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Chapter 2523: Why Is She Everywhere

The brand spokesperson would need to be able to successfully promote the brand and do so without compromising the brands image of grandeur and luxurious elegance.

This was a little difficult.

Once a person became grand and luxurious, it was very difficult for the person to be down-to-earth.

But Yan Zhiqing could do it.

International fame, she had it.

Domestic fame, all the more she had that.

And she did not just have a lot of fans, she surprisingly had great popular appeal.

This was also related to her loud and easygoing personality.

Often, when she was being interviewed, the things she said were really funny, so it made people like her.

And because she came from the Yan Family, she also had the kind of family background that fit the brands requirements very well.

So today, the CEO of this brand had personally brought his staff over from overseas.

The companys country branch CEO and Deputy CEO also came along.

After all, their Big Boss had arrived.

Yan Zhiqings manager also followed Yan Zhiqing.

On the way there, her manager, Mou Danqiong, said, “This time, you must definitely work hard to win this brand endorsement.

The other partys CEO, Edwood, even came personally with so many high-level employees accompanying him.

This shows how highly they think of you, so I think your chances are a little greater.”

Yan Zhiqing was not so optimistic herself.

“They are probably in contact with many celebrities since they came this time.

They cant possibly just come over because of me.

Aside from me, they will also meet quite a few others.”

Mou Danqiong said, “Indeed, I received a few names of the other celebrities they have contacted.

This is such a big brand endorsement deal, so many people would surely want to snag this enticing deal.

“This is not just about the remuneration.

Winning a brand endorsement like this would be a great help to boosting a celebritys international fame.

And once the brand endorsement deal is bagged, this would be a solid testament to ones celebrity status level.

Such a brand under ones belt would be beneficial for taking on other brand endorsements and various kinds of resources in the world of fashion.

But at the heart of it, this is simply proof of ones capabilities.”

If your capability was not good, the brands company would not choose you at all.

Did Yan Zhiqing lack money

No, acting was just her interest.

Even if she did not act and did not do anything, she still would not lack these things.

But since she chose this profession, she still had to fight for the things she needed to fight for.

She did not want to carry the title of the Yan family name but not produce any results at all and become the butt of jokes to other people.

Yan Zhiqing nodded.

“I know, I also want to fight to win this brand endorsement.”

“Oh, right, Lu Xiuse is also on the candidate list for the brands spokesperson.

She is really eyeing this endorsement hard,” Mou Danqiong warned her.

At the mention of Lu Xiuse, Yan Zhiqing pursed her lips.

“Why is she everywhere”

Yan Zhiqing was the first female celebrity of her generation to attain international fame.

Lu Xiuse followed closely behind her.

Yan Zhiqing did not treat Lu Xiuse seriously at all, but Lu Xiuse kept treating Yan Zhiqing like her imaginary enemy.

She wanted to compete with Yan Zhiqing no matter what she did.

Yan Zhiqing had the Yan Family backing her up.

Lu Xiuse did not have such a solid background like Yan Zhiqing, but she also went all out and managed to find a gold sponsor daddy on her own.

Whichever brand Yan Zhiqing endorsed, Lu Xiuse would go and find that brands direct rival to endorse.

If Yan Zhiqing was discussing with a certain brand the possibility of an endorsement deal or collaboration, Lu Xiuse definitely had to interfere and try to compete to snatch away the deal or collaboration from the same brand.

Actually, even though Yan Zhiqing had the Yan Family backing her up, she really rarely used the Yan Familys capabilities to help her compete to get something.

It was only when she first stepped into the industry that shed relied on the connections of the Yan and Han Families for help.

The Han Corporation had given Yan Zhiqing many films and dramas to shoot to help Yan Zhiqing solidify her standing in the industry.

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