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Chapter 2344: Weakened

“Coincidentally, before I set off, the four principals had asked me to look at the situation here and tell them about it so that they would be aware,” Lu Man said.

“This is so they could avoid being clueless of whats happening as they are in the country and they could not be of any help if something really happened.”

Wu Zilin was completely weakened.

He could not help himself from thinking about how the matter got to this point.

Hed originally acted out of good intentions, but Guo Hai kept stopping him in every possible way, which made him think that these people were really crazy.

They actually did not care about anything and only wanted to vent their resentment.

In the end, he had a face-off with Lu Man and gradually lost control.

Wu Zilin became sober.

He still felt that he wasnt at fault.

And he was very unhappy with Lu Man.

Lu Man was too arrogant.

Wasnt she relying on someone for support

In the past, shed relied on Han Zhuolis support and acted like a tyrant in the entertainment industry.

Although they did not publicly declare their relationship, she was already with Han Zhuoli at that time.

Hence, shed already had Han Zhuolis support at that time.

No matter what she did, she wasnt afraid of offending people as she had Han Zhuoli helping her.

Hence, Wu Zilin thought that Lu Mans real abilities werent at play.

She was only relying on Han Zhuoli.

As she had not yet publicly declared her relationship with Han Zhuoli, everyone did not know about them and assumed that she was capable.

But if he really thought about it, she had no capabilities.

Even now, it was also because of her relationship with Han Zhuoli that the school leaders treated her so politely.

This allowed her to rely on the power of the school leaders.

If she did not have all these, what did she amount to!

She actually wanted to kick him out of the team.

Wu Zilin would absolutely not leave.

He would not leave no matter what they said.

As the situation was fixed now, Wu Zilin was unable to do anything alone and could only show his weakness.

“My thinking was too extreme today.

Im sorry.

I didnt consider it carefully when I hastily apologized to Howard.”

The corners of Wu Zilins mouth twisted as he became tensed up.

After all, these words were not from the bottom of his heart.

It was completely for the sake of staying on that he “made accommodations for the overall interests.”

Hence, hed said it with much difficulty.

Wu Zilin felt that he was only temporarily bowing to the evil forces.

He endured it in silence in order to protect his own position.

But how could Lu Man not tell what he was thinking

Compared to the people Lu Man had dealt with along the way, Wu Zilin was really too delicate.

It was simply too easy to see through him.

“Lets rest for today.

Well officially start rehearsing the show for the competition tomorrow.

How about it” Lu Man asked.

“Lets, lets,” Han Leilei said.

“Wed been waiting for you to come so that we can rehearse.”

Tan Mingxiao rubbed his hands and said, “I also cant wait.

I wish so much that we can start rehearsing now.”

“Im afraid that we are not in a good state to rehearse now,” Lu Man said.

Everyone immediately understood.

There was unhappiness between Wu Zilin and everyone just now.

Even if their state of mind was not affected, Wu Zilins was definitely affected.

One could tell by looking at Wu Zilins face right now.

He definitely would not be able to start to act with them right away without feeling any grievances at all.

Everyone knew it and muttered in their hearts as they left.

It was all Wu Zilins fault.

If not for him, they could have started rehearsing today and do so for a while longer.

Before they all came here, their professional teachers from the four schools had already discussed matters during a meeting.

They had chosen an excerpt from a show and allocated the students roles.

Hence, the problem of discussing which show to perform and how to allocate the roles did not exist.

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