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Chapter 2218: Deceive

So what if he married Lu Qi

Lu Qi would not be able to control him at all.

Lu Qi did not have anything now and would have to rely on him for everything.

Could she control him

Without anyone backing her up, he did not have any concerns anymore.

When he found an opportunity in the future, he could also divorce Lu Qi under the stipulation that none of his assets would be split with her.

After thinking clearly about this point, He Zhengbai agreed.

Everything stemmed from Lu Qis weakness.

Hence, He Zhengbai also did not delay any further and immediately set off with Lu Qi to register their marriage.

But the moment the two of them sat in the car, Lu Qis face turned cold as she questioned him, “He Zhengbai, did you not intend to marry me right from the start”

He Zhengbai was preparing to start the car.

When he heard Lu Qis words, he then turned to look at her.

“You told me that as long as I coaxed my mom to shoulder the blame, you will marry me,” Lu Qi said.

“You were lying to me, right”

He Zhengbai felt that Lu Qi was really becoming more and more like Xia Qingyang.

He did not want to become the next Lu Qiyuan.

This time, after collecting their marriage certificates, the moment Xia Qingyang went in, he would immediately think of a way to divorce Lu Qi!

Lu Qi first betrayed her dad, and now, for her own selfish interests, she could even lie to make her mom take the rap for her.

In the future, what else could she not do

Who would dare to marry such a woman

For her own selfish interest, she even dared to set up her own father and mother.

Who else would she not dare to set up

He Zhengbai feared that if Lu Qi ran into some trouble in the future, she might even set him up.

This was definitely something Lu Qi could do.

With a woman who could harm you at any time while sleeping beside you, one would even find it hard to close his eyes and sleep at night.

One would even be scared awake from his dreams.

Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang, these two peoples scheming genes were really strongly merged and passed on to Lu Qi.

So Lu Qi became even better at being “worse” than them at scheming.

He Zhengbai stopped what he was doing and said to Lu Qi, “Why would you think so”

“What do you expect me to think” Lu Qi said angrily.

“When my mom said she would only go and take the rap if you marry me, your expression was really so shocked just now! And you actually hesitated and thought about it for so long before you agreed.

“What do you have to hesitate about We already agreed on this previously.

You were the one who brought it up and said that as long as she agreed, you will marry me,” Lu Qi said.

“If not because of this, I wont have gone and lied to my mom! I wouldnt have asked her to sacrifice herself for us!

“Thats six years! Shes already so old!” Lu Qi said angrily.

“Shed have to tolerate the suffering in there for six years! I would rather the three of us go to jail together and no one can think about getting away from this!”

He Zhengbai appeared expressionless, but he was scoffing wildly in his heart.

Lu Qi also knew that Xia Qingyang was old and, if she went to jail, she would probably become half dead.

She could still set Xia Qingyang up without batting an eye.

A biological daughter like her could do that, yet she actually expected him to have pity

On the surface, He Zhengbai sighed in resignation and patiently explained, “I know, we already discussed this previously.

Could I lie to you Its precisely because I want to marry you that I dont want to see you go to jail!

“If Mother-in-law goes in, our family will also arrange things for her and not let her suffer in there.

Lawyer Huang said it already—as long as she performs well, she can even get her sentence reduced.

We wont really let her stay in there for six full years.

“But did you notice that today, Mother-in-law was very rational and thinking very clearly Her reaction was also very swift.” To put it plainly, she became smart and was no longer easy to fool.

“I was afraid that if I immediately agreed without hesitation, she would feel that there was some scheme in this,” He Zhengbai explained.

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