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Chapter 2055: Could It Be That He Really Found Someone Outside

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Lu Man then stretched out her finger in front of the baby.

The babys pair of black, glistening eyes just kept following Lu Mans finger movements.

Wherever Lu Mans finger went, his eyes followed instantly.

The baby seemed to know that Lu Man was playing with him and felt especially happy, breaking into a broad, toothless grin.

His little hand would try to grab Lu Mans finger.

But each time he was about to grab it, Lu Man avoided him.

When this happened a few times, the baby got a little anxious.

He got angry and decided not to grab it anymore.

Lu Man then stopped moving her finger around.

The baby quickly grabbed her finger and did not let go.

“Grandma, try to stretch a finger over, he loves grabbing it,” Lu Man said.

Old Mrs.

Han then stretched out her finger over as well.

When the baby saw it, he was like a moneygrubber who saw gold before him.

Both his hands had been tightly holding on to Lu Mans finger at first.

At this moment, he took back one hand and grabbed Old Mrs.

Hans finger as well.

“Xiaoya, quick, quick, quick.

You come and stretch a finger out!” Lu Man said.

Shi Xiaoya laughed as she walked over and asked, “Can he grab them all at once”

Lu Man smiled and said, “His panicking expressing when he cant grab them all is even more fun to watch.”

Hence, Shi Xiaoya also stretched out her finger.

The baby indeed panicked.

He glanced at the new finger, then looked at the two fingers he was already holding on to.

He could not bear to give up either and felt so anxious that he started kicking his legs.

He let go of Lu Mans finger to grab Shi Xiaoyas, then let go of Old Mrs.

Hans finger to grab Lu Mans, then let go of Shi Xiaoyas finger to go and grab Old Mrs.


“See, this little fella is really greedy.” Lu Man could not stop laughing from playing with the baby.

“Really, you.

You treat your younger brother like a toy to play with all day.” Xia Qingwei also laughed until tears almost came out of her eyes.

Lu Man played with Little Yijun as she said, “I dont have children yet.

When I give birth to children, I will try all kinds of ways to play with them too.”

“You should become a little more mature,” Xia Qingwei said as she smiled.

Everyone laughed and chatted happily here.

Meanwhile, at the Lu residence.

Xia Qingyangs face turned pale.

“Your dad isnt coming home again tonight! Did he even come home once during this week”

Lu Qi could not help but agree.

“Mom, say, could he really have found someone outside”

Xia Qingyang suddenly stood up at once.

After going back to her room for a while, she had already put on her coat and was carrying her bag in her hands.

“Mom, where are you going” Lu Qi stood up as well.

“Im going to his office to take a look! Didnt he say he was working overtime I want to see where hes working overtime at!” Xia Qingyang said.

Lu Qi thought about it and said, “Ill go with you.”

Hence, the two of them drove to the Lu Corporation.

Although most of the employees had already gone home, there were some who stayed behind to work overtime.

Xia Qingyang brought Lu Qi and walked into the company fiercely and aggressively.

They reached Lu Qiyuans office.

Jiang Yujie was not in her seat.

Xia Qingyang went to open the door to Lu Qiyuans office, but the door was locked.

“Where is he! Theres not a single person here” Xia Qingyang shouted outside.

“Tell someone to come here!”

At this moment, a female employee came out from the secretarys office.



“Where is Lu Qiyuan” Xia Qingyang asked coldly.

“The CEO has already left,” the female employee said.

“He left He didnt work overtime today and didnt go for any business social gathering” Xia Qingyang asked back.

“This…” When the female employee heard her tone, she knew that there was something amiss and said, “He isnt working overtime.

The CEO isnt here now.”

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