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Chapter 2448: Uncle

He even wanted to ask, since Lu Man had already been sent to his side for him to know her, fall in love with her, and get together with her…

For him to have such a wonderful lady…

Why did they want to take her away now

Aside from Lu Man, he did not want anyone else!


That night, Han Zhuoli persuaded Xia Qingwei to leave, along with everyone from the Han Family.

At midnight, the person that Wen Ren had mentioned would arrive.

Thus, he could not let the others be present.

If they saw it, there might be people whod think he had gone crazy.

That he was at his wits end and had been forced into a corner in desperation, such that he actually believed in such supernatural things.

But they would not know that he really believed in it.

After all, there was even such a thing as revival, so there was really nothing he could not believe.

When everyone had left, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were the only ones left in the hospital ward once more.

Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans hand and said, “After 12 midnight, Man Man, you will have been in a coma for nine days.

You still dont want to come back You cant not know how miserable I feel when youre not around.

So, quickly, come back.”

He waited quietly.

The closer it was to 12 midnight, the more nervous he felt.

Because they had already agreed.

The person that Wen Ren spoke about would arrive past 12 midnight.

Han Zhuoli watched the time on his phone closely.

Finally, when his phone turned to 00:00, the door to the ward was knocked on at the same time.

The timing was so coincidental, so coincidental that it gave one goosebumps.

Han Zhuoli stood up to get the door.

At the door stood a man and a woman.

He knew the man.

It was Wei Wucai.

But the woman was very much a stranger to him.

She had a small build, probably slightly taller than 1.6 meters.

She was only so tall at most, but it could not be more than that.

She had a ponytail and wore a plaid shirt.

The shirt was unbuttoned, and she wore a plain white short-sleeved T-shirt underneath, paired with a pair of jeans that had been washed until it was turning white.

Aside from the two of them, there was no one else.

Han Zhuolis puzzled look fell on the young lady.

This person did not even look like she was an adult.

“Young Master Han,” Wei Wucai said.

“This is the person that Young Master had mentioned.

I sent her over.”

“Please come in.” Han Zhuoli stepped aside to let them in, and then closed the door.

He had doubts in his heart.

Could such a young lady actually be a fake medium

It was not that he was stereotyping the person.

He would accept it even if the person was young.

Anyway, this kind of supernatural divine ability could not be judged based on age.

But this young lady was really a little too young.

She did not look like an expert no matter what.

But Han Zhuoli did not say that.

After all, he was not familiar with this field.

There would always be people better than you and mountains that are higher elsewhere.

To have the achievements he had today, he naturally knew not to casually surmise a persons abilities just based on the persons appearance and age.

Who knew if the little lady could see through Han Zhuolis momentary doubt about her, but after she came in, she did not put her attention on Han Zhuoli either.

When she saw Lu Man, who was lying on the hospital bed, she instantly ran over to the bedside.

When Han Zhuoli saw that, he did not have the heart to voice the doubts he had in his heart and quickly hurried over.

He was worried that this little girl would act rashly and hurt Lu Man.

“How is she Can you tell whats wrong” Han Zhuoli quickly asked.

The little lady did not reply to him.

Who knew if she had heard Han Zhuoli speak or not.

She just kept staring at Lu Man.

After staring for quite some time, she then said, “Humans have three immortal souls and seven mortal spirits[1], but this older sisters one soul and one spirit are not here.”

The young lady looked up and said, “Uncle, how many days has she been in a coma”

When he heard the other party call him “Uncle,” Han Zhuolis face twitched once.

[1] Taoist belief

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