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Chapter 2605: Delusional

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Now, even Manager Zheng thought that she was mentally ill.

“Since when did I have any relationship with you” said Han Zhuoling coldly.

“Are you delusional”

The hurt look on Lian Qingyins face grossed Han Zhuoling out.

He said to Manager Zheng, “Send her out.

Dont let her come again; as long as its her, do not give welcome.”

“Yes,” said Manager Zheng.

“I didnt know she was lying to me before.”

Han Zhuoling said in a deep voice, “Ill allow it only this once.”

“Yes!” Manager Zheng was finally relieved.

The fact that Han Zhuoling said this meant that he would not look further into this matter.

“CEO Lian, please,” said Manager Zheng to Lian Qingyin.

“Im not going.

I want to be together with you,” said Lian Qingyin to Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuolings face turned so dark that it was terrifying.

He had never seen someone so shameless.

“If you dont leave, I will ask security to throw you out,” said Han Zhuoling.

Since he had already decided that he would not partner up with Men Xue as long as Lian Qingyin was here, obviously, he would not be polite with Lian Qingyin either.

Obviously, Lian Qingyin did not want to be so humiliated as to be thrown out by security.

Han Zhuoling then pulled Shi Xiaoya to another elevator.

After the doors of the elevator had closed and the elevator had descended…

Manager Zheng said to Lian Qingyin, “CEO Lian, you too…”

Han Zhuoling had left, so there was no point for her to stay.

With a moody expression, she entered the elevator.

Until the elevator had reached the first floor, Lian Qingyin did not speak another word to Manager Zheng.

Clearly, she thought that Manager Zheng was of no use to her so she did not want to say anything to him.

Manager Zheng also did not want to say anything to her.

Since Han Zhuoling had expressed his hatred towards Lian Qingyin clearly, Manager Zheng also did not need to be polite with Lian Qingyin.

There was no chance for the two to be partners.

Even if they did collaborate, the representative that Men Xue sent would not be her.

Then, they reached the first floor.

Lian Qingyin would not leave just before, but now, she could not even wait for the doors of the elevator to open fully.

It had only opened a little and she had already turned sideways to squeeze out.

Manager Zheng felt weird and was worried that Lian Qingyin still had tricks up her sleeve.

Then, as he followed her out of the elevator, he saw that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had already reached the entrance in front.

Lian Qingyin chased after them, trotting in her high heels.

Manager Zheng thought that something bad would happen, so he followed her to stop her in case she tried to do anything.

But Lian Qingyin was left behind the whole time and did not do anything else.

Manager Zheng had no reason to stop her.

After Lian Qingyin had left the company, there was no reason to stop her at all.

The order that Han Zhuoling gave him was to send Lian Qingyin out.

Now that Lian Qingyin had left, Manager Zheng did not have anything else to do.

But little did he know, after Lian Qingyin had left and gotten into the car, she followed after Han Zhuolings car.

She followed Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya to a barbeque restaurant nearby.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were unaware that Lian Qingyin was tailing them carefully.

The barbeque restaurant did not have any private rooms; they only had rows and rows of tables.

The chairs were very tall and the tables were also a lot shorter than tables in normal restaurants.

The barbeque grill was positioned lower in the middle of the table while a smoke ventilator hung on top of the grill.

Shi Xiaoya thought, maybe its because the grill was positioned lower than grills in other restaurants.

Before the smoke came all the way up, it was already sucked out, so they would not be stained with any smell.

Unexpectedly, after they had been seated for a while, they saw Lian Qingyin sit at the table next to theirs..

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