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“Theres no need, theres no need,” Xia Qingwei was too embarrassed to trouble Mo Jingcheng, “How can I trouble you, you are so busy, I can just come home myself.”

“Mom, hes my good friend, theres no need to be too polite with him,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Right,” Mo Jingcheng smiled and said, “Whenever both Lu Man and Zhuoli are not here if you ever have anything you can just find me.”

“Ah, alright, thank you.”

“Lets go first,” Han Zhuoli grabbed Lu Mans hand.

Xia Qingwei hurried, “Right, both of you should leave quickly, dont delay anymore.”

“Alright, then Mom, Ill give you a call when I reach.”

Lu Man followed Han Zhuoli and Mo Jingcheng then brought Xia Qingwei to the police station to record her statement.”

“Are we going to the airport now” Lu Man asked.


“But I checked just now, the next earliest flight today is 2pm today.” Lu Man had just checked on her cell phone.

“We are taking a private plane,” Han Zhuoli said, “I promise that you can make it on time.”

Lu Man had a scare, just for her to join the crew to film a show, they needed to do so much.

However, since it was her boyfriend who was willing to dote on her so much, she… she was also felt at ease.

Taking a look at Xiao Chen who was driving a car, Lu Man saw that he was very focused.

Thus, Lu Man quickly kissed Han Zhuolis cheeks and spoke coyly, “Big Brother Han, you are really good.

Thus Ill accept it with ease!”

It just happened that Xiao Chen was happened to glance at the rearview mirror and saw that scene.

Xiao Chens heart felt bitter, he was being forced to watch a public display of affection.

Who asked you to no dare to roll up the partition!

Xiao Chen quietly raised up the partition, reminding himself that from now on, he had to learn from this lesson, as long as Lu Man was in the car, he must raise the partition.

You should care for the single dogs and not flaunt your love in public!

Lu Man: “…”

He had seen it.

She moved backwards in embarrassment, but was suddenly caught by Han Zhuoli, “The partition is already raised up, why are you hiding”

“Im embarrassed…” Just after Lu Man finished saying that, she was pulled into Han Zhuolis embrace.

“Anyway, he already saw it, even if you are embarrassed now, he wont know, hell still think that we are displaying our affection.” Han Zhuoli looked at her, finding it funny.

This girl, when she was being brave, she was really a seductive vixen.

Yet she still had this kind of moments where she was embarrassed.

This kind of constantly changing person, it so happened that Han Zhuoli loved her to death.

“Wait, let me call someone,” Lu Man pushed him away, not letting him do heat things up.

“At this time, who are you calling” Han Zhuoli was displeased.

“Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang have been brought to the police station, how could I just let them go like that No matter what, I need to make Lu Qis already bad reputation worse right” Lu Man smiled evilly, taking out her phone.

“Whatever you want to do, you can just tell me,” Han Zhuoli smiled indulgently.

“No, my friend is a paparazzo, if theres any news, I always think about him first.

Its hard for him to work in this business, he has to run everywhere no matter the weather, and sometimes, he would be very tired after following someone for a very long time, but in the end, he would get tricked by that person, not getting any news at all.

So if theres any news readily available, Ill always tell him.”

“Is it that Tang Zi”

Lu Man did not think he would still remember and nodded her head.

“Its him, before meeting you, he was my only friend.

I was ordered around all the time by Lu Qi, running around everywhere for her, not even having the time to take care of my mom.

It was Tang Zi, who no matter how busy or how tired he was, remembered to go and check up on my mom, making sure that shes alright.”

Especially in her past life, she would never forget his help.

If it were not for Tang Zi, Xia Qingwei might not have even lasted through the last eight years.


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