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Chapter 2649: It Was All an Accident

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Wu Mosen was shocked after seeing such results.

Lian Qingyin kept saying that the others were diligent because they arrived an hour earlier.

But the effort of the others seemed so insignificant compared to Shi Xiaoyas.

Perhaps they also had sleepless nights preparing.

But Wo Mosen could not imagine what kind of preparation would beat Shi Xiaoyas.

The screenwriter whispered to Wu Mosen, “Director Wu, I think this, this, and this…”

The screenwriter secretly picked a few.

“They really fit my imagination.”

Wu Mosen nodded.

He also thought that they were pretty good.

During the previous interviews, there were some things that he had disagreed with with the screenwriter.

Of course, he had different opinions from the screenwriter regarding Shi Xiaoyas design.

But there were also a lot of things on which they agreed with each other.

Then, they heard Shi Xiaoya say, “For this interview, I have prepared for so long and have not allowed Zhuoling to intervene.

I even left two hours earlier for this interview.

I really want to rely on my own skills to get this job.

I have prepared so much, but I didnt expect…

“I didnt expect that, coincidentally, I would be assaulted on the way here.

I go out for work every day but had never been assaulted.

The assault just had to happen today.” Shi Xiaoya turned around and looked at Lian Qingyin.

“I am guessing that perhaps there is someone who did not want me to attend this interview.”

Wu Mosen noticed Shi Xiaoyas glance.

Those who thrived in this line of business not only had skills but were also very clever.

But those who were just a little dumber would not even reach this position.

When Lian Qingyin kept trying to stop Shi Xiaoya just now, Wu Mosen already had a few guesses in his heart.

But Wu Mosen did not express his thoughts.

He told Shi Xiaoya, “Come and talk to us slowly.

Well provide you with another chance to be interviewed.”

Lian Qingyins expression changed.

Knowing that Wu Mosen had made a promise, Shi Xiaoyas chance of winning would be greater.

But Lian Qingyin was not willing to give up; she still wanted to try one last time.

“Director Wu, this is so unfair to the other makeup artists who have been interviewed! She had an accident while she was on the way; its true that she couldnt do anything about that.

However, it doesnt change the fact that shes late.

If she had left earlier, she wouldnt have been late.

“Even if she didnt get into an accident, she could have been in a traffic jam.

If she arrived late due to a traffic jam, would you give her another interview The other people were also concerned about accidents, so thats why they had arrived early.

So does that mean nothing happened to those who arrived early while they were on the way here”

Guo Yujie said angrily, “How can you compare a traffic jam to an accident”

“They are both accidents, the size is just different.

Why cant I compare them” Lian Qingyin sneered coldly.

“Besides, since Shi Xiaoya can stand here alive and well, without any injuries, this means that the car accident wasnt severe and it was just a little scratch.”

Lian Qingyin sneered.

“I just remembered.

Just now, she exaggerated the accident, saying she had escaped death.

Looks like shes just saying it.

Even though the police had filed a case, they have to deal with it even if its a normal accident.

This cant say anything about the size of her car accident.”

“Its possible that your car scratched another car while youre on the way here.

Maybe it happened while changing lanes as you were not driving carefully, so you wasted some time..

Then you came here and exaggerated about what had happened.” Lian Qingyin turned her head and said to Wu Mosen, “Director Wu, you cant just simply believe these words!”


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