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Earlier, Yan Beicheng even felt that Wei Wucai had ulterior motives in coming here.

For example, wanting to voluntarily get recognized by the reporters.

However, upon seeing Wei Wucai head back so candidly, Yan Beicheng now had doubts about his suspicions.

Nevertheless, Yan Beicheng was still Yan Beicheng after all.

He took another look at Wei Wucais back and suddenly understood Wei Wucais intentions.

This guy wanted to f*cking let the reporters recognize him from the view of his back.

The corner of Yan Beichens eye twitched, and he hurriedly fell behind in pace by two steps.

Along with Lin Chu, Yan Beicheng stepped behind Wei Wucai, wanting to block off the view of his back.

Unfortunately, the eyesight of the reporters outside the gate was simply too good.

Yan Beicheng then heard someone say, “I say, why does the view of his back look so much like that of last nights male lead”

Fang Qiaohan was stunned.

Could it be that Wei Wucai followed her out because of this

Yan Beicheng got so angry that he let out a cold laugh.

What was that about Wei Wucai not trying to pursue Yan Zhiqing

Those words could deceive only Yan Zhiqing!

“Did anyone manage to get a photo when he just came out”


I didnt think it could be him, so I didnt take a photo.”

“The more I look at him, the more I think it looks like him.”

“Its him for sure.

My eyesight is very accurate! He has the same height and build.”

“Stop talking.

Hurry up and take photos.

We just need to return and compare the photos with last nights photos, then well know.”

“Whats the matter” Wei Wucai seemed as if he did not know the reason why the reporters behind them were so noisy.

Consequently, he turned around to look at the reporters with a face full of innocence and with nothing but pure intentions.

This guy was definitely doing it on purpose!

Such a treacherous man… How could Yan Zhiqing possibly be his match!

If Yan Beicheng had not come to see Yan Zhiqing today, he would not have discovered this.

Fortunately, he came after all!

However, Yan Beicheng was extremely worried.

Its impossible for him to come here and watch over her every day.

Following this, Yan Zhiqing would have to work with Wei Wucai for a very long period of time.

Yan Zhiqing definitely was not a match for Wei Wucai.

So how could Yan Beicheng feel at ease

He felt like he was placing his younger sister beside a wolf.

Those reporters pretty much seemed like they had gone crazy.

When they saw that Wei Wucai actually turned towards them, their cameras clicked away as they fiercely shot photographs of him.

They could not be bothered about anything else and just focused on taking photographs first.

Nevertheless, this person was truly really handsome!

“Excuse me.

If I may ask, what is your name”

“Youre with the cast and crew… Are you also an actor” another reporter asked.

After all, Wei Wucai was simply too handsome.

Considering the entertainment industry broadly, there truly was not anyone who was more attractive than him.

The reporters first impression of such a handsome face gave them the feeling that Wei Wucai could be an actor.

“No,” Wei Wucai said.

“Im in charge of other work, the details of which Im not at liberty to reveal.”

Everyone heard this.

Wei Wucai, with his extremely attractive appearance, was unexpectedly not an actor.

“Then can you reveal what your name is” another reporter asked.


I have to get back to work,” Wei Wucai replied.

“Hang on.

Please hang on a moment!” a reporter called out hastily.

“Whats your relationship with Yan Zhiqing”

Wei Wucai smiled and said, “Were friends.”

He spoke some more, but he did not dare to say more than that.

However, when the reporters heard this, they immediately picked up on the clues.

“Then does that mean you really are the person who was photographed picking up takeouts with Yan Zhiqing”

Wei Wucai shot everyone a meaningful gaze and said, “Well be leaving first.”

As before, he avoided answering this question.

Yet in the eyes of everyone present, this reaction was equal to a tacit agreement.

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