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Chapter 2093: Confess

Han Zhuoling: “…”

This little girl, her temper was getting more and more out of hand.

But he liked this kind of temper!

Han Zhuoling hugged her tightly at once and captured her lips that initiated the kiss, not giving her a chance to shy away.

Han Zhuoling flipped over and pressed her in his arms.

He felt so lucky that she was really too dense when it came to love, or else, she would have been kidnapped by someone else long ago.

How would she have run into his embrace

Han Zhuoling could not help but think of how, because of his good feelings towards her, hed kept paying special attention to her.

His actions were so obvious.

Everyone else could tell.

Only Shi Xiaoya, the person involved, did not feel that he liked her.

It was evident how dense she was when it came to this aspect.

At first, Han Zhuoling still did not think too much of it.

Then he heard Du Yiqin mention that Shi Xiaoya had had no lack of admirers from childhood until adulthood.

Han Zhuoling had felt a very acute sense of danger.

And he felt really lucky.

If hed missed one step, he would have missed out on this young lady.

Thinking about it like this, he could not help but feel how precious and important she was to him.

As he kissed her lips, eyes, and cheeks, even Shi Xiaoya could sense how much he cherished her.

Shi Xiaoya trembled as she circled her arms around his neck and pressed herself tightly into his chest.

She could clearly feel his quick and strong heartbeat.

As if they had telepathy, she could also guess what he was thinking.

After he just kissed her cheeks, Shi Xiaoya suddenly avoided it.

Han Zhuoling was stunned.

He did not expect that it was because Shi Xiaoya actually did not like how she was always being kissed by him, so she took the initiative to lean in and rain light kisses bit by bit, starting from his forehead.

She exerted a bit of strength and pushed a little harder.

She wanted to push him over.

But this man was seriously too heavy.

She would not be able to push him over.

Luckily, Han Zhuoling understood her intentions, so he hugged her and turned over.

He was still a little stunned from being kissed by her on the forehead.

Even now, his forehead could still feel the lingering softness of her lips.

As if he could smell their sweetness.

Shi Xiaoya kept raining light kisses, starting from his forehead, not leaving out any spot.

Until finally landing on his lips.

She was telling him soundlessly that it was not just him cherishing her.

She cherished him just as much too.

She cupped his face with both hands.

Under her kiss, he felt as if he became a little tipsy.

Han Zhuolings melted into a puddle.

At this moment, he actually felt so clearly how much she liked him.

“Although when it comes to love, I am a little dense,” Shi Xiaoya said, “thats also because Id never met someone I liked before, so I never paid attention.

“Hence, even if someone likes me, I dont pay attention, so I dont notice it,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“But I like you, so I will feel insecure.

I will be scared that you wont like me, scared that if you knew I like you, you will dislike me and distance yourself from me.

I can clearly sense that you treat me differently, but I still didnt dare to believe it.

I slowly got closer to you, yet I dont dare to get too close too.

“Only when I fell in love and constantly paid attention was I able to tell,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“But then again, you are different.

You originally gave people the feeling that you are hard to get close to.

If it were someone else, I would definitely have bravely confessed, but to you, I didnt dare to.”

“Perhaps its because I like you too much, so much that it exceeded my expectations, and thats why I feel so insecure,” Shi Xiaoya said with her face red, feeling a little embarrassed to look at him.

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