and always wanted to push him down…

If the assistant director always opposed Han Zhuofengs ideas and criticized him from the side, thinking that Han Zhuofeng was not good enough, that wouldnt be good.

Therefore, Han Zhuofeng worked really hard to find a self-aware assistant director with just the right amount of experience.

Although the assistant director wasnt very famous, he helped with many movies and cared a lot about superstition.

Yu Xianrao stared at Han Zhuofeng and said with much difficulty, “Director Han, its not that I want to lower our morale.

This situation is not… really good.”

However, to Han Zhuofeng, Yu Xianrao was about the same as that fortune-teller.

Even if he wasnt a fortune-teller, he was pretty much one.

Han Zhuofeng didnt believe in these things.

And so, since Yu Xianrao said that, it was hard for Han Zhuofeng to argue.

He still had to show Yu Xianrao some respect.

“Then what should we do” Han Zhuofeng thought that they were just doing this as a mere formality.

Who would pay attention to how the incense sticks burn

They should just start filming after this was done.

Why would they bother with this

Even though those were Han Zhuofengs thoughts, he said, “Teacher Yu, you know well about these things.

What do you think we should do”

“Why dont we try again Lets be sincere this time and explain it nicely and promise not to disturb the spirits.

Our staff members will be careful not to destroy anything here,” Yu Xianrao said.

Han Zhuofeng said, “Actually… it should be fine, right Director Wu just built this studio for his film not long ago.

Director Wu had just finished filming and nothing happened to Director Wus film crew.”

“Prior to today, our crew has been preparing for a long time, and nothing happened.

There hasnt been anything out of the ordinary.” Han Zhuofeng said.

He didnt take this change seriously.

Maybe the wind blew the incense sticks out.

Or it could be that the incense wasnt burning properly.

It was already 2019! Why did they still believe in superstition!

“Stop talking!” Yu Xianrao was so worried that he quickly covered Han Zhuofengs mouth.

“If it hears you, you will suffer!”

Han Zhuofeng grunted innocently.

He blinked and quickly nodded.

He indicated that he wouldnt talk about this anymore.

Yu Xianrao then released his grip.

“Director Han, you cant do this.

You are the director.

You have to bow.

If you are insincere, you will implicate all of us!” Yu Xianrao said.

Han Zhuofeng thought about it and asked, “I have one question.”

“If a persons incense stick stops burning, does that mean they are insincere If everyones incense sticks were extinguished, does that mean everyone present is insincere If we burnt our incense sticks again and the incense sticks were still extinguished, does that mean something”

Han Zhuofeng didnt dare to say it.

He wasnt afraid.

He was just scared that Yu Xianrao might think he was insincere.

Yu Xianrao was speechless.

Didnt he say that he would only ask one question

Why did he ask so many questions

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