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That would prove Wei Wucais identity.

They could provide photo evidence.

Plus, they had tagged Wei Wucai just now.

However, if he could approach Wei Zhiqian, that would be even more convenient.

And so, the crowd didnt tell him about this.

After a while, Wei Zhiqian picked up the phone.

He was in a meeting and did not see the active engagements on Weibo.

Before the meeting had started, Wei Zhiqian had placed his phone on vibration mode.

And so, hed felt his phone vibrating in his pocket.

It was rubbing onto the cloth, making a buzzing sound.

Wei Zhiqian frowned.

He took out his phone to check the caller ID.

He was not planning to pick up the phone.

He just wanted to see who it was and call that person back later.

But if he didnt check now, he would be constantly curious.

Being someone with OCD, he had no choice.

When he took out his phone, he saw that it was a call from Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai rarely contacted him.

Especially not during work…

If it was someone else, Wei Zhiqian wouldnt have been so curious.

But because of this phone call from Wei Wucai at this time, Wei Zhiqians curiosity peaked as high as it could go.

All he could think about was that if he didnt find out why Wei Wucai was calling, he wouldnt be able to continue this meeting in peace.

If nothing had happened, Wei Wucai normally wouldnt call him.

“Lets pause for a moment,” Wei Zhiqian said.

“I need to pick up this phone call.”

Wei Wucai picked up the phone and went out of the room.

Leaving the people in the meeting room staring at each other.

Everyone was thinking—they had heard of Han Zhuoli and the others doing this.

This usually happened after theyd gotten a girlfriend.

Han Zhuoli would usually stop a meeting because of his then-girlfriend, and now wife.

This was their tradition.

Anyone who didnt do this became the weird one.

Wei Zhiqian had never stopped a meeting halfway before.

He was seen rushing outside with the phone in his hand.

Manager Lian Zhongxiang coughed.

He leaned towards Wei Zhiqians assistant, Mu Chengfeng, and lowered his voice as he asked, “Is our CEO in love”

Mu Chengfeng froze.

He blinked and said, “No.

I didnt hear about anything like that.”

There was no need for Wei Zhiqian to tell his assistant about whether or not he was dating since this was personal information.

But his schedule showed no signs of him dating.

He had never reserved a restaurant nor ordered any flowers or tickets.

Wei Zhiqian had never asked him to help with the things needed for a normal date.

Unless Wei Zhiqian was capable enough to settle these things by himself and had no need to trouble him, the competent assistant…

But based on Mu Chengfengs understanding of Wei Zhiqian, he judged that the man was not that capable.

In addition, he wasnt someone who could stay quiet if he was dating anyone.

The heavens knew that Wei Zhiqian had been suffering for many years.

He had personally watched his buddies get a girlfriend and build a family.

It happened one after the other.

It was almost as though they had taken a pledge together to take turns irritating him.

In addition, not only did Wei Zhiqian have to handle the unpleasantness caused by his friends, but he also had to deal with Old Mrs.

Weis pursuit.

And so, if Wei Zhiqian was really dating someone, would it be possible for him to stay quiet about this

He would take revenge on this world and talk about his girlfriend every day.

Even if he didnt need his capable assistant to order anything, Wei Zhiqian would announce to the entire company that he was in love.

And so, Mu Chengfeng was certain that Wei Zhiqian was not dating anyone.

When Lian Zhongxiang heard this, he found this to be very reasonable.

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