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Chapter 2665: Are You Protecting Me

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“Even if the Han Corporation isnt short of partnerships, with me around, you can save a lot of trouble.

And when it comes to our work partnerships, I can let you be in complete control and power.

No matter what you say, I will do it.

I will agree to all the requests that you make.

“Even if you asked me to transfer our interests to you, I could do that too.

And Men Xue is also one of the top companies in Hollywood.

With my help, the Han Corporations development in Hollywood would also be much smoother.

With me helping you all, whats not to love

“Even if the Han Corporation doesnt lack partnerships in the country, what about in Hollywood You all still have very big room to develop and advance.

I can totally help you with that.

I can definitely make sure that the Han Corporation receives the topmost priority for investments in Hollywood.

All these things, will any other company be able to do it

“Even if those companies plead with you to work with them, can they be like me, letting you set all the terms and conditions and making sure that you will profit even if its at my companys expense When they plead to work with you, they would also have to consider their own interests.

I am the only one who would not calculate the gains or losses and forever prioritize your needs.

You can do whatever you like!”

In this whole room, Lu Zeqing was probably the happiest one out of all of them.

Oh my goodness.

Lian Qingyin, please, say more things.

If you say even more, you dont even need to go back to the US anymore.

At first, when he heard the first two lines of what Lian Qingyin had said, he had already quickly started a voice recording on his phone.

He was thinking that he might be able to record something.

But at that time, Lu Zeqing did not have much hope.

He just thought that Lian Qingyin probably would not be that stupid to keep saying things that people could use against her.

When she subconsciously said those two lines, it might have been a slip of her tongue.

She might have accidentally revealed her true thoguhts, so Lu Zeqing really did not hope that Lian Qingyin would continue saying more like an idiot.

Who knew, Lian Qingyin was really such an idiot.

She actually only cared about “confessing” her true feelings to Han Zhuoling and forgot that there were other people there.

To be able to record these words was really an unexpected surprise for Lu Zeqing.

With these words, Lian Qingyin could forget about staying on in Men Xue.

Han Zhuoling scoffed and stopped talking to Lian Qingyin.

What else was there to say to her

Saying even one word more would be a waste of time.

Han Zhuoling just let Wu Mosens assistant call the security officers.

Since Lian Qingyin refused to leave, let the security officers take her away.

“Talk to me!” Lian Qingyin actually got anxious when she did not get a reply from Han Zhuoling.

“Zhuoling, why wont you talk to me!”

Shi Xiaoya frowned.

Lian Qingyins condition was really alarming.

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She stood in front of Han Zhuoling and shielded him behind her.

Alas, Han Zhuoling was too tall, so Shi Xiaoya could not cover him at all.

That good-looking face of his was still completely exposed.

Han Zhuoling reached out and placed a hand on Shi Xiaoyas shoulder, then pulled her into his embrace.

He treated Lian Qingyin as if she did not exist and lowered his head, leaning close to the side of Shi Xiaoyas face.

He watched as Shi Xiaoya blushed when he leaned in closer and closer.

His breaths landed on her face softly.

When he leaned in close, he could even see the fine hairs on her face.

“Are you protecting me” Han Zhuoling asked with a hint of delight in his low voice.

His voice was way too soothing to the ears.

His low voice was both moist and slightly hoarse.

His low, hushed voice could only be heard by the two of them.

When Han Zhuoling was speaking, his lips almost brushed against Shi Xiaoyas ear.

Shi Xiaoyas ears reddened, and she trembled a few times involuntarily..

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