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The group went into the room.

Yan Beicheng was the one buying the meal tonight.

Even after they had ordered the food, they still needed to wait a while for it to arrive.

Wei Wucai started calculating.

Considering the time spent taking pictures, Wei Zhiqian would probably arrive at the same time as the dinner was served.

Wei Wucai then said, “I invited my elder brother as well.”

“Your elder brother” Yan Beicheng pondered and asked, “Zhiqian”

“Yes.” Wei Wucai nodded and said, “He hasnt seen you all in a while, so hes coming to see everyone.”

“Tsk.” Yan Beicheng thought to himself, “Wei Wucai obviously called Wei Zhiqian over here for some support.”

After all, Wei Wucai, being by himself here, was very weak!

However, so what if Wei Zhiqian, an old bachelor, joined this dinner

Only the married individuals could be truly confident!

Wei Zhiqian and Wei Wucai did not know what Yan Beicheng was thinking.

Wei Zhiqian arrived even earlier than they had expected.

All the meals were served.

Yan Beicheng had just told everyone to wait for Wei Zhiqian.

A moment after that, they heard a knock.

Han Zhuofeng opened the door and saw Wei Zhiqian standing outside.

“Brother Zhiqian,” Han Zhuofeng called out.

Wei Zhiqian stepped into the private room.

When he saw that everyone had yet to start eating, he said, “Yo, is everyone waiting for me I am so sorry.”

“They just served the food.

We didnt expect you to arrive this quickly,” Yan Beicheng said with a smile.

“The drive here was smoother than expected.” Wei Zhiqian took the seat beside Wei Wucai.

That was the seat that Wei Wucai had saved for him.

“There was no traffic jam throughout the entire drive, which rarely happens.

In addition, the traffic lights were mostly green and there were very few red lights,” Wei Zhiqian explained with a smile.

The entire drive was so smooth that it was surprising.

“Why did you suddenly come over” Han Zhuoling asked.

Obviously, Wei Zhiqian wouldnt say that it was because he didnt dare to go home, and when Wei Wucai told him that support was needed, he came over right away.

This was all he said, “Xiao Cai told me that you are all here and he is the only one whose elder brother was absent.

He told me that he was a little lonely, so I came over to keep him company.”

Yan Beicheng smiled and said, “Are you staying here tonight”


By the way, are there available rooms at your hotel” Wei Zhiqian asked.


There arent many guests at the hotel today, so there are a lot of available rooms,” Wei Wucai said.


I will stay there today,” Wei Zhiqian said.

“I will go straight to the office next morning.

I am too tired to drive back tonight after dinner.”

Without showing any mercy, Yan Beicheng exposed him, “You dont dare to go home because you are scared that your grandmother might be looking for you.”

Wei Zhiqian sneered and responded, “Why would I be afraid”

With this, he even raised his brow at Yan Beicheng.

Would Yan Beicheng be daring enough to say that it was all because of Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing

He wouldnt dare to say so!

Yan Beicheng couldnt say anything.

He had made a stupid mistake.

Yan Beicheng completely forgot about this.

He didnt expect this to happen because of Wei Wucai.

As Yan Beicheng had something to protect, he became wary and couldnt act freely!

“Hehe.” Wei Zhiqian laughed a couple times.

He then looked at Wei Wucai with his brows arched and with a proud expression.

Wei Wucai gave Wei Zhiqian a thumbs up.

It did feel different to have an elder brother.

Wei Zhiqian was indeed reliable.

Since they all drove here, none of them had alcohol.

In addition, Yan Zhiqing and Shi Xiaoya still needed to wake up early tomorrow morning.

And so, all of them had juice.

Wei Zhiqian smiled as he said to Yan Zhiqing, “Zhiqing, if anyone on set tries to make things difficult for you, just ask Xiao Cai for help.

If hes there, no one can bully you.”

Hearing this, Yan Beicheng frowned.

Was Wei Zhiqian here to be a matchmaker

Wei Zhiqian was single and hadnt even figured out how to get a girlfriend.

And yet, he was still in the mood to be his brothers matchmaker.

If Wei Wucai managed to get into a relationship, Old Mrs.

Wei would probably beat Wei Zhiqian with a feather duster until the feather duster broke.

Wei Zhiqian would never stop crying!

Therefore, although Yan Beicheng had already accepted Wei Wucai to be Yan Zhiqings boyfriend…

As Yan Zhiqings elder brother, he just couldnt help it.

Out of instinct, he just wanted to make things more difficult for Wei Wucai.

Yan Beicheng didnt think of his actions as an obstruction.

Of course, Lin Chu didnt think this way either.

Before Yan Zhiqing answered, Yan Beicheng said, “Zhuofeng and Xiaoya are on the set as well.

They wouldnt just watch Zhiqing get bullied, would they”

Wei Zhiqian smiled and said, “An additional person guarantees extra safety.

After all, our Xiao Cai has real combat power.”

Shi Xiaoya watched the interaction between Yan Beicheng and Wei Zhiqian.

Seeing how they were behaving like the parents of the family, Shi Xiaoya wanted to laugh.

Wei Wucai did not have much chance to chat with Yan Zhiqing during dinner.

Thats because Yan Beicheng was in between them and watching Wei Wucai closely, refusing to give Wei Wucai any chance to interact with Yan Zhiqing.

In addition, he was sitting right across Yan Zhiqing.

He took the seat that was far away from her but not across from her.

Even if Wei Wucai wanted to talk to her, it was inconvenient.

It was even more inconvenient to take food for her and pick out the bones for her.

He had no chance to show good behavior.

Wei Wucai felt extremely frustrated.

Whenever he tried to talk to Yan Zhiqing, he would see Yan Beichengs face.

He even lost his appetite.

With a smile, Yan Zhiqing responded to what Wei Zhiqian said.

“Xiao Cai has indeed helped me a lot.

Because he was by my side, I was able to get out of every accident.”

An example would be when Luo Qingxian visited them.

Another example was the night she almost got sexually harrassed.

Because Wei Wucai was here, she was able to remain unharmed.

Wei Zhiqians eyes brightened as he said, “Yo, are you two this familiar with each other already You are even calling him Xiao Cai”

Yan Zhiqing didnt think much about it as she replied candidly, “Yes, we are good friends.

We dont have to act like strangers.”

Wei Zhiqian smiled and glanced over at Wei Wucai as he thought about how the guy had put on a pretense during the day.

Her response gave it all away.

“By the way, Xiao Cai doesnt have many friends,” Wei Zhiqian said.

“Its a surprise for you two to have such a fated relationship.”

To Yan Beicheng, this didnt sound right at all.

Why did Wei Zhiqian phrase their relationship in such an ambiguous manner

“Xiao Cai is not that cheerful.

Its hard for him to show his true self.

This is most likely due to him being at the Mount Lan Compound since he was young.

While his family members were not around him, he had to go through such harsh training.

No matter how much he suffered and no matter how much he missed his family, he could only take it all in.

After all, his family was not around.” Wei Zhiqian sighed, appearing to feel very sorry for Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing knew that it was tough staying at the Mount Lan Compound.

But the words that Wei Zhiqian uttered left a deeper impression in her heart.

She couldnt help but begin to imagine Wei Wucai as a little boy.

She knew that Wei Wucai was ranked highly at the Mount Lan Compound.

People like Wei Wucai had joined the Mount Lan Compound at the age of four or five.

They had lived there and received training there.

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