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Chapter 2242: Not Allowed to Bully Her

This episode would emphasize the lifestyle aspect more, not the competition.

The staff in charge of the hotel arrangements looked for Chi Xingrui and said, “Assistant Director Chi, you told us to book hotel rooms for the celebrities.

But for Young Master Ling and Xiaoya, do we arrange for them to be together, or do we split them up”

The production team booked double rooms for each pair of celebrities.

The hotel was a guesthouse-style lodging.

It could allow for the celebrities to all gather together and display their interactions.

Even at night, when everyone went back to their own rooms to rest, they could see the interactions between the celebrities using the video cameras in the rooms.

“I think, if we arrange for Xiaoya and Young Master Ling to be in the same room, they will definitely become a highlight of the show.

Although they are not husband and wife, the private interactions of a couple will also be quite interesting content and will attract many viewers.

I just dont know if Young Master Ling and Xiaoya will be willing or not,” the staff said.

“The two of them should be cohabiting now, right” the staff asked.

The staff thought that Han Zhuoling was already so old.

If he had a young girlfriend who was exquisitely pretty by his side, could he bear for them to not stay together

“How would I know Not like I can ask Young Master Ling,” Chi Xingrui said as he scratched his head.

“Forget it, find Director Lu and discuss this with him.”

Hence, Chi Xingrui followed this staff member to go and find Lu Dongliu.

In the end, Lu Dongliu also scratched his head.

Why were there so many problems on Han Zhuolings side!

“Why dont… we ask Young Master Ling for his opinion” Chi Xingrui asked.

“I am leaning more towards arranging for them to be in the same room,” Lu Dongliu said.

“But the problem now is, if we dont tell them beforehand, the variety effect for the show will turn out even better.

Especially because Shi Xiaoya will definitely be surprised.”

That little girls emotions were very easy to guess sometimes.

Without asking now, Lu Dongliu could already imagine Shi Xiaoyas surprised look.

“If we discussed this with them beforehand, the effect would definitely not be as good then,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Then what should we do”

Chi Xingrui and Lu Dongliu were both at a loss.

Lu Dongliu thought for a good while before he clapped and said, “Ill go ask Young Master Ling again.

If he agrees, Ill tell him not to tell Shi Xiaoya.

We should at least keep one real reaction.”


Anyway, no matter whether Young Master Ling knows beforehand or not, we will have the same reaction,” Chi Xingrui said.

When Lu Dongliu and that staff member heard that, they thought so too.

Hence, Lu Dongliu called Han Zhuoling again.

Of course, Han Zhuoling did not want to sleep in separate rooms with Shi Xiaoya.

Even with the camera around and he could not do anything at all, he did not want to be apart from her.

So he agreed, and he okayed Lu Donglius request not to tell Shi Xiaoya beforehand about it.

However, Han Zhuoling also reminded him, “You can see her true reaction.”

Anyway, he quite wanted to see it too.

“But youre not allowed to bully her,” Han Zhuoling said.

Lu Dongliu wiped a bout of sweat and said, “How can I!”

Anyway, how would they dare to!

So, this matter was settled just like that.

Time went back to the day before the filming for the show.

This time, the production team chose an island where the scenery and the weather were both very good.

Before the filming, the guests stayed in a normal hotel provided by the production team.

They would only move into the villa after the filming officially started.

Before the filming officially started, there would naturally not be any cameras following them.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were naturally assigned to the same room.

Shi Xiaoya did not ask how they will be assigned when the official filming started, because she did not know about the whole process at all.

She still thought that it would be how it was like usually, where the filming took place in the day and they would go back to rest on their own at night.

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