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Chapter 2339: Why Do You Have to Think of Me as Being So Utilitarian

“Even Professor Howell did not care.

So why do you care about other peoples matters” Han Leilei did not mention that Wu Zilin was only looking for trouble and that he was being a busybody.

“When you apologized to Howard on mybehalf just now…” With a voice that was filled with sarcasm, Lu Man emphasized the word “behalf.” “Howard obviously did not appreciate it.”

Although they could not hear what Howard had said, they also knew from his expression that it was not anything good.

That was not the look of someone being appreciative.

Wu Zilin said, “Wasnt it because you had offended him too much!”

“I offended him.

Does it concern you Does it have a connection to your personal gains Why are you so unwilling to let him feel embarrassed” Lu Man asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Ive already said—”

“I know what youve already said.

Its to maintain good relations between both parties,” Lu Man said.

“But you have also heard what everyone said just now.

Even if Id shown magnanimity, Howard would not have appreciated it, and the school would not have cared.

In the end, that kind of magnanimity would have been useless.

It would even have made others think that it was such a joke.

“Howards classmates did not plead for him, so why are you worried Why dont you think about the reason behind his classmates not pleading for him Could it be that they didnt think that Howard had embarrassed the school” Lu Man asked.

“Thats because they saw it as a personal issue between me and Howard.

It would be a foolish action to raise it to the school.

“As long as you look at it as a personal issue, it will not involve the school.

And those so-called worries will not exist,” Lu Man said.

“Besides, its also because they knew that once someone spoke, they would be the ones feeling ashamed.

It was similar to why Guo Hai stopped you from talking.

But it looks like you still dont understand.

Guo Hai had spoken to you, everyone had also spoken to you just now.

Ive repeated myself to you again.

Perhaps you really dont understand, or youre just unwilling to understand.

“And your behavior would eventually result in us being mocked.

Is this what you want” Lu Man counter-asked.

“Firstly, youre not qualified to do anything on my behalf and criticize the things that I do.

I have won against Howard using my own abilities and not with anyones help.

It is my right to do whatever I want.

You didnt win the competition.

Hence, youre not qualified to say anything.” Lu Man sneered without any restraint.

“Dont pretend to be terrific in front of me.

If youre really capable, talk using your own capabilities.

“Secondly, if you want to make use of this opportunity to pave the road for your own development, let me tell you, Howard isnt a good choice.

Not to mention how he looks down on you and simply wouldnt help you, even he himself has to go around to find shows to act in now.

Can he help you If youre counting on the others from this school to notice you, it cant be done by dragging us down.

It still boils down to those words.

Firstly, you have to be capable.”

Wu Zilin said, “Lu Man, why do you have to think of me as being so mercenary Even if you have encountered many matters like that, not everyone you meet is that way.”

Lu Man did not care about what he had said at all and treated it as though she did not hear him.

She continued to say, “The gap between our capabilities and those of the opposite party is already very big.

The most important thing is to be united and be cooperative with one another.

In this way, we can have some hope of winning.

“In contrast, if someone is disloyal, has an active mind with his own thoughts, and fails to cooperate on the whole, well have no hope of winning at all.”

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