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Chapter 2480: Selectively Gullible

“If outsiders hear that she didnt even invite you to her wedding, you will become a laughingstock in everyones eyes,” Lu Qi said.

Indeed, Lu Qiyuan was really extremely angry.

When Jiang Yujie saw that, she ran through her thoughts twice quickly and said before Lu Qiyuan could speak, “Then what do you want You want your dad to go settle scores with Lu Man To go and ask for an invitation directly

“Lu Man didnt give you an invitation either, right Im guessing that with your thick skin, you definitely went to ask for one before this.

Did Lu Man give it to you But judging from your reaction, Lu Man didnt.

So, you came to look for Qiyuan.

Since Lu Man didnt give you an invitation, you wont let Lu Man off, but you shouldnt have come to make use of your father!

“All along, did you not make use of him many times When did it ever end well The moment you run into something and want to achieve your own ends, you would make him come out and do it for you.

In the end, when things go south, hed still be the one paying the price for it.

And you Nothing ever happened to you.

“Even today, its still the same.

You didnt manage to get an invitation from Lu Man, so you came to make use of your father.

When you receive benefits, you never think of him.

The moment you run into a problem, then you think of him.”

Jiang Yujie hugged Lu Qiyuans elbow and said, “As an outsider, Ill just be frank.

No matter what Lu Man did, she didnt scheme to get Qiyuans assets and didnt use him to achieve her own ends.

You keep saying that your and Qiyuans father-daughter relationship runs so deep, but up until now, aside from making Qiyuan lose his assets and embarrassing him in front of the public, what else have you given him What, aside from losses, did he ever get from you

“Because of you, the management company he had set up for you closed down.

That was for you to have films to act in, but the money he had invested in you all went down the drain.

When he was ill and hospitalized, your husband used that period of time to try and cheat him of his money.

Now, after the company has suffered so many blows and hasnt yet recovered fully, what did you even help him with

“Speaking of that, Miss Lu, you always tell Qiyuan to go and get benefits from Lu Man, but actually, youre not that worse off either.

You are married to He Zhengbai now.

You are the He familys daughter-in-law.

Lu Man and Qiyuans relationship isnt good, so theres no point pinning hopes on her.

But you and Qiyuans relationship is so strong.

When you came here today, isnt it because you want to patch up with Qiyuan

“Then help our company.

The He family had swindled away quite a lot of money from the company.

This time around, treat it as you returning it to us.

Theres no loss in that.

Since you want to help your father so much and say youre innocent, since you say that Xia Qingyang was the one who did all of that and it has nothing to do with you…” Jiang Yujie pretended to think for a moment before continuing, “Then prove it.

“Its very difficult for Qiyuan to ask for money from Lu Man, or else he would not have remained unsuccessful after so many years.

But it shouldnt be too hard if he asks you right After all—” Jiang Yujie even said with a hint of mockery, “youre so filial.

No matter what you did, its all for Qiyuans good.

Now, shouldnt it be time for you to show it”

Jiang Yujie looked up at Lu Qiyuan and asked, “Qiyuan, do you think what I said is right”

Lu Qiyuan was a person who was selectively gullible.

Whoever he thought was trustworthy, he would just believe that person naively.

Just like how he had believed everything that Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi said back then.

This time, he did not trust Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi and felt that Jiang Yujie was good, so he believed Jiang Yujies words even more.

And Jiang Yujies words made sense too.

He thought that they made sense.

He had tried to go over to Lu Mans side before.

It was no use.

And with that Han Zhuoli around, he probably would not dare to provoke them.

If he provoked them, besides Lu Man not helping him, his company might just go bust.

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