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Chapter 2551: The Start

Mou Danqiong smiled and said, “So Zhiqing asked me to open the door.

One reason was to let others outside hear the commotion so that CEO Luo wouldnt do anything worse and, when needed, to go and fetch help.

Another reason was to record it down without their noticing.”

Seeing how well they worked together, it seemed this wasnt the first time such a thing had happened, or both of them wouldnt be working like a well-oiled machine.

“Whats wrong with this entertainment industry!” Yan Beicheng was mad.

If not for Yan Zhiqings love for acting, he wouldnt have allowed her to get involved in this messy situation.

“Im okay.

CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang were drunk today, and thats why they went overboard.

They dont dare be like this when theyre sober.

And foolish people like them are the minority; others know I have the Yan Family behind me,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Since Yan Zhiqing had the evidence, Yan Beicheng wasted no time.

They had to strike first and move fast.

He called Lu Man.

Coincidentally, she was having her afternoon break.

“Did I interrupt your rehearsal” Yan Beicheng asked.

“Oh, no, were having a break now.

Rehearsal starts at 2 PM.”

The days were getting hotter, and even with air-conditioning indoors, people would get lethargic, so the breaks got extended.

“Why” Lu Man probed.

Yan Beicheng wouldnt call her out of the blue for nothing.

Yan Beicheng explained the situation.

“Ive got a few pictures of a scene.

Can you see how to best make use of it”

“Alright,” Lu Man agreed readily.

“Send me the pictures.

Also, get Zhiqing to send the details of what happened.

Have her write down all she can recall of what was spoken, word for word if possible.

If not, just indicate roughly what was said.”

“Alright.” Yan Beicheng hung up and relayed the message to Yan Zhiqing.

By chance, she had Lu Mans WeChat.

She typed down in her phones Notes app and discussed with Mou Danqiong for those details she couldnt remember.

Mou Danqiong helped with those she remembered, though some parts were hazy for both.

Lu Man then sent Yan Beicheng a WeChat message: “Ill tell you immediately after Ive had someone expose the pictures and the incident online.

At that time, youll issue a notice in Sheng Yues official capacity to prove that its real, along with some of your decisions.

You can think about the actual wording yourselves.”

Sheng Yues only a hotel under Yan Hui Company.

And Yan Hui Company had their own public relations department.

They knew how to word the announcement to achieve the best possible effect, so Lu Man didnt say more.

“Okay.” Yan Beicheng instantly ordered the notice to be drawn up so that they could release it as soon as Lu Man notified them.

Lu Man knew such issues were a matter of speed—the quicker the better—so she didnt hesitate.

After she received the photos and looked through them, she contacted Eight Skin Entertainment.

Let Eight Skin Entertainment expose the situation as if a bystander had submitted the evidence.

Eight Skin Entertainment had learned this skill from Lu Man a long time ago.

Lu Man neednt say much, and soon after, Eight Skin Entertainment told Lu Man hed already posted the news.

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