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Wei Wucai knitted his brows slightly and said, “Three minutes.

Ill be back after that.”

“Okay.” Yan Zhiqing had thought about it before agreeing.

After all, they wouldnt be able to do much in three minutes.

It wasnt as if they would be unable to wait for this short period of time and then make a decision hastily.

After hearing Yan Zhiqings response, Wei Wucai went out.

In the end, Wei Wucai was just being safe when he said three minutes.

He took at most only two minutes.

Yan Zhiqing felt like Wei Wucai had only just left and returned immediately after.

Upon his return, he was holding a thin laptop in his hand.

“You intend to…” Yan Zhiqing saw the laptop and recalled Wei Wucais ability.

“Of course, I intend to get your photos back,” Wei Wucai said.

His voice was nonchalant, yet it carried a sense of self-confidence.

Hearing him say this, Yan Zhiqing instantly became calm.

Her entire body relaxed even though the current situation had yet to be resolved.

Yan Zhiqing appeared as if the matter had already been settled.

She was not worried at all.

She even put on a smile and said to Fang Qiaohan in a totally relaxed state, “Relax.

Hou Wu wont be a problem anymore.”

Fang Qiaohan was filled with confusion.

It was possible if they were to have Yan Beicheng resolve it.

However, it would most likely be resolved with money.

After all, Hou Wu got rich by finding evidence to support the negative news articles about public figures.

It was impossible that Yan Beicheng would do something illegal to deal with Hou Wu because of this matter.

And Yan Beicheng was not in the entertainment industry, so he did not have much control over those in it.

Even the Han Corporation had no solution for dealing with these kinds of trashy news outlets.

After all, their methods were different.

These restrictions did not apply to the media.

Only money had power.

One million was nothing much to Yan Zhiqing.

Actually, the other party knew this piece of news could not fetch too high of a price, nor was it a particularly negative news item.

The man was unmarried, and so was the woman.

Moreover, both of them were single.

It was just that Yan Zhiqing was unwilling to let the news article get published.

She would need to give them money if she wanted to keep it unpublished.

This was all within the other partys calculations.

However, anyone would feel threatened and even disgusted even if they had the money.

This had nothing to do with whether they could afford to pay them or not.

Since they were being threatened, they would feel unwilling to give them even a dollar.

Yan Zhiqing did not seek out Yan Beicheng for help, yet she had gained confidence regarding the matter just because of a single line from Wei Wucai.

Fang Qiaohan did not quite understand.

Then she saw that Yan Zhiqing was already walking back to Wei Wucai.

She hesitated for a moment in front of him before ultimately sitting down beside him.

However, she still kept a bit of distance from him.

She was too shy to sit too close.

Fang Qiaohan followed her inside and sat opposite them.

Fang Qiaohan could not see what was on Wei Wucais laptop screen, but Yan Zhiqing could see all of it.

Of course, she couldnt understand it even though she could see it.

The stuff on the screen was very familiar to her; it was the same as what she saw last time.

On the screen were lines and lines of characters she did not understand.

She recognized every letter and every symbol.

However, when they were put together, they seemed like part of an alien language to Yan Zhiqing.

She did not recognize the words at all.

Before long, a computer desktop screen appeared on the laptop.

It was clearly different from Wei Wucais desktop screen that she had seen earlier.

“This is…” Yan Zhiqing had guessed it.

As expected, Wei Wucai said, “This is the desktop screen of Hou Wus computer.

I hacked into it.”

“What are you going to do if they see this” Yan Zhiqing asked worriedly.

“They cant see it.

Its just a black screen on their end,” Wei Wucai said.

Sure enough, currently, at Hou Wus office…

Just a minute ago, everyone had still been working.

The phones on their work desks had been ringing incessantly.

It was an especially bustling scene.

Hou Wu had just ordered a subordinate to handle Yan Zhiqings photographs and turn them into a GIF animation.

However, just after he said that, that colleagues computer suddenly went black.

“Whats going on” Hou Wu asked immediately.

“The powers out” someone asked.

On a second look, the computers of everyone in the office had black screens.

Moreover, they had gone black at the same time.

“The powers not out.

The lights in our office are still bright,” someone else replied.

There was another person who lowered their head and said, “The CPUs lights are still on as well.

And so is the indicator light for the monitor.”

It was clear that the black screens werent because of a power outage.

“Then whats going on” another person asked in astonishment.

For a while, no one even thought of the possibility that their computers got hacked.

Their computers stored many things due to their line of work, so they were naturally careful with them.

As such, their office had hired a specialist programmer to take on a permanent post, so they could be prepared for a possible period of want or need of a programmer.

Even if nothing happened, the programmer would set up defenses at regular intervals.

They even had the programmer write a cybersecurity software.

In any case, their office earned an extremely significant amount of revenue, so hiring an expert programmer was easy to do.

Furthermore, this programmer graduated from a famous school and had excellent qualifications.

He previously worked at a well-known science and technology company.

He had never had the desire to have a greatly successful career.

Since they offered to pay him a lot and it wasnt a very difficult job, he agreed to come over to this office.

With the software he made, he truly was just waiting idly for the moment when it would stop hackers from accessing the offices computers.

Hou Wu had even especially brought a rather capable hacker over to try attacking their computer network, but the hacker failed to get in.

So, they had a lot of faith in their offices cybersecurity system and momentarily did not even think of that possibility.

At this moment, a very quiet voice rang out, “Could it be… that we got hacked”

“It cant be,” someone else said.

“Our offices network is secure.

Its got one of the highest levels of security.”

It was extremely well known that their offices network had a high level of security.

After all, in this line of work, they still needed to ask for money from the studios of those celebrities.

If those celebrities werent willing to give them money, they were naturally unwilling to spend money to get their problem resolved.

It wasnt as if no one had tried getting a hacker to attack them.

However, no one had succeeded in hacking their network before.

This was why they had total faith in their offices cybersecurity system.

“Now, theres no other possibility aside from this.” Hou Wus expression sank.

Hou Wus mind ran a little faster.

He had only just gone and communicated with Yan Zhiqings agent for a while.

Then something happened to his offices computers all of a sudden.

There was even the very high possibility that they had been hacked.

This inevitably caused him to think it had something to do with Yan Zhiqing.

Of course, he had no evidence right now, so it wouldnt be good to speak so casually.

So he hurriedly called that programmer over to have a look.

While Hou Wu was talking, the programmer had already started checking the computers.

His senses were much sharper in this aspect.

Unexpectedly, everyone watched as his expression turned increasingly grave.

“What is it Is there trouble” Hou Wu asked upon seeing the programmers expression.

This programmer had already been in their company for a number of years.

During that time, they had been attacked by hackers before, but the programmer had always dealt with those incidents in a very relaxed state.

There had even been times when the programmer did not need to do anything at all as the hacker failed to break through the firewall.

Even at the start when Hou Wu hired a hacker to test their defenses…

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