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Yan Zhiqing was watching from the side and was a little jealous.

She thought she could live fine by herself.

Even though she was single, she was still doing excellent and lived well providing for herself.

In addition, she had a reliable brother named Yan Beicheng.

She never had to worry about being a victim of bullying.

She didnt need to adjust to anyone.

She was by herself.

There was never a daily quarrel that would enrage her.

Yan Zhiqing had always thought that this state of hers was good.

But she suddenly felt a little jealous as she watched Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuolings interaction.

It is extremely good to have someone protecting you and keeping you company.

To have someone who would worry about your health.

To have someone who would think ahead even before you said anything.

For example, Shi Xiaoya didnt tell Han Zhuoling anything.

She was even worried about Han Zhuolings lack of sleep.

But Han Zhuoling secretly went to buy medicine for her, searching from store to store.

Yan Zhiqing didnt care if her partner wasnt wealthy.

She herself was very wealthy.

She cared more about such tiny emotional moments.

When you were sad, there would be a person who was next to you, letting you know that you were not alone and that he would always keep you company.

Yan Zhiqing realized that even her elder brother could not play this role for her.

She couldnt always bother her brother for such small matters.

If it happened often, who wouldnt get annoyed

You really needed a person who would spend their entire life with you.

That person would keep you company when you are sad and would lend you a shoulder when you need it.

Yan Beicheng had his own family.

Hes not just her brother.

He was also someones husband and someones father.

She still needed that one person who belonged to her.

This had never occurred to her before.

At this moment, she felt like going into a relationship and spending the rest of her life with someone.

Yan Zhiqing felt a little sad as she thought about this.

She wondered if she would meet someone.

Wei Wucais face appeared in her mind when she had this idea.

Yan Zhiqing hurriedly shook her head back and forth.

Why would she think of him!

In the first place, he didnt like girls! Theres no use thinking about him!

So why would she think about him!

Yan Zhiqing forced herself to come back to her senses and stop thinking nonsense.

When she saw that Han Zhuoling was still worried, Yan Zhiqing prompted with a smile, “Why dont you use the headache relief strip now Your head is still hurting.”

As expected, Han Zhuoling was looking at Shi Xiaoya.

He obviously wanted to see Shi Xiaoya apply the headache relief strip before he leaves.

The headache relief strip that Han Zhuoling had bought had no negative impact on ones beauty.

It was just a small circular patch that was slightly bigger than a coin.

According to the instructions, this patch should be placed on an acupuncture point on the back of ones neck.

Therefore, even if she applied the strip, no one would know what she had stuck on her.

Upon seeing that Shi Xiaoya had applied the strip, Han Zhuoling felt at ease.

Shi Xiaoya touched the headache relief patch.

The cloth of the patch even had the smell of Chinese medicine.

Her skin had warmed up the patch.

Shi Xiaoya felt as though Han Zhuoling was still here.

The warmth of Han Zhuolings index finger still lingered on the patch.

Shi Xiaoya couldnt stop smiling.

Most importantly, her face brimmed with a contented smile that was as sweet as honey.

Yan Zhiqing could no longer look at Shi Xiaoya as she said, “Thats enough.

He already left.

No matter how sweet your smile is, he wont be able to see it.

Your smile will only irritate me.”

Shi Xiaoya came back to her senses.

She blinked twice.

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