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Chapter 2338: Only I Have Become a Bad Person

Wu Zilin said, “Unexpectedly, Guo Hai kept stopping me and wouldnt allow me to talk.

Otherwise, I would have definitely spoken up and stopped you.

“This was originally a good opportunity for both parties to patch up.” Wu Zilin felt that what he said was very reasonable.

“But Guo Hai repeatedly stopped me, and in the end, Howard was forced by you to slap himself twice.”

Lu Man also did not comment on his thoughts.

Instead, she pursed her lips in ridicule.

“And Did you go and apologize to Howard just now”

Wu Zilins expression looked somewhat unnatural, and he said, “There has to be a sensible person among us.

Hence, I apologized to him on your behalf.”

Lu Man finally chuckled.

“Who do you think you are You actually think that youre qualified to apologize on my behalf”

“There has to be someone sensible here! In the whole team, although they did not dare to comment about you, it did not mean that they agreed with your way of doing things.

We are here to learn, not worsen the relationship between both parties!”

Tan Mingxiao raised his hand and said, “Please dont say this.

I totally agree with what Lu Man had done.

What you said about not agreeing but not daring to speak up, that doesnt apply to me.”

Guo Hai also said, “Me neither.

No need to misrepresent me.”

Sun Hezhou said, “I think that theres nothing wrong with what Lu Man had done.

If we were really to be afraid of the slightest thing such that wed pretend to be magnanimous despite winning, everyone might not appreciate it.”

Xu Chuansheng nodded.


By the looks of it, even if we were so kind-hearted as to let Howard off, he also might not have appreciated it.

If we want to reconcile, well also have to see whether the opposite party is appreciative.

If the opposite party is not appreciative and we let him off on our side, he may feel that we are weak instead, that we dare not do anything to him.

Hence, Lu Man did not do anything wrong.

I support her.”

“Howard is that kind of person,” Zhou Li also said.

“Believe it or not, even if Lu Man had let him off today, he would still have felt that she had humiliated him and that she did not dare to provoke him because she was afraid of him.

He wouldnt think that Lu Man was being magnanimous.

Instead, hed think it was because she wanted to please him that she did not let him fulfill the bet.”

“If that had happened, Lu Man and our whole team would have become a joke,” Sun Mengying said.

“You think that youd be showing magnanimity You wont.

Youd actually be pleasing the other party.

But the more youre like this, the more the opposite party will look down on you.”

Wu Zilins face turned pale.

It might have been because Sun Mengying was right about what was in his mind.

He was speechless for a moment.

“Hence, all of us agree with what Lu Man had done except you.

Theres no such thing as us not daring to speak up,” Zhang Xiaoying coldly said.

“So to say, in the end, only I have become the bad person.” Wu Zilin was so furious that he laughed.

Feeling tensed up, Han Leilei took a deep breath.

“Wu Zilin, have you forgotten about how we were being scorned and looked down on by others before Lu Man came At that time, all of us, including you, did not have the ability to shut those people up.

“You said that you wanted to consider the friendship between both parties.

Well then, before Lu Man came, wasnt the school aware of the attitudes that those students had towards us But they did not care.

Why would they care about us, or even our school” Han Leilei said.

“However, we didnt have the capabilities.

Hence, we did not get the respect that we deserved,” Han Leilei said.

“Lu Man just arrived today, but in one lesson, shed used her capability to earn respect and recognition from the professor and from the other students.

Besides Howard, the others were very polite to Lu Man.

Also, no one felt that Lu Man had done anything wrong by letting Howard fulfill his bet.”

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