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Chapter 2227: Theres Nothing I Cant Accept

“I only hate that I wasnt by your side in your previous life and allowed you to get bullied like that!” Han Zhuoli scoffed.

“Those people who bullied you before, none of them can think of getting away.”

“Actually, I already took my revenge in my past life.

At least Id dragged He Zhengbai and Lu Qi to die with me,” Lu Man said.

So, she treated it as if she started anew in this lifetime.

She did not deliberately go and find trouble with the two of them.

Her revenge, she had already taken it back then.

In this lifetime, if the two of them wanted to find trouble with her, she would just not let them off easily.

“How are they worthy of dying together with you” At the thought of Lu Man being burned by fire before, Han Zhuoli felt his heart ache badly, and an uncontrollable anger boiled within.

“You took revenge, thats your issue.

I havent taken my revenge,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.

“If I dont vent my anger, I will feel suffocated as well.”

Just wait, he would sharpen his blunt knife on them!

Lu Man hugged him and said, “I didnt say this before now because I felt that Id already got a new lease of life.

I have started anew in this lifetime, so Ill just treat it as if what happened in the past was in the past, it doesnt exist anymore.

I started anew, so I will just forget about it.

At the same time, Im also afraid that you wont believe me, that youd think that this matter was just a fantasy.

Even if you believed it, you would look at me differently.

So I didnt dare to talk about it all along.”

Han Zhuoli slapped Lu Mans butt hard, which even made her feel a little hurt.

She then heard Han Zhuoli say, “You didnt believe in me!”

“Im sorry.” Lu Man capitulated obediently.

“I just thought that whoever hears this, theyd think its really quite ridiculous.

If they heard it, they would feel scared and get goosebumps all over.”

Lu Man mumbled, “I also didnt think that your tolerance level would be so high.”

Han Zhuoli scoffed and said, “Its not that I have a high tolerance, its because this happened to you.

No matter how mystical a situation, if it happened to you, I will be able to accept it.

My stance is very simple—that no matter what happens, as long as you are fine, as long as you are by my side, theres nothing I cant accept.”

“Thank you,” Lu Man said in a small voice and hugged him tightly.

She knew all along that this man was exceptionally good.

But now, she felt that this man was ridiculously good!

He could even accept such a thing and not think there was anything bad about it, and he did not shun her either.

It made her previous concerns and struggles look so silly.

“So, no matter what happens next time, you have to tell me.

Dont be afraid.

As long as you can accept it, I can accept it too,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Okay.” Lu Man nodded somberly.

She then heard Han Zhuoli sigh by her ear and say, “I really hope that the me in my past life could dream of what happened to me in this life.

Then he would know that I have a wife called Lu Man, and hed know that you had been bullied so tragically during his lifetime.

That way, he can quickly go and find you.”

“If you already had a girlfriend in your past life, how can you come and find me” Lu Man said, casually making up a scenario.

But Han Zhuoli was stunned.

“Why I had a girlfriend in my past life Or did I get married”

Even if it was something that happened without his knowledge, Han Zhuoli still felt as if hed committed adultery and betrayed Lu Man.

Seeing how nervous he looked, Lu Man could not help but laugh.


At least, up until my death, I didnt see that you had a girlfriend, much less got married.

As to what happened afterward, I dont know about that.”

At least when she was alive, she did not see it, so she did not feel so suffocated.

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