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Chapter 2327: Just Headstrong

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Everyone was here, so how could Howell not have heard the words that Lu Man and Howard had said.

“Professor Howell!” When Shana saw him, she immediately called to him.

“Professor, shouldnt you stop them”

“As long as its not a bet that goes too far between students, I dont need to stop them,” Howell said.

He looked at Lu Man again.

He did not expect that as soon as Lu Man came, shed already cause such a scene.

But it was indeed Howard who had provoked her first.

Even if he did not have a very good impression of Lu Man, Howell would not put the blame on Lu Man for this matter.

They were two separate issues.

“I wont stop you both on this,” Howell said to Howard and Lu Man.

He then asked Lu Man, “Do you need me to go and find two more teachers to come over and be judges Dont worry, the people I find will definitely judge fairly.”

This was their school, after all, so Howell felt that Lu Man and the others might not be assured about the fairness of the judgment.

He even planned to push back this class or to specially apply for a separate timing to let Lu Man and Howard compete.

And then head out of the school to find a few old friends of his.

His old friends were also actors within the industry.

There were stage actors among them, as well as film and drama series actors.

Perhaps they might not be as well known, but they still had their reputations in the industry.

Lu Man smiled and shook her head as she said, “You can be our judge, I trust your judgment.”

Lu Mans words, even to Howell, sounded good.

His impression of Lu Man was not very good at first.

But when he saw that Lu Man did not back down and really planned to perform with the other students in class, looking very confident, he then knew that Lu Man indeed was prepared.

Howell then thought that he had to put aside his prejudiced views towards Lu Man first, then see how shed behave from today onwards.

Yet he then saw right after that how, when faced with Howards provocation, Lu Man did not back down at all.

She actually confronted Howard to his face and was not scared at all.

This kind of personality was the kind that Howell really liked!

She was just headstrong, just charging forward, and completely did not know what retreating was!

You want to slap my face


At this moment, Howell actually liked Lu Man a little.

This little lady, at least temperament-wise, really hit it off with his own personality.

He would have to see if she had the capability to match that personality of hers.

Or else, if she was like Howard, who only had a temper but did not have an actual right to be arrogant, she would only end up embarrassing herself.

Out of his admiration for Lu Mans temper, Howell was willing to help Lu Man within the boundaries of what he could do.

Yet he did not expect that Lu Man would simply ask him to be the judge, which saved them a lot of trouble.

Lu Man agreed so readily and was even more decisive than most men.

Howells mood also got better as he said, “Okay, you can trust me.

Rest assured, I will definitely give a fair judgment.”

After Howell said that, he clapped his hands and reminded everyone, “Alright, if everyone is prepared, we will start now!”

They had not rehearsed before and completely had to rely on their understanding of their roles.

Thus, the performance was naturally not so harmonious, and there were some awkward parts here and there.

After it ended, Howell started giving his feedback.

“Although this isnt an official performance and just practice in class, you all have to perform with the mentality youd have when presenting a perfect piece, not merely fighting your own battle just so that you can make yourself stand out even more.

“You have to spare a thought for your opponents more and think of how to act out your roles well together..

What you all need is chemistry,” Howell said.

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