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Chapter 2835: Hes Already So Pitiful, How Could I Be So Terrible

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As he passed by the secretarial office, the secretaries came out.

After receiving Zheng Tianmings email in the morning, they still had not had the chance to congratulate Han Zhuoli.

‘They were going to welcome Han Zhuoli and congratulate him.

‘They had just opened their mouth and did not even have time to say the word when

Han Zhuoli said, “I have to hurry back to my office, Lu Man is waiting for me.

Shes pregnant, as you guys know.”

The secretaries were speechless.

Their words were stuck in their throats.

In the end, it was only the oldest secretary, Yang Fangtong, who could stand up to it and be more calm.

She said, “Yes.

Congratulations, CEO.”

The others also followed along.

“Congratulations, CEO.”

Han Zhuoli nodded.

“I will give you guys red eggs when the time comes.”

After saying that, Han Zhuoli entered his office.

‘When the secretaries went back, Zheng Xiaoying whispered, “Big Sister Yang, today, the CEO… talks about the pregnancy of Mrs.

CEO whenever he has the chance.”

Yang Fangtong gave her a pat on the shoulder.

“Its fine.

Its probably because he could not say anything before.

He finally has the chance to say something today and said a little too much.

It will probably be fine tomorrow.”

Zheng Xiaoying nodded.

Their congratulations were sincere.

But they could not bear to hear Han Zhuoli repeat it over and over again, right

Han Zhuoli returned to his office joyfully, feeling prouder today.

Lu Man kept staying in the bedroom.

She was afraid that after Han Zhuoli returned from his meeting, he would need to talk to someone alone about business, so there would be someone returning with Han Zhuoli.

It would not be convenient if she sat in the office outside.

When she saw that Han Zhuoli came back alone, she came out.

Han Zhuoli saw her and said joyfully, “Zheng Tianming said that hes single.”

Lu Man wondered why Han Zhuoli seemed a little happy about the fact that Zheng Tianming was single.

Satisfied, Han Zhuoli said, “I finally know how married people feel when they look at single people.

I feel superior.”

‘As someone who used to be single, he probably was like this in the eyes of Qi Chengzhi and the others.

But now, it was different.

He could look down on people.

It felt so good!

“_.” Lu Mans mouth twitched.

“You showed your happiness in front of Zheng Tianming”

“I didnt do that.” Han Zhuoli felt that he was still very kind.

“Hes already so pitiful, so how could I be so terrible”

Lu Man nodded, thinking that Zheng Tianming was not too pitiful.

Then, Han Zhuoli said, “When I asked him whether he has a girlfriend now and he said that hes single, he thought that I wanted to introduce someone to him.”

Lu Man was startled, and she thought that, obviously, he would say this after Han Zhuoli asked him that.

‘Why else would you ask him

Usually, it was because there was someone suitable around to be introduced.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoli said righteously, “I declined seriously.”

Lu Man was speechless.


Han Zhuoli said, “I said that other than you, I dont have eyes for other women.”

Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans hand and nodded vigorously.

“For real!”

Lu Man was speechless.

If Zheng Tianming was not Han Zhuolis assistant, he would definitely have hit Han Zhuoli.

Seeing Han Zhuoli looking like he was begging for compliments, Lu Man patted his hand, which was holding her hand.

“I know, youre right.

Other than me, you cant have eyes for other women.”

Han Zhuoli was overjoyed.

After receiving Lu Mans recognition and compliment, he felt that he had done a great job..

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