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“After you mistakenly thought that I was gay, you were no longer wary of me,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself, so it was her fault

“It was unusual for you to be so friendly towards me.

Because of this misunderstanding, you became close to me.

That was why I didnt dare to explain things to you,” Wei Wucai said.

“It took so much effort for me to become closer to you.

If I explained clearly, you might have become wary of me again.

Because I saw that you were becoming closer to me and felt the difference, I became greedy and wanted our relationships to be even closer.

“I was going to explain it to you.

I really wanted to explain it to you, and I had no intention of hiding it from you forever.

I didnt want to cover up one lie with another lie.

I didnt want to lie to you.

“I just wanted to… explain it to you after our relationship has become better, but I was worried that you might distance yourself from me because we havent been friends for too long.”

Wei Wucai looked so pitiful as he stared deeply at Yan Zhiqing.

“Zhiqing, this is the first time Ive felt lost and indecisive,” Wei Wucai said.

“You know I am not an indecisive person.

I was just… worried that you might be mad and that you would not forgive me.

That was why I didnt want to tell you the truth.”

“If you had told me the truth from the beginning, there wouldnt be such struggles, right” Yan Zhiqing said with a numb expression.

“Youve explained so much to me.”

He then heard Yan Zhiqing say, “But how do I know if you told the truth this time”

He had lied to her before.

Who knew if he could be trusted this time

Maybe he was just saying something to make her feel better!

To make her feel better, he came up with these nice words.

Something about worrying that if he had explained clearly, she would ignore him.

This man was very good at acting pitiful.

“I didnt lie to you!” Wei Wucai almost swore to the heavens.

“I am telling the truth.

I had only… gone along with your misunderstanding and made up stories about my sexuality.

Yes, I admit it.

I did mislead you into thinking that and continued leading you down that path of misunderstanding.

But besides that, I have never lied to you.”

Yan Zhiqing took a glance at him and remained silent.

She didnt say if she believed him or not.

Wei Wucai was really worried as he waited.

But unexpectedly, Yan Zhiqing turned and left.

She was halfway down the hallway when she saw the people passing by looking at her.

She then realized in shock that she was not wearing her mask and hat.

Yan Zhiqing hastily put on her mask and hat and covered her face up before she continued walking.

Within two or three steps, Wei Wucai had caught up to her.

“Zhiqing—” Wei Wucai grabbed Yan Zhiqings arm, trying to make her slow down.

“Let me go!” Yan Zhiqing didnt stop at all.

However, her speed became slower because of Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing tried to shake his hand off.

During normal situations, if Wei Wucai didnt want to let her go, even if she used all her strength, there was no way she would have been able to free herself.

But now, Wei Wucai was feeling so guilty that he didnt dare to use any force.

And so, Wei Wucai didnt use much strength.

Yan Zhiqing jerked her arm away, shaking him off.

“I was wrong,” Wei Wucai continued nagging beside her.

“What can I do for you to forgive me”

Wei Wucai added pitifully at the side, “Are you really going to ignore me because of this”

He hurriedly went on, “This is the only thing I have lied to you about.

I didnt lie about anything else.

Every interaction between us has been genuine.

Our relationship is real.”

Yan Zhiqing subconsciously wanted to reply that there was no relationship between her and him.

But as the words reached her lips, she could not say them.

There were some words that must not be said.

Those words were not true.

If she said this, it would hurt both herself and him.

And so, even though she was really angry, she endured it and did not say any hurtful words out of anger.

As the words reached Yan Zhiqings lips, she closed her mouth.

She took a deep breath and said, “I am really angry.

I am so angry that I cant even think.

“Therefore, dont tell me these things.

Even if you said something, I wont answer you.” Yan Zhiqing took a glance at him.

“You said that you lied to me because you didnt want us to grow apart”

Yan Zhiqing looked up and scoffed as she stared at Wei Wucai.

“Listen to this sentence that you said.

Does it even make sense”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

It was true that what he said made no sense.

“Therefore, I cant answer you as of now.

I dont want to say anything to you.

The more I talk, the angrier I feel.

I dont want to say something hurtful in the end.” Yan Zhiqing took a deep breath.

“If I say something without thinking about it, I might hurt someone.

Its not what I want.”

Wei Wucai moved his mouth and finally asked, “How long do you plan to wait”

Yan Zhiqing suddenly recalled another thing that Wei Wucai had done.

She narrowed her eyes and said coldly, “This time, I want to calm down by myself.

It should not be like what happened today.

You asked me to calm down, but you still kept showing up in front of me, disrupting my thoughts, emotions, and ability to think.”

Yan Zhiqing called out, “Wei Wucai.”

She actually called Wei Wucai by his full name.

She must be really angry.

At this moment, Wei Wucai, a tall and big man, felt himself shrinking into the size of a quail.

“Tell me,” Wei Wucai said, feeling aggrieved.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

At this moment, he still didnt forget to look pitiful, attempting to soften her attitude.

Yan Zhiqing wanted to grind her teeth.

“I am seriously telling you that I want time by myself.

For the time being, dont show up in front of me.

Right now, the sight of you will just make me feel angrier, and I wont know when I will feel better,” Yan Zhiqing said coldly.

When Wei Wucai heard that it was to be temporary, he let out a sigh of relief.

If Yan Zhiqing said this, it meant that she still intended to forgive him.

She was just in a fit of anger.

However, it was unknown how long this “temporary” that Yan Zhiqing said would last.

“How long… do you plan to calm down” Wei Wucai asked.

Yan Zhiqing was already stunned speechless by Wei Wucais shamelessness.

“I dont know,” Yan Zhiqing said coldly.

She saw Wei Wucais pretty face becoming colorless.

For a moment, it felt as though the colors around him were fading away.

However,Yan Zhiqing felt unmoved by this.

“However, I am sure that if you continued showing up in front of me like how you did during the day, I would then be reminded of how you had lied to me whenever I see you.” Yan Zhiqing was so angry that her eyes reddened.

Whenever she thought about how stupid she had been in front of him, Yan Zhiqing felt horrible.

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