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Chapter 2811: How Should I Know

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His wife was already used to it.

As long as he did not let her know, she did not care.

So the director felt strange.

Who was this thing done for

Lu Qis face was pale.

“All the rooms in the hotel need room cards.

How did that person barge in”

“How should I know” The director was also furious.

If he had not messed around with Lu Qi tonight, he would not have experienced such an unlucky incident!

But Lu Qi still dared to yell at him!

However, Lu Qis question reminded him of something.

The director went to the front desk of the hotel to ask.

However, the hotel denied that they had given other people the room card.

This hotel was very ordinary.

Because it was a hotel near the film company where they were shooting, it was not very high-class.

The hotels near the film company were all pretty ordinary.

Even the hotels that claimed to be five-star were actually four-star and were not excellent.

It was fine to stay here during filming.

The hotel would not admit anything no matter what and the director could not hand the person who barged into their room over, so in the end, nothing was done.

The director could only suffer.

Lu Qi did not dare to come with the director to ask.

If she did that, everyone would know what she was doing with the director.

So she waited in the room.

When the director returned with a down-and-out expression, Lu Qi asked immediately, “So how did it go”

“The hotel doesnt want to admit anything, so what can we do They wont even let us see the surveillance footage,” said the director softly.

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Obviously, the hotel did not let them see it.

If they did that and a stranger really rushed into the room, the hotel had to take full responsibility.

So the hotel could only insist that they did not give anyone the room card.

They also predicted that the director would not want to make things complicated, or even call the police.

So the hotel insisted on not showing them the surveillance footage.

It was useless no matter how persistent the director was.

He did not have anything that could threaten the hotel or make them afraid.

So it ended in a stalemate.

The director came back in low spirits.

“Since he took pictures of us, he will definitely contact us,” said the director.

“Even if its the paparazzi, they will not post the pictures immediately.

They will definitely come and discuss with us first.

If we can pay, then they will return the photos to us.

“Now we can only wait and see who plotted against us.

The fact that they took those pictures suddenly means that they already know about our relationship and have been planning it for a long time.

Or else, why would the timing be so perfect He got the room card beforehand and took so many pictures while were doing it.

“He has planned it so much, so he must have an intention,” said the director softly.

“Since he has an intention, he will definitely come and find us.”

Lu Qi did not feel relieved at all because of the directors words.

However, she could not continue staying with the director after what happened.

She could only walk back to her room, depressed.

She could think of nothing at all and her mind was a mess.

She wanted to know who was plotting against then and who was it that they were plotting against.

Was it her or was she just dragged in

But Lu Qi pondered and thought that with her position now and the unpopular directors position, nobody would plot against them like this.

Because she could not even think of a suspect, Lu Qi did not even know which direction she should be investigating towards.

Just as she was thinking, her doorbell rang continuously.

Lu Qi frowned.

Was it the director

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