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Chapter 3360: Be This Little Girls HelperTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He Qingyang saw that Xie Jiling was very experienced.

This was obviously not her first rodeo.

What did that mean

It meant she was experienced!

She was young, but she had seen a lot.

As long as Xie Jiling had the experience!

He Qingyang took the contract and carefully read each page.

There was no issue with it.

The contract stated very fair terms.

It even stated that Xie Jiling wouldnt be accepting any payment if the ghost wasnt removed.

After the removal of the ghost, the payment had to be given within a day.

He Qingyang checked it and signed it after he thought it was fine.

Xie Jiling took the contract and signed her name.

She then took out a pen and did some drawings like the ones you would see on talisman papers.

He Qingyang and Yang Lin didnt understand it, but they thought that this drawing had a very deep meaning.

But then, when Xie Jiling was done drawing that talisman drawing, the red symbols disappeared from the contract.

Both He Qingyang and Yang Lin thought that their eyes had betrayed them.

Xie Jiling then put the contract away and said, “My talisman drawing is very useful.

Im not worried that youll go back on your word.

I dont even need to see a lawyer with this contract.

You will just be doomed.

Anything you do wont work out.”

“There will be trouble in your life, career, and family.

You lose a large amount of money.

Of course, all of these things will stop when you compensate me.

Therefore, you have to remember to pay me back within the time limit,” Xie Jiling said honestly.

He Qingyang was speechless.

Yang Lin didnt know what to say.

The things this little girl said were strange and unbelievable, but it made them feel scared.

However, it all depended on what she was capable of doing tonight.

If she were truly able to remove the ghost, they would definitely pay.

People in business care about these things.

“Dont worry.

If you are capable of removing it, we will not go back on our word,” He Qingyang immediately said.

Xie Jiling nodded and said, “Then wait here until it arrives at night.”

“Can you get rid of this rooms eerieness first” Yang Lin asked.

For some reason, Yang Lin felt much more relaxed after staying with Xie Jiling for quite a while now.

She no longer felt scared like earlier.

However, she had no idea whether it was truly because of Xie Jiling or not.

Xie Jiling then said, “I cant clear this eeriness yet.

The vengeful ghost is here every day.

The eeriness and vengeful aura bought by the ghost has already filled this house to the brim.

If I were to clear this aura now, your house will be clean.

But when it comes back, it will be aware that you have found someone to deal with it.

It will be prepared, or it might just run away.

It wouldnt be good if it snuck back into the house again later on.”

“You dont want to be in fear at all times, not knowing when it might appear again, right” Xie Jiling said.

He Qingyang and Yang Lin immediately stopped talking.

“Therefore, endure it,” Xie Jiling said, “When I banish the ghost, I will clean this house for you immediately.”

Xie Jiling then added, “Consider this my after-sale service.

I wont be charging you for this.”

He Qingyang didnt know what to say.

Yang Lin was speechless.

“But since you hired me, what are you going to do with this master” Xie Jiling pointed at the “master.”

He Qingyang was just about to answer when the “master” interrupted, “I have already collected the payment.

There are no refunds.

And I do not have any policy of providing refunds for no reason, especially if its within seven days of payment.”

Hearing this, He Qingyang and Yang Lin felt even more strongly that the “master” was unreliable.

Xie Jiling didnt even ask for payment.

She was collecting payment after she banished the ghost.

If it didnt succeed, she wouldnt collect the payment.

She seemed more like the real deal.

In their opinion, this “master” seemed more like a scammer.

Xie Jiling didnt react that much.

She simply allowed He Qingyang and Yang Lin to decide.

Yang Lin thought about it and said, “Since he is not taking any refunds and we have already spent six hundred thousand, we cant just let him leave.”

The “master” instantly had a change of expression.

“What do you mean Are you going to lock me up”


What we meant was that you have to help as well because got paid,” He Qingyang said.

“This little girl was paid more, so she naturally has to do more.

But you got paid as well, so even though you got paid less, you should not leave without doing anything.

Therefore, it should be okay for you to be her helper, right Since you got paid, we cant let you leave without doing anything,” He Qingyang said.

“If not, give us back the money.” Yang Lin said.

When the “master” heard this, he realized that he couldnt leave.

Immediately, he felt really hesitant.

He was deciding if he should leave or keep the six hundred thousand.

“Think carefully.

If you dont stay and left with the six hundred thousand, we will tell CEO Wang that you are a liar.

People who do business in this field usually believe in these things.

And people in your line of work are in demand,” He Qingyang said.

“If I tell my friend and my friend tells their friends and the word spreads, you will never earn money from people again,” He Qingyang said.

Earn ordinary peoples money

Those ordinary people might not even be able to take out a hundred thousand, not to mention a few million.

The “master” also realized that he would then have to price his service a few thousand or tens of thousands.

He couldnt do that!

The “master” thought to himself.

If he really gave the refund and left…

And He Qingyang told others that he was a liar who got scared when the situation became critical and fled after giving a refund.

He would then become known as someone unreliable in the social circle of this business.

The “master” was extremely loyal to money.

As such, the “master” decided to overcome his fear and responded, “Sure.

Then I will stay and help the little girl.”

Xie Jiling showed a faint smile at the “master.” No matter how the “master” stared at Xie Jiling, he still thought that Xie Jilings smile appeared very creepy.

“Then… are you going to set up anything” Yang Lin asked worriedly.

If Xie Jiling werent setting up anything, Yang Lin would just feel worried.

“Do you not eat at night” Xie Jiling asked.

“The sun is still up.

We are still going to wait for a while.

Its best to eat before the sky darkens.” Xie Jiling said.

“We dont have the appetite to eat.

I am really worried that I might start puking again if I see it.” Yang Lin said.

“Yes, we dont want to eat.

Just do the setup,” He Qingyang said.

“Sure.” Hearing this, Xie Jiling stopped insisting.

She first went into their bedroom.

Xie Jiling took out a notebook.

It was a notebook she had been using to take notes during class.

However, she didnt have any papers right now, so she couldnt bother to care so much about the details.

She tore two pages off the notebook.

She then drew on the paper.

In He Qingyangs opinion, what she drew looked like messy drawings.

And then, Xie Jiling carelessly scrunched both papers into balls.

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